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What Does Sweden's Casino Licensing Shake Up Mean?
As from the 1th of January this year, Sweden will see a completely new gambling landscape. A historic policy shift towards casinos and gambling in general. The state gambling monopoly is lifted, and the market has been opened up, and both established and new companies now need a gambling license in order to be active on the Swedish market.

Major Milestones Reached in the Quest to Adopt Blockchain in Europe
The EU is finally breaking the ground in terms of creating a uniform regulation of the blockchain. Recent times have been full of activity as the European Union sought ways of hastening the process of fully adopting blockchain.

Best Countries to run an Online Business in Europe
The term global village sums up what the world has become in this age of the Internet. It doesn't matter how many trade barriers governments keep imposing. A small business in London can sell its products in all continents.

How to Know Your Worth When Searching for a Job
According to a 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, the global rate at which employers struggle to fill open roles is at an all-time high of 38 percent.

Improving the Value of a Property
Most property owners throughout the UK will look to improve the value of their property in one way or another.

Keeping Healthy in the Office
It is very easy to slip into bad habits when it comes to keeping healthy, staying in shape and making the right choices. Particularly when working in an office environment where most of your time will be spent sat behind a desk, not moving around much, becoming unhealthy can happen quickly and sometimes even unexpectedly.

How to Pursue a Career in Business Analytics
Without business analysts (BAs), the world of business would be a different, far tougher place.

What You Can do with a Qualification in Economics
Whether you’ve already gained an economics qualification or are considering this route, knowing how you can put your knowledge to good use is an important part of the process.

Can Video Protect Linguistic Rights In EU Court Proceedings?
EU citizens speak dozens of languages, while migrants add many more into the mix - so what happens when a minority-language speaker enters the courtroom?

Collabsummit 2019: The Premium European Modern Workplace Conference
Collabsummit, one of the most expected conferences in 2019, announced that they are open for registrations in September 2018, which means people had plenty of time to buy their early-bird tickets.

What are the Biggest Companies Doing to Appear More Eco-Friendly?
Major corporations are generally stereotyped as uncaring and unfriendly entities. However, many are making a genuine effort to change that negative perception by making a genuine effort to mitigate their environmental impact.

How to Reward Employees This Year
The most important asset that any organization has today is its employees. Without a good set of employees, an organization will struggle to grow and prosper. Because of this, it is important that a business owner or manager find ways to reward their staff. For many companies, one of the most common ways to reward employees is by providing Christmas bonuses. However, even if the holiday is passed, there are still ways that you can reward your staff.

UK not ready for no-deal Brexit: comment
Following the news that MPs have agreed to a dramatic escalation of preparations for a no-deal Brexit, Britain's leading business organisations have issued a stark warning that the country is not ready for such an outcome. John Perry, managing director of leading supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA, outlines the actions businesses should be taking with just 100 days to go.

How to Increase Your Business Productivity by Using Advanced Technology
Many companies are now using IT-enabled services to automate some of their management processes. In order to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the business, any organization must provide an efficient working environment to ensure its growth.

Trading practices (UTPs) - Christmas rush for a deal no longer about protecting farmers
Retailers and wholesalers expressed dismay at the Agriculture Council decision yesterday to create a completely new class of mid-range company at an arbitrary figure of some 300 million euros, to be covered by the UTP directive.

Plastics: retailers and wholesalers support action, but still concerned at broadened producer responsibility
Today's agreement in the Council on the directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastics products on the environment sends a clear signal on the need to ensure that plastics can no longer be wasted.

Know Your Limits: How Far Could You Go As A Manager?
Being promoted to a management position is an exciting opportunity. It can also be very challenging. The average employee spends most of their time trying to use their skills to be as productive as possible. But when they are promoted to management, their focus has to change.

How to Protect Your Business Against Brexit: Go Digital
With the UK's scheduled departure date from the EU just around the corner, businesses across the country have been taking concrete steps to protect themselves from disruption, particularly in the possible event of a "No Deal" exit.

EU must cut litter without undermining growth, jobs and health
Next week the EU institutions aim to approve a proposal for a Directive to reduce the impact of certain plastics products on the environment. Surprisingly, this also covers paper and cardboard items.

EU plastics law will put thousands out of work
The business of serving food and drinks in the EU is worth about €450 billion today, about 5% of EU GDP, and growing 5% annually.

Three quarters of professionals demand a second Brexit vote
Research carried out by global professional services recruiter, Morgan McKinley, reveals that the majority (74%) of 6,500 respondents want a second referendum. Then when asked how the participants would vote in a second referendum, 3% said they would prefer May's current deal, 22% would choose Leave and 75% stated they would Remain.

How can businesses help with the clean water crisis?
The global water crisis is a matter that has to be urgently addressed, and not only by profile global organizations but also by companies of all sizes.

Headlong rush on UTP directive is jettisoning EU principles - and won't help any farmer
Ahead of the final scheduled trilogue on the Unfair Trading Practices Directive tomorrow, retailers and wholesalers warned negotiators not to forget fundamental principles laid down by EU law, or the implications of ignoring them EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

The EU Council's general approach on Terrorist Content Online proposal: A step towards pre-emptive censorship
On 6 December 2018, the EU Council published its general approach on the proposed Terrorist Content Online Regulation.

Food safety transparency: breakthrough vote in EU Parliament
Reacting to today's European Parliaments plenary vote on the reform proposal for the General Food Law, Corporate Europe Observatory's agribusiness researcher Martin Pigeon said:

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