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EU awards climate-neutrality to 23 European cities
The EU awarded its 'EU Mission Label' to 23 cities Thursday, recognising their plans to achieve climate-neutrality by 2030 and aiming to facilitate access to ... last modified 21 March 2024, 23:46 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
WTO rules in EU's favour over U.S. support for Boeing
The EU won a major victory Monday in its battle over United States support for production of the Boeing 777X, as the WTO ruled the aid breached international ... last modified 30 November 2016, 00:00 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
2030 energy efficiency targets receive EU boost
The European Commission adopted on Wednesday three recommendations to help the Member States with transposing and implementing the EU's amending Directive on ... last modified 26 September 2019, 00:00 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU's new AI Office to act as global standard-setter in Artificial Intelligence
The EU Commission unveiled its new AI Office Wednesday, aiming to enable the future development and use of AI in a way that fosters economic benefits and ... last modified 29 May 2024, 22:58 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Brussels prepares for new rules on single-use plastics
The European Commission provided guidance Monday for the new EU rules on single-use plastics set for 3 July which aim to reduce marine litter from single-use ... last modified 01 June 2021, 22:20 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU cybersecurity rules ensure more secure hardware and software
The European Commission presented Thursday a proposal for a new EU Cyber Resilience Act with a view to protecting consumers and businesses from products with ... last modified 15 September 2022, 23:20 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU railway package on track to boost rail travel in Europe
The European Parliament approved Thursday the first 'technical' part of a comprehensive railway package which aims to make rail travel in Europe more ... last modified 28 April 2016, 17:09 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU own software to go open source
The European Commission adopted new rules on Open Source Software Wednesday, to enable its software solutions to be publicly accessible with benefits for ... last modified 08 December 2021, 22:25 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU forecast paves way for 'strong and sustainable recovery'
The EU Commission presented its European Semester Spring Package Wednesday, providing fiscal guidance to Member States as they continue the process of ... last modified 02 June 2021, 23:59 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
New EU-wide border system moves a step closer
The setting up of an integrated EU border management system moved a step forward Monday as MEPs in committee backed plans for a flagship European Border and ... last modified 01 June 2016, 12:36 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU tax package seeks to crack down on tax fraud
A new Tax Package unveiled by the EU Commission Wednesday looks to intensify the fight against tax abuse and curb unfair tax competition in order to boost ... last modified 16 July 2020, 18:25 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU Baltic 2021 fish quotas to help stocks recover
The EU agreed on 2021 fishing catch limits for the Baltic Sea Tuesday, with an acceptance of the need to continue decreasing the fishing opportunities for ... last modified 20 October 2020, 23:09 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
German 2012 energy law involved state aid: EU Court
The European Court of Justice's General Court confirmed Tuesday that a 2012 German law on renewable energy involved State aid, dismissing Germany's action ... last modified 10 May 2016, 16:44 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU ministers agree Baltic fish quotas
EU fisheries ministers agreed next year's quotas for the ten commercially most important fish stocks in the Baltic Sea Monday, paving the way for talks for the ... last modified 11 October 2016, 23:37 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
MEPs back reform of EU carbon trading scheme
The EU Parliament approved plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions through the EU carbon market Wednesday, aiming to fulfil EU obligations under the Paris ... last modified 16 February 2017, 00:30 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU seals first Asian free trade deal with S. Korea
Europe agreed a vast free trade deal with South Korea on Thursday, hailing it as the first in a chain of bilateral pacts with Asian nations that will bind the ... last modified 16 September 2010, 17:48 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
70 pct of jet fuels at EU airports must be green by 2050
The European Parliament approved a new law Wednesday to increase the uptake of sustainable fuels, such as advanced biofuels or hydrogen, in the aviation ... last modified 13 September 2023, 16:59 CET — filed under: , , , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU states agree to revise rules for funding political parties
EU ambassadors agreed Wednesday on revised rules for the funding of European political parties and foundations - enabling the Bulgarian presidency to begin ... last modified 23 February 2018, 00:26 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU looks to tackle Europe's gender pay gap
EU employment ministers agreed their position Monday on a draft law on pay transparency which will help to tackle the existing pay discrimination at work and ... last modified 07 December 2021, 17:19 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Dieselgate: EU gains power over new car approvals
The EU institutions reached a provisional agreement Thursday on reform of type-approval and market surveillance for motor vehicles, raising the quality and ... last modified 08 December 2017, 23:40 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
MEPs and Council strike posting of workers deal
Workers sent temporarily to another EU country would from now on get equal pay for equal work in the same place, under a provisional deal agreed on Tuesday ... last modified 21 March 2018, 18:48 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Google hit with EUR 1.49 bn EU fine for antitrust advertising practices
The EU Commission fined Google EUR 1.49 billion Wednesday for breaching EU antitrust rules, saying restrictive clauses in its ads contracts with websites ... last modified 22 March 2019, 01:15 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EUR 371m fine for investment banks cartel
Seven investment banks were found Thursday to have breached EU antitrust rules through participation of traders in a cartel in the primary and secondary market ... last modified 20 May 2021, 18:31 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU, Philippines to resume talks on free trade deal
The EU and the Philippines are to resume negotiations on a free trade agreement, they announced Monday, with sustainability at the core of a 'modern and ... last modified 18 March 2024, 22:03 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU approves unprecedented cuts to single-use plastics
EU ministers gave final approval Tuesday to new laws to tackle marine litter coming from single-use plastic products found on European beaches, as well as ... last modified 22 May 2019, 23:46 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU agrees new natural gas transit rules
New rules setting out a clear regulatory framework to operate gas pipelines inside the EU and from non-EU countries were provisionally agreed Tuesday between ... last modified 14 February 2019, 00:30 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU looks for speedy ratification of Paris climate deal
The EU Commission presented a proposal Friday for the European Union's quick ratification of the Paris Agreement - the world's first universal, legally ... last modified 13 June 2016, 12:39 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU states breaching National Emission Ceilings Directive limits
Ten EU Member States continue to emit air pollution from sources such as transport and agriculture above legal limits according to new data from the European ... last modified 10 June 2016, 17:42 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
EU research body awards EUR 628m to 400 early-career researchers
Young scientists and scholars across Europe won EUR 628 million of 'Starting Grants' funding, the European Research Council announced on Tuesday. last modified 05 September 2023, 23:27 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU provisionally agrees to reduce Baltic fishing fleet
The EU Council and European Parliament provisionally agreed Tuesday on measures to support fishermen affected by difficult stocks situations in the Baltic Sea ... last modified 25 September 2020, 22:52 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%