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The role of Smart Parking within the EU's Smart Cities initiatives
Smart devices surround us. The emergence of the Internet of things (IoT) has allowed a convergence of data from previously disparate sources, sensors, and technologies that are transforming the way we interact with - and understand - our environments.

Trending Machinery for Business Advertising in Europe
In 2018, during the first six months, businesses spent over 25.7 billion euros on online advertising alone. For those who are running a business in Europe, these statistics prove that it is impossible to deny the importance of having a viable and effective online advertising strategy.

5 ways through which your company can benefit from VPNs
In this technological era, the Internet has become a crucial part of our lives. From paying bills to large business transactions, everything has moved online. Business nowadays is much dependent on online sources as remote working is becoming a common trend.

European Commission Adopts Farm to Fork Food Strategy
Earlier this year, the European Commission unveiled a strategy to ensure a "fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system."

Alexander Machkevitch - one of the richest people in two countries
Alexander Machkevitch is an example of a successful person who managed to unite the largest enterprises of Kazakhstan in the extraction and processing of ore and minerals, becoming the chairman of the board of directors of ERG.

Industries Turning to Automation
Automation is taking the business world by storm. More companies and industries than ever before are embracing the wonders of business and company automation and turning to technology to power both their businesses and efficiency.

Europe Gold Businesses Observe Sharp Rise in German Gold Investors
As an investment option, gold has always been immensely popular among German folks. More and more Germans every year are opting to buy gold mainly to protect their wealth.

The Trade Equation: How Trading Activity Can Determine a Company's Value
How do you rank the best businesses in Europe? Is it by the amount of revenue they generate? Maybe it's the number of employees they have? How about brand awareness and online presence?

Kazakhgate revealed the true state of affairs in the Parliament of Belgium
Few people had not heard about a high-profile investigation called Kazakhgate, which involved Belgium, France, as well as the famous businessman Patokh Chodiev. However, few people had heard how the case actually ended and who was the first to carry the blame for the international scandal. Read more about the true role of the Parliament of Belgium below.

Low-carbon aluminium can help power Europe's COVID-19 recovery package
Low-carbon 'green' aluminium can help power Europe's COVID-19 recovery package and the EU's climate transition strategy, En+ Group executive chair Lord Barker said at a meeting Wednesday.

Navigating Europe's Neobank-Based APIs
Neobanks - digital banks without physical locations - have been gaining in popularity in recent years for a range of reasons. Many offer services with no or minimal service fees compared to conventional banks, are easily accessible to people who travel a lot, and are ideal for those engaged with the growing cryptocurrency market. One of the most recent innovations in neobanking, however, is the introduction of APIs - applications programming interfaces for investing.

5 Essential Tips on Digitalizing Your Business
The 4th industrial revolution is forcing businesses to focus on a more digitalized business environment. That applies both to the client-side and also digitalizing the work for employees.

What is the new gold?
In your daily analysis of the financial media, you often see articles promoting investments that are supposed to do well when the stock markets crash. Gold is one of the most common. The bright yellow metal is widely assumed to be a pillar of stability against falling stocks.

Skills vital to digital and sustainability transition and economic recovery
Welcoming the updated EU Skills Agenda for Europe published today, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Commission report fails to address major loopholes in payment card fees regulation
EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren today expressed regret and disappointment that the Commission’s report on the functioning of the Interchange Fee Regulation did not take account of the mounting evidence of massive rises in card fees not covered by EU regulation:

Getting Yourself Ready to Attend College in the Fall
The coronavirus has taken quite a toll on members from every area of society. Whether it is a worker who is used to heading to the office or factory every day, a stay-at-home mother who spends her days running around the neighborhood, and afternoons taking care of her kids, or the student who attends the local university and lives in or off campus housing, everyone's lives has had major disruptions.

Tips for Transitioning to Remote Sales
Pandemic aside, the world is going digital, and remote selling is something we're going to embrace sooner or later. But having worked the traditional way for many years, transitioning to remote sales will be a challenging task.

What Were the Highest Performing Tech Sectors in The EU Last Year?
Do you know which tech sectors performed the best in the EU last year? Find out more about this here in this article as we explore.

Euro Operators are Adding Some Rules for Online Casino Bonuses
2020 has been a difficult year for most industries and the online gambling industry has not escaped these issues. On the one hand, there are more players flocking to online casinos than ever before. On the other hand, sports betting ground to a halt and as many casinos have sports books attached, they all suffered the consequences.

Talking bags, from backpack to business bag
It starts at school already, when kids want to carry a fancy backpack with them. No ordinary bag, but a fashionable colourful model. It's the start of a bag-career. And this is how it goes.

Consumers likely to face payments problems after European Banking Authority decision on customer authorisation
Speaking today, EuroCommerce Director-General warned of the consequences of the decision by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and Commission to maintain mandatory Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by December 2020:

Four Tips for Memorable Corporate Parties in 2020
When you're planning on throwing a corporate party - at which you'll entertain your staff and your clients - you need to pull out all the stops to best represent your business and its vitality and energy.

What's the Eligibility Criteria for UK Entrepreneurs to Secure a Logbook Loan?
UK car and business owners have one more short-term financial advantage in their arsenal thanks to the flexibility of logbook loans. The product allows car owners to leverage the value of their vehicles to secure low-interest loans ranging from £1,000 - £50,000. It is a suitable option for business entrepreneurs and founders who need a quick cash injection to support the running of their business.

Creating an online casino: a profitable business
The gambling business has always been distinguished by its features, as, indeed, by any other, but not every business can bring such large incomes, especially at the start. But it is precisely the activities associated with the organization of gambling that always brought a lot of revenue to business owners.

"Stay safe and stay alert as we think the crisis is not over yet", Makar Paseniuk, ICU
How are businesses in emerging markets leading during the pandemic? We speak to Makar Paseniuk, co-founder of ICU, the independent asset management firm specializing in Central and Eastern Europe, to see how his company is facing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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