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How to Prevent Fraud 18 January 2022, 19:09 CET
In the modern interconnected economy, there's an unprecedented opportunity for fraudsters to prey upon the unwary.

ETIAS: Europe to install a Travel Authorisation Requirement for the Schengen Area 18 January 2022, 19:02 CET
Starting at the end of 2022, citizens from over 60 different countries will need to apply for ETIAS before entering the Schengen zone. That will include travelers from the UK, since they have left the EU, over a year ago. The ETIAS is not a visa but a measure of protection and safety regarding who comes inside the territory. Here is what you need to know.

What are the limitations of automation testing? 18 January 2022, 17:34 CET
Automation testing is a way to test software without the need of a human. However, there are some limitations to this form of testing that you should be aware of before using it for your project.

Top marketing strategies for European online casinos breaking into new markets 18 January 2022, 13:50 CET
The online market is a good place to invest your money and get good returns. Online casinos have eased into the markets due to increased technological uses. Physical casinos thought of diversifying their businesses by creating a platform where everyone can access online gambling.

Top 5 Business Formation Tools In 2022 18 January 2022, 00:09 CET
According to recent research, systemic acceptance of the circular economy (CE) idea requires the development of new business models that enable businesses to create value while adhering to CE principles.

Outside-the-box ways to market your small business 14 January 2022, 18:15 CET
There are plenty of tried and tested ways to market your business.

How to Increase Your Business's Warranty Reimbursements 12 January 2022, 22:58 CET
If your business relies on manufacturer warranties to replace broken parts and apply repairs, it's important to have a warranty reimbursement strategy in place. The right strategy can save you time, money, and effort - and ultimately help your business sustain its profitability while keeping your machines in good working condition.

Marketing Strategies to Make your Business More Customer-Centric 12 January 2022, 13:32 CET
Without a reliable supply of customers, no business can prosper. Given that it's far easier to persuade existing customers to come back for more than it is to persuade new ones to come in for the first time, it's a good idea to put customer experience at the heart of everything that you do as a business.

How has the Internet affected the field of gambling? 12 January 2022, 12:10 CET
The gaming industry's technological innovation is responsible for the majority of the fast-moving trends in Poland casinos. Many of these technologies may have an effect on the incidence and forms of problem gambling, either directly or indirectly.

Buying a Property Abroad? Here's What Your Checklist Must Have 11 January 2022, 23:06 CET
Buying a property abroad can be a jolly good investment move but you have to know the laws and requirements surrounding owning property in another country. There are plenty of good reasons to own a property abroad. Most people look for a second home abroad where there is lots of sunshine. They dream of a happy retirement place in a far-flung destination known for its peaceful way of life.

The Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022 11 January 2022, 22:58 CET
Sports fans no longer have to wait until they switch their cable TV to stream live sports, thanks to sports streaming sites. The choice for a sports streaming site is dependent on the number of favorite games it streams and the cost a sports lover has to incur.

Tips to expand your SME business globally 08 January 2022, 16:42 CET
Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up 99% of all businesses in the EU, contributing around 56% of the total value and employing an estimated 84 million people. SMEs are the backbone of the European economy and form an essential part of the EU's overall total wealth.

Money-Saving Tips for the Stay-at-Home Business Owner 04 January 2022, 23:44 CET
One of the most significant issues business owners face is the threat of losing money due to poor handling of the company. For those running a business from the comfort of their home, it's crucial to ensure that everything is in order, as it's pretty easy for things to become overwhelming if you leave things alone.

3 Things You Need to Know When Working a US Job Remotely in Europe 03 January 2022, 21:05 CET
The COVID-19 pandemic uprooted most of the industries, disturbed the worldwide supply chain, and completely reformed the way people view the workplace (to name a few of its effects).

Why Your Business Decisions Should be Entirely Data-Driven 03 January 2022, 18:57 CET
Due to modern technological advances, decisions you make today as a business owner should be backed up by data rather than based on observation or intuition.

How to Relax as an Entrepreneur 29 December 2021, 18:55 CET
Everyone gets stressed in their day-to-day life, but this is especially the case if you own your own business. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of responsibility as you are trying to run your business while also carrying out the tasks that are required of a business owner surrounding the likes of bookkeeping, marketing, and customer care.

7 Online Payment Safety Practices for Businesses 29 December 2021, 18:49 CET
As a business, you have an obligation to secure your online payment processes for convenient transactions and fraud prevention. Since payment security is hinged on meeting the latest compliance requirements, you have the mandate of consistently keeping up with these standards. Here, we look at seven online payment safety practices for businesses.

Business Reputation 101: How to Create and Maintain a Good Reputation 24 December 2021, 21:43 CET
Your brand reputation is your most valuable asset, and therefore, it’s crucial to protect it at all costs.

The Growth of Online Casinos in Europe 23 December 2021, 13:54 CET
Due to immense internet and technological advancements, the online gambling business has developed beyond our wildest dreams. Europe's online gaming industry has grown at an exponential rate, with numerous nations emerging as key online-gambling markets, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, among others.

This European Country Leads the Way in Customer Service 21 December 2021, 14:34 CET
Customer service is one of those sticky parts of business that nobody truly enjoys. But if you want to grow a business with a loyal following, you absolutely have to focus on it. One European nation does exceptionally well in this department: The UK.

What are the pros and cons of investing in crypto as an entrepreneur or freelancer? 20 December 2021, 22:32 CET
The media has been quiet about cryptocurrencies for a while, but digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple have been in the news more often in recent weeks.

Roam Like at Home Continues for Europe 16 December 2021, 17:42 CET
Early in 2021, it was announced that one of the things to change for Brits looking to travel throughout Europe would be the right to roam as roaming charges would be returning to mobile networks with an almost immediate impact.

How to Overcome the Security Risks Related to Customer Data 16 December 2021, 17:25 CET
Your business depends on the security of your customer data. Customers trust you with sensitive data and they expect you to keep it secure. Cybercriminals will hack your systems, steal customer data, hold it for ransom or sell it. If you don't protect your customer data, you can face many different consequences such as damage to your brand reputation, loss of customers, fines and lawsuits.

DMA: European Parliament takes first steps towards limiting gatekeeper power and providing real choices for people 15 December 2021, 17:50 CET
Today, the European Parliament has approved its position on the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Retail and wholesale need mobility solutions to support local communities 15 December 2021, 17:29 CET
With the Commission's publication of its proposed Urban Mobility Framework, EuroCommerce Director General Christel Delberghe underlined the importance of retailers and wholesalers as the vital backbone of local communities and in keeping town centres alive.

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