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EIB announces EUR 300m investment in space 13 January 2021, 21:37 CET
The European Investment Fund and the EU Commission announced investment of some EUR 300 million into the European space sector Wednesday, supporting ground-breaking innovation in the industry.

EU talks with Valvena could secure 60m vaccines 13 January 2021, 21:37 CET
The European Commission concluded exploratory talks with the French biotech company Valneva Tuesday, with a view to purchasing its potential vaccine against COVID-19, manufactured in Scotland.

Brussels consults on EU targets to restore Europe's biodiversity 13 January 2021, 21:37 CET
The EU Commission made a bid Monday to restore Europe's damaged ecosystems and help tackle climate change, as it launched a public consultation on legally binding nature restoration targets for the EU.

EUR 20m to help European SMEs maximise IP assets 11 January 2021, 23:22 CET
As of Monday, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) were able to apply for financing under a EUR 20 million grant scheme to help EU companies to make better use of intellectual property rights.

EU clears 'safe and effective' Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 12 January 2021, 00:10 CET
The EU Commission granted conditional marketing authorisation for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by US firm Moderna Wednesday, making it the second COVID-19 vaccine authorised in the Union.

Portuguese EU presidency aims for green recovery 06 January 2021, 22:13 CET
Portugal took over the European Union's presidency on 1 January, promising to lead the EU out of the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic under the motto of a "fair, green and digital recovery".

EU-China reach agreement on investment 11 January 2021, 23:23 CET
Following intensive negotiations carried out by the European Commission, the EU and China concluded in principle at the end of 2020 negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

EU-UK agree historic trade deal 04 January 2021, 23:50 CET
Four and a half years after the 2016 Brexit referendum, the British Government and the EU Commission agreed Thursday a historic trade and security deal as part of the UK's future cooperation with the EU.

Brussels sets out recommendations for sustainable farming 04 January 2021, 17:41 CET
The EU Commission published recommendations Friday for each EU Member State to assist in the drafting of their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plans, accompanied by a Communication.

EU fish quotas agreed for Atlantic, North Sea, Med and Black Sea 18 December 2020, 18:33 CET
EU ministers reached agreement Thursday on catch limits for over 200 commercial fish stocks in the Atlantic, North Sea, Mediterranean and the Black Sea for 2021 and, for deep-sea species, for 2021-22.

EU agrees EUR 1.8 trillion long-term recovery budget 17 December 2020, 18:02 CET
The EU Council adopted a regulation Thursday laying down the EU's multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027, providing for a long-term budget of EUR 1,074.3 billion for the EU27 in 2018 prices.

Green light for purer European water 16 December 2020, 18:25 CET
A new drinking water directive, approved Tuesday by the European Parliament, will give better access to higher quality tap water, and could lower consumption of bottled water.

MEPs approve 'rule of law conditionality' for access to EU funds 16 December 2020, 18:25 CET
EU states failing to uphold the EU's common values risk losing access to EU funds, following MEPs' approval Wednesday of a regulation to protect EU funds from being misused by governments who bend the rule of law.

EU to make online platforms more accountable 16 December 2020, 18:26 CET
The European Commission proposed new rules for social media and online market places Tuesday, to better protect consumers and their rights online, and to create fairer and more open digital markets.

EU chemicals agency proposes safer tattooing 14 December 2020, 23:10 CET
The EU's Chemicals Agency proposed Monday to restrict hazardous substances used in tattooing inks and permanent make up, with a view to making tattooing safer rather than banning tattoos or tattooing colours.

Europe adopts digital way forward 14 December 2020, 18:18 CET
The EU institutions struck a provisional deal Monday on a new programme to promote large-scale deployment of state-of-the art technology such as artificial intelligence and the latest cybersecurity tools.

EU summit approves 55 pct emissions reduction goal 14 December 2020, 18:18 CET
Ending their two-day summit Friday, EU leaders endorsed a binding EU target of a net domestic reduction of at least 55 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990.

EU leaders clear way for Covid recovery package 14 December 2020, 18:18 CET
EU leaders at a summit Friday reached a deal to address the concerns expressed on the EU's recovery package and the draft Regulation on a general regime of conditionality for the protection of the EU budget.

Brussels proposes boost for European battery sector 11 December 2020, 17:56 CET
The EU Commission published a proposal for a new Batteries Regulation Thursday, an important piece of legislation to define the framework for future investments in the European battery eco-system.

Sustainable EU transport plan to cut 90 pct emissions by 2050 11 December 2020, 00:18 CET
A set of 82 initiatives, set out in a 'Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy', lays the foundation for a green and digital transformation of Europe's transport system, the Commission said Wednesday.

EU set to tighten up visa regime on external borders 11 December 2020, 00:15 CET
The EU Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement Tuesday to make Europe's external borders more secure, approving a proposal to revise and upgrade the EU's Visa Information System.

5G security in Europe under EU auditors' scrutiny 08 December 2020, 22:14 CET
The European Court of Auditors launched an audit Tuesday to assess whether the EU and its Member States are implementing secure 5G networks in a timely and concerted manner.

EU institutions agree funding for investment recovery 09 December 2020, 22:09 CET
The EU Parliament and Council reached a political agreement Monday night on the InvestEU flagship investment programme for the sustainable recovery of Europe's economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

New ranking guidelines to make online search more transparent 08 December 2020, 21:50 CET
New ranking guidelines for online searches, published Monday by the EU Commission, allow online platforms to improve the transparency of their ranking parameters and help businesses to compete fairly online.

EU agrees draft deal on EUR 6.1 bn fisheries fund 08 December 2020, 21:47 CET
EU legislators agreed a provisional deal Friday on how EU states spend fisheries funds for 2021-2027, with tailored support for small-scale coastal fishing and for fighting illegal and unreported fishing.