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Retailers and wholesalers working for sustainable food supply chain
As MEPs discuss the European Parliament’s report on the Farm-to-Fork strategy, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Visionrare and its Failed Promise of Fantasy Investing
Early October 2021 saw the launch of a brand new fantasy game that was set to shape the future of this lucrative section of the gaming industry.

Want an International Career? Do This
Some people aren't so particular about exactly what type of business career they want as long as it's in the international category. Maybe human nature plays a role in the desire to travel the world, leave one's home country, and interact with other cultures. If you're one of the many who yearn to spend their working years abroad, consider the following strategies for achieving the dream.

How to choose the right resume template?
It is a popular belief that a resume has only 6 seconds to catch the attention of a recruiter. These 6 seconds decide the faith of your resume. If you make the cut or not, depends upon the initial attention your resume gets. What can be the possible reason to catch a recruiter’s attention?

Wine cooler market is expected to grow in the future
With the growth of a more global becoming and operating economy and technological developments the wine cooler market is expanding. The design of more convenient temperature controls and separate temperature zones that can store both red and white wines is affecting the wine cooler market.

3 Unique B2B Customer Retention Strategies That Work
There is a stark difference between B2C and B2B trading, and that's there is an endless supply of B2C consumers and a concentrated pool of B2B consumers. We, as individuals, are B2C consumers, but B2B trading is the act of trading between businesses, of which there are not as many. It's not so much of a problem to not retain loyal B2C consumers because of the endless supply of new customers.

10 Sleep Hacks for the Traveling Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, you count on being able to maintain your brain power at optimal levels at all times, especially when your mind is creating. That requires that you maintain good health and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are going to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will need to eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

Types of Loans to Help You Make Necessary Purchases
Lending is the provision by one natural or legal person (or any other entity) of funds or goods to another on a reimbursable or gratuitous basis. In the narrower concept of the term "credit", we are talking about funds that specialized organizations (banks, MFOs, pawnshops) allocate to their clients on certain conditions receiving any benefit from it.

Gambling regulations in Germany, Netherlands & Co: Does it really help to prevent addiction?
Germany is one of the European countries with an exceptionally high number of casinos (online and land-based). This is associated with the belief that the regulation and control of such entertainment establishments prevent addiction and money laundering. But do these regulations help to prevent addiction? Well, several indications support while others are against the assumption.

How To Make Better Business Efficiency a Reality
There are few things more rewarding and stressful than owning a small business. Keeping your business competitive in the modern marketplace is a lot harder than you probably realize.

4 Tips to Grow Your Health Food Store in Europe
Health Food is one of the crazes of the moment in every country in Europe. Everyone's always looking for new recipes and new healthy international foods to try. You too can ride this wave and make great money with your own online store! In this article we'll go a bit deeper into starting your own store in Europe and how to make your online store a hit.

VoIP Reselling 101: How To Find Your Success By Selling VoIP Products And Services? 2021 Guide
Imagine a world where VoIP doesn’t exist. The biggest companies in the world would suffer from extreme inefficiency. VoIP has broken down a lot of borders that none of its predecessors have been able to do. And thanks to its presence, how enterprises create communication systems changed forever.

The Best Sticker Materials for Packaging
Are you looking for quick, cost-effective ways to upgrade your product packaging? Maybe you already know that stickers are perfect for you, but you are not quite sure which material you should go for? Or do you just want to learn all there is to know about sticker materials?

What Should You Do When Your Site Traffic Drops?
Has the traffic on your site dropped recently, and you don’t know why?

The Benefits Of Using Specialised Solicitors
The legal world is well known for being very confusing and even impossible for those who work and live outside of the legal world. There is so much to know, so many rules and regulations and more jargon than anyone could hope to learn.

A Critical Guide on How to Trade Parabolic Moves in Forex Trading
When a market swings high or low in an extensive manner, a parabolic curve tends to appear on the graph. Introduced by J. Wells Wilder, the parabolic stop and reversal (SAR) trading indicator allows traders to identify upward trends as well as probable reversals in terms of price movements.

Identity Theft vs Impersonation: How are they two different?
Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information and uses it to access your banking, credit, or any other type of financial account. Impersonation is when someone pretends to be you. They may use social media to get information about you, then they use that information for their own purposes.

Krishen Iyer: Are Marketers Under-Representing Women?
There are a lot of ways to improve marketing for companies big and small. One of those ways is through marketing to segments of the population who may have been overlooked before. A notable segment that falls into this category is women. While they make up a lot of the workforce, have buying power, and traditionally make many of the household decisions, women are completed underrepresented and often ignored in many areas of marketing that companies engage in.

To fully benefit from digital transformation, European businesses must first overcome these challenges
"The 2020 effect" was more pronounced in Europe compared to the rest of the globe. Affected by the full force of the pandemic, enterprises, in particular, had to deploy disaster recovery and mitigations strategies in record time, and digital transformation played a crucial role in survival.

What Are APIs and How Do They Work?
After saving enough money for a holiday, you might start thinking about where to go, the flights available, and the accommodation in your holiday destination. You take your phone or computer, then visit a travel application.

Key Focus Areas to Help Improve Business Productivity
Regardless of the business sector that you're in, there's always a need to outdo the competition when running a business. Your company could be running smoothly, but there's always room for improvement. One slight mishap and those productive weekly meetings turn into a complete drag. Sometimes, it can feel like you're stuck, and it could be a while before you get your momentum back.

The West's sanctions on Belarus will be a boon for Putin and his allies
Belaruskali, the Belarusian potassium chloride (potash) producer, is facing difficult times.

5 Critical Business Benefits Of Adopting A Mobile-First Strategy
In simple words, when companies adopt a mobile-first approach, they are essentially shaping their business keeping mobile users as their main priority. It means brands are prioritizing mobile applications and their web capabilities over desktop versions.

EU Organic Day - Retailers and wholesalers linking supply with demand
Marking the first annual EU Organic Day, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said today:

6 Ways to Get the Best Home Loan Rate in 2021
There are lots of factors to weigh up when looking for a home loan, and the one which can have the biggest impact on affordability is the rate of interest you pay.

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