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Handheld electronic dictionary
Electronic Dictionary and Electronic Translator handhelds – more than 70 titles for over 20 languages – are modern, lightweight and fashionable gadgets with a great variety of features. An electronic translator or dictionary is becoming a definite must-have in many areas of business. Most of our devices are based on advanced speech recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies and have additional capabilities of a business organizer. The majority of our electronic dictionary models are bidirectional and feature voice recognition and/or synthesis, extensive vocabularies (up to 1,000,000 words), grammar references, phrase banks containing colloquial expressions and common phrases, irregular verbs, and more.

Software for translation and education
We offer a wide range of software products - over 220 titles - translation tools and learning aids for over 35 languages. Our programs are designed for all standard computer platforms: Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS and have a number of tools for a variety of purposes depending on the linguistic goals you have set: text translators, accent removers, bidirectional talking dictionaries, localization tools, language office tools, etc.

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