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Retail and wholesale CEOs warn of the danger of favouring powerful multinational food processors in UTP legislation
The CEOs of 22 leading retailers and wholesalers across Europe have written to the Chair of the EU Agriculture Council, Mrs Elisabeth Köstinger to express their intense concern at the idea currently being promoted by powerful multinational food processors that they need protection against retailers, in the UTPs directive currently under consideration by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

CAN Europe is intervening in the People's Climate Case
Today, CAN Europe, has applied to the European General Court to intervene in the People's Climate Case - a case in which families and youth have challenged the EU in order to protect their fundamental rights from the insufficiency of the EU's 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

Jobs, Wages and the EU - Your Prospects Post-Brexit
At first glance, the UK labour market appears to be in exceptionally rude health. After all, unemployment is at its lowest level since the 1970s, while there are now 1.15 million fewer unemployed people in Britain than there were in 2010.

The Swedish Case: How Does Sweden Successfully Keep Interest Rates Below Zero?
The Northern states in Europe have been throughout the history, peculiar states. With impressively strong economies, low inflation rates and an outstandingly low unemployment rates, these cases make us wonder where do we mistake economy and society-wise.

Why You Need to Maintain a Professional Business Image
As anyone who already runs a business will know, there is a lot more to doing this job than just overseeing things and hoping for the best.

Tyson Rhame's Business Advice Could Be Just the Change Your Brand Needs
Running a modern company is something that can be highly lucrative, not to mention exciting! But, you have to make sure you do as much as you can to ensure you are going to be a success.

Retailers and wholesalers want to tackle plastic waste, but with focus on what will work best
Speaking after today's vote at the EP Plenary on the own-initiative report by Mark Demesmaeker MEP (ECR, BE) on the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren repeated the retail and wholesale sector's commitment to creating a circular economy, but highlighted the need for a proper focus in the draft legislation the Commission has now proposed. He said:

Yulife to launch the UK's first lifestyle insurance company
This year a London-startup will be launching the UK's first lifestyle insurance website.

5 Ways to Grow Your Business' Network
Business development and growth strategies that worked in the past are now obsolete. You won't grow much through cold calling or sending an unsolicited email in hopes of scoring a lead. The fact is that growing a business in today's world requires a heavy focus on building trusting relationships with consumers. In turn, these relationships can be used to meet new potential clients.

10 Productivity-Boosting Gmail Labs Hacks You Didn't Know Existed
You've got to believe there are some mad scientists working at Google. After all, the company has come up with some of the most innovative solutions we have for things like navigating, communicating, and finding information online. But most of what we see are the finished products of years- or even decades-long experiments, which never see the light of day in their earliest prototype stages.

Studying the Financial Health of Businesses in the Midst of Brexit
As you already know, Britain will officially leave the EU on March 29, 2019. Until then - and especially after then - it'll be important for investors to keep an eye on the health of UK-based businesses to see what (if any) impact it has on their financial standing.

EU Parliament flip-flops backwards on copyright
The Parliament's latest vote represents a backwards flip-flop to supporting measures which it had previously dismissed.

European Commission's proposal on terrorist content needs to protect EU citizens
The European Commission has today released its regulation on terrorist content online. This legislation is badly needed in the fight against terrorist propaganda and recruitment online, and today marks a step forward in how Europe fights extremism online.

How to Take Your Service-Based Business to the Next Level
Though one may think that businesses which offer products are more commonplace, the House of Commons Library reports that the opposite is actually true. In fact, almost three out of every four businesses in the UK (74 percent, to be exact) provide their customer base some type of service. Additionally, these service-based industries support a whopping 79 percent of employees currently working in the UK.

Why Estonia's E-Residency Scheme is a Blueprint for the EU
Much fanfare has been made of the Estonian government's Official E-residency Program, which allows anyone to become a virtual resident of Estonia without physically living there, provided certain low-level requirements are met.

Top Tips for Starting an E-Commerce Business in the EU
Are you considering expanding your online business into the European Union? Doing business in the EU can present numerous challenges to entrepreneurs from foreign countries. Understanding the business environment on the continent requires a different approach to your current strategy.

How Online Brokers Can Help Investors Better Navigate the Regulatory Agencies
In the land of investing, most people come in well-aware and prepared for a volatile landscape, where incredible gains or losses can be realized at any one moment.

Doing Business Internationally? Your Credit Score Will Follow You
When the time is right, expanding your business internationally can be a lucrative pursuit. To fund your expansion, you might be inclined to pursue loans from international lenders, especially if you've established an official business presence in the area.

Considerations When Applying for a Mortgage
Many people will be considering getting on the property ladder in the not too distant future and looking to apply for a mortgage to help realise what is a great achievement. There are a number of different factors you should be thinking about before deciding to file an application for a mortgage.

Revealed: 81% Of Brits Still Use Their Desktop To Purchase Online
For the first time, smartphones have overtaken desktops and laptops as the desired choice for internet browsing in the UK.

5 Things To Do Before You Publish An App To The App Store
A lot of things determine the success of an application. Publishing it is the start of the journey, but it is not always a determinant of success. The various things that you do before and after publishing it are what secures the kind of success you are looking for.

Is Your Hobby Truly A Business?
When you have a hobby that you do just for fun, it can easily morph into a small business without you needing to do too much about it. As soon as you start charging for your goods or services, and you're ideally making a profit, then you have moved from 'fun' to 'serious', and things will need to change. If you're not sure whether your hobby qualifies as a business, or if you want to know what you should be looking out for, below are some pointers.

How Brexit will impact the automotive industry
While Brexit will impact on every single industry in the UK, there's little doubt that the nation's automotive sector will be one of the hardest hit.

3 Important Stock Trading Terms to Know
When you're first getting started in the stock market, it can feel as though you're stepping into an entirely different world. The financial sector has its own language, it moves at a different pace to the rest of the world, and everything seems to behave differently, depending on which stocks you're interested in.

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?
For many people who want to get into investments, the property market has always been the best idea. Property has been a good long-term investment, and even when the market is fluctuating, it still remains a favourite. However, there are some that feel property is becoming less of a secure way to get a passive income. Below are some of the things you need to consider when thinking about real estate investment.

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