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EU's first truck CO2 standards: industry urges national governments to adopt viable approach
In the run up to the Council meeting later this month where the 28 member states are expected to adopt their position on the EU's first CO2 standards for ... last modified 07 December 2018, 12:20 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
New EU fuel marking
A new harmonised set of fuel labels went live across Europe on 12 October, giving drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles ... last modified 14 October 2018, 23:06 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Passengers stranded at airports or awaiting missing luggage may now use a mobile application from the EU for free to check their rights immediately and on the ... last modified 04 July 2012, 19:47 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
2015 EU Transport Scoreboard
The European Commission published on 20 November the second edition of the "EU Transport Scoreboard", which compares how Member States perform in 29 transport ... last modified 23 November 2015, 17:22 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Regulation establishing a programme to support further development of an integrated maritime policy
The Council today adopted a regulation establishing an EU programme to further promote the development and the implementation of the EU's integrated maritime ... last modified 24 November 2011, 17:23 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU eases criteria for restrictions on non-essential travel
Responding to ongoing vaccination campaigns, the EU announced Thursday the introduction of certain waivers for vaccinated travellers and an easing of criteria ... last modified 20 May 2021, 18:31 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU to invest EUR 421m in smart, green transport projects
The EU Commission is proposing investment of EUR 421 million in projects promoting digitalisation and fostering intelligent, safe and sustainable finance ... last modified 28 March 2019, 12:32 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Remotely Piloted Aviation Systems, or drones
The European Commission has proposed to set tough new standards to regulate the operations of civil drones (or "remotely piloted aircraft sytems" – RPAS). The ... last modified 08 April 2014, 19:16 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
MEPs vote to end daylight saving time from 2021
2021 could be the last year with a seasonal time change in the EU following the European Parliament's vote Tuesday to end the practice of adjusting clocks by ... last modified 27 March 2019, 18:56 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
The EU is the world's largest producer of motor vehicles. The automotive industry is therefore central to Europe's prosperity. It is a huge employer of skilled ... last modified 05 October 2010, 13:19 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Making Europe's cities sustainable
Cities the world over are grappling with the same challenges - how to continue to grow as hubs of economic activity and innovation, and, at the same time, to ... last modified 28 November 2013, 15:38 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Road death rate in Europe falls to all-time low
An estimated 18,800 people were killed in a road crash last year, an unprecedented annual fall of 17% on 2019, preliminary figures from the EU Commission on ... last modified 21 April 2021, 00:11 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
European rail companies fined EUR 48m for customer allocation cartel
The European Commission fined Austrian, Belgian and German railway companies a total of EUR 48 million Tuesday for breaching EU antitrust rules by taking part ... last modified 21 April 2021, 00:13 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
Vans ('light commercial vehicles') account for around 12% of the EU market for light-duty vehicles. As part of the strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from ... last modified 14 January 2014, 17:22 CET — filed under: , — Relevance: 1%
Europe on the Move agenda for safe, clean and connected mobility
The European Commission has set out measures to modernise Europe's transport system, aiming for safer traffic, less polluting vehicles and more advanced ... last modified 17 May 2018, 18:06 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EU Transport Scoreboard
The first ever EU Transport Scoreboard compares the performance of EU Member States in 22 transport-relevant categories and highlights for most categories the ... last modified 10 April 2014, 22:13 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Europe's commercial vehicle industry calls for integration of transport, industrial and innovation policies
The commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe call upon EU policy makers to further integrate the Union’s policies for transport, industrial competitiveness ... last modified 01 December 2011, 17:04 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
New rules for safer and cleaner cars
The European Commission legislative proposals on 27 January to ensure car manufacturers comply strictly with all EU safety, environmental and production ... last modified 27 January 2016, 16:09 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
CEA regrets ECJ judgement on use of gender in insurance pricing
The CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, is deeply disappointed by today’s judgement by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that the ... last modified 01 March 2011, 19:48 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
New EU-US agreement on the transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data - guide
The European Commission has initialled an agreement with the US that, if endorsed by the Council and the European Parliament, would replace the existing ... last modified 21 November 2011, 15:16 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
EU road charging reform to reduce CO2 emissions
European Union ministers gave the green light Tuesday to stronger and wider road charging rules (the Eurovignette directive) to incentivise cleaner and more ... last modified 10 November 2021, 17:59 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Urban mobility package
The European Commission is stepping up its support to towns and cities in a new "urban mobility package" adopted on 17 December. The Commission will reinforce ... last modified 19 December 2013, 21:48 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EU travellers still not aware of their passenger rights
Only 43% of EU citizens who have travelled by air, long-distance rail, coach, ship or ferry in the previous 12 months know that the EU has put in place rights ... last modified 14 January 2020, 23:50 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Shifting freight from roads - EU grants and loans - Marco Polo last modified 13 January 2013, 18:42 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
EU grants and loans for Trans-European networks - TEN-T / Transport infrastructure last modified 13 January 2013, 18:34 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Grants - Calls for proposals in the field of Transport last modified 18 April 2011, 00:41 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Transport and travel
Grants and loans from the European Union in the field of transport and travel - Shifting freight from roads - Tourism Trans-European networks - Transport last modified 18 April 2011, 11:15 CET — filed under: — Relevance: 1%
Tyre labelling: achieving sustainable mobility
In order to achieve the goals fixed by the EU for sustainable mobility, the European Commission has prepared a Proposal for a Directive to introduce tyre ... last modified 07 January 2010, 17:01 CET — filed under: , , , , — Relevance: 1%
EU Court delivers another blow to Uber service
Uber, the taxi app for smartphones, again found itself on the wrong side of the EU's top Court Tuesday when its Advocate-General said France could ban it for ... last modified 04 July 2017, 16:42 CET — filed under: , , — Relevance: 1%
Schengen enlargement : background
On 14th June 1985, the Governments of Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed an agreement at Schengen, a small town in Luxembourg, ... last modified 21 December 2007, 01:00 CET — filed under: , , , — Relevance: 1%
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