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Could Online Bingo be Affected in The Upcoming Gambling Act Revision? 23 January 2021, 17:45 CET
Over the last few years the UK gambling laws have been made more strict in an effort to combat the problem of underage gambling and those that are considered vulnerable, with some operators issued hefty fines to send the message clearly by the UK Gambling Commission which controls everything that is associated with gambling.

Swedish gaming company LeoVegas expands into the Japanese market, more determined to build on success 23 January 2021, 11:35 CET
LeoVegas, a Swedish gaming company and provider of online casino and mobile betting services, manages to expand its business to the Japanese market, a move that enables rapid growth and strengthens its position as a GameTech leader.

Meeting the Surge in Demand on Your B2B Online Store 21 January 2021, 12:22 CET
The pandemic is bringing about many changes and it is important for B2B online stores to negotiate the challenges. They have to embrace digital competencies like never before in this era of rapid innovation and constantly changing technologies. Many B2B purchases today are being made via digital commerce channels.

Effects of Brexit and UK-EU trade deal 21 January 2021, 00:20 CET
The UK has now left the EU with a deal, but how will Brexit and the new trade deal between the EU and the UK affect travel, trade, and business? Learn more.

Amid Pandemic Disruption, Professionals Seek New Job Skills 19 January 2021, 20:21 CET
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of significant professional disruption around the globe, not just for frontline workers who are spending long hours in harm's way, but also for office workers who have spent these months trying to adapt to a new way of doing business.

Europe's sports betting market is set to grow in 2021 19 January 2021, 20:13 CET
Sports betting is by far the most popular type of gambling in Europe, succeeded by casino games, lotteries, poker, bingo, and other games.

Every business can be benefited by the Blue Ocean Agency 16 January 2021, 15:45 CET
Every successful company around the world needed to use the services of a marketing agency at some moment. Otherwise, it was virtually impossible that they could achieve some level of success. Many people and companies have come up with great ideas. However, sometimes they get lost because they are not able to promote them in the proper manner.

What Is the Impact of Brexit Trade Talks on The Financial Market? 14 January 2021, 16:50 CET
On 1st January 2021, the agreement between the United Kingdom and European Union to keep many things the same for 11 months after Brexit, came to an official end.

Swedish Online Casino Company LeoVegas Making Moves 14 January 2021, 11:48 CET
LeoVegas AB, the Swedish mobile gaming company and provider of online betting services, is one of the most popular providers of online casino games. The Sweden-based company has an iGaming platform packed with entertaining video poker games, progressive jackpot games, and all kinds of online casino games.

European Digital Advertising Companies Looking Positively At 2021 13 January 2021, 23:24 CET
No one was prepared for what 2020 had in store for businesses, especially for digital advertising ventures. When the lockdown shut down the world in the spring, 66% of digital marketing companies experienced decreased revenue.

Belgian Media Expanding Into the Dutch Digital Advertising Market 13 January 2021, 22:38 CET
The Internet has brought about a great deal of opportunity for media, enabling new forms of publication and extending the reach of traditional outlets.

The Impact of BREXIT on UK House Prices in 2021 11 January 2021, 21:25 CET
The year 2021 is here and with it, the dreams and aspirations of those who wish to acquire property. At the same time as the UK finalises its separation from the European Union, economic changes, including those affecting the property industry are to be expected.

India Crypto Adoption Increases Due to P2P Trading 11 January 2021, 20:59 CET
The fears over another ban on digital asset markets in India are lingering in the cryptocurrency community. Even so, the peer-to-peer Bitcoin trades in the nation are surging.

How EU Businesses Can Protect Their Data in the Era of Remote Work 11 January 2021, 17:32 CET
The remote work revolution has changed the way companies throughout the EU do business, from HR to meetings, collaboration to relationship building.

Four Things You’re Legally Entitled to At Work in the UK 10 January 2021, 01:16 CET
Whether this is your first paid job in the UK or you're ready to move on and gain experience with another company, you have set rights. Luckily within the UK, workers are protected by UK law in their roles at any company they end up working for in their lifetime.

Top Ways Towards Purposeful Advertising for Your Small Home-Based Business 09 January 2021, 23:21 CET
Every home-based small business is after one thing - success - and effective sales and marketing strategies are crucial for that success to be achieved. Every small business will need to analyze the current market trends and then organize viable means to advertise their business to meet the needs of customers.

EDRi network launches public initiative against biometric mass surveillance 08 January 2021, 11:04 CET
EDRi network launches public initiative against biometric mass surveillance

5 Cybersecurity Considerations in a Remote Work World 07 January 2021, 21:13 CET
With the workplace looking like it has made an indefinite, and perhaps even permanent switch to remote and work-from-home arrangements, cybersecurity threats and concerns are more pressing than ever.

How To Bet On Sports Like An investor 07 January 2021, 21:07 CET
In essence, there are stark similarities to playing the stock market and wagering on sporting events. Both come with an element of risk. That risk tends to vary depending on how each is played.

Applying for the Schengen Visa to Austria and Other Schengen Countries 06 January 2021, 20:03 CET
Discover how best to apply for the different categories of Schengen Visas that travelers can use to visit Austria and other countries in the Schengen area.

Why lease a car when you can buy one? 05 January 2021, 18:11 CET
Deciding between leasing a car or buying a vehicle can be extremely difficult. In fact, it could be downright confusing. This is partly the case because there are many leasing options.

Dutch government moves to regulate gambling market 05 January 2021, 18:10 CET
Historically the Dutch online gambling market was a grey market, without regulation or prohibition.

The Benefits of Having A Live-In Carer 04 January 2021, 23:58 CET
There are countless advantages to choosing a live-in carer as opposed to residential care for your loved one. In past times, when a relative or loved one (particularly if elderly) became too difficult to look after or look after themselves, residential care homes were the only option.

Business VPN solutions you should consider 04 January 2021, 18:15 CET
All businesses should take the appropriate steps to ensure their systems are kept safe and secure. If you're a small business owner, IT manager in a blue-chip or even a CEO, online security should be at the heart of your agenda. That's especially true right now as the world moves further online, exacerbated by a global pandemic.

The Roadmap to Recruiting Top Candidates 29 December 2020, 23:26 CET
Highly-skilled workers will always be in demand regardless of the economy. When you've got a job open and there are very specific criteria and skills you need, it can be a bit of a challenge to find and land the right candidate. It's going to take some creativity and some flexibility on your part.

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