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A Genuine Virtual Assistant: Why Alexa is a Big Deal
While technological leaps are marked by incredible milestones, it can often feel like taking two steps forward requires you to take one step back.

The Importance of Financial Regulation in the UK
Financial regulation is important in protecting the treatment of consumers throughout the financial services. It helps to prevent people from being sold financial products they cannot afford, thereby reducing unethical practices throughout this sector.

Failure Is Part Of The Product Development Process
The vast majority of new products introduced to the market every year end up failing to gain traction in their particular niche. There are many analytical terms devised to explain exactly why a product failed but the most common reason is that, simply stated, no one wanted the product.

The UK Gambling Round-up: Last Year in Numbers
The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is known as a world-class and leading gambling regulator for good reason, and it doesn't just relate them being head honcho and top dog when it comes to player protection and a legislative framework but is more a reflection on the holistic approach they take to the whole industry.

To 3PL or Not To 3PL?
Is your company ready to use a third party logistics provider (3PL)? A third party logistics provider is a warehousing and customer fulfilment operation owned and operated by a third party, i.e, not your company. Mega-companies like Amazon typically don't use 3PLs, since they have the scale to own their own warehouses. And micro-companies that keep their inventory in their garages don't use 3PLs, since the costs of using 3PLs outweigh the benefits.

European Banks Become Unstable - Risks and Threats to the Financial System
European banks may not be stable enough in case the situation worsens in the financial markets. According to a report by the European Central Bank, in 2019, Eurozone banks will noticeably reduce their profitability.

How to Start a Sole Proprietorship That Can Operate Anywhere
Millions of people dream of travelling, especially throughout the European Union (EU), where the countries are diverse, yet small and close enough together that international travel becomes a simple possibility. Unfortunately, career and work responsibilities often get in the way; you can't travel if you're forced to go into the office five days a week.

Can companies do more to help victims of domestic abuse?
Domestic abuse is a serious issue that affects both men and women and should concern individuals, governments and businesses alike. It is estimated that companies end up losing almost £2 billion yearly, due to domestic abuse, as one in four women and one in six men will suffer from domestic violence at least once in their lifetime.

Key Figures of EU Online Gambling Market
Europe is the sixth largest continent on the planet, comprising of 47 different countries, including the islands. Gambling is one of the most successful businesses on this continent; no wonder it generates the highest revenue compared to other enterprises.

Mayor of London 2020: Khan Unlikely to Fall Despite Stewart's Promise
A decade ago, the Conservative Party entered Number 10 for the first time since the departure of John Major in May 1997, initially as part of a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. Four terms and three Prime Ministers later, Downing Street remains blue.

Buying Your First Car: What to Look Out For
Buying your first car can be both exciting and daunting. With so many different models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Are you planning to expand? Here's why market research is essential
Expanding your business in a new market can be incredibly intimidating. It is a completely new terrain that you know nothing about. And, since knowledge is power in the business landscape, you may want to spend some time on market research before expanding.

EU cities dominate the best start-up city rankings
The EU has been recognised to have some of the world’s best places for innovation.

Ireland Preps Startups for Brexit Storm
Not since the great recession of the late 2000s has the EU experienced so much uncertainty as it has with Brexit.

EuroCommerce and the European Retail Round Table to join forces
EuroCommerce and the European Retail Round Table (ERRT) have agreed to join forces, creating a stronger and more united retail organisation to safeguard and promote the sector’s interests on the European stage.

Belgium Restricts Online Gambling Advertising, Will UKGC Follow Suit?
The Belgian Gaming Commission has been catching headlines around the world and across various industries over the last year or so, being willing to put down heavy restrictions on gambling matters within its jurisdiction.

What European Businesses Can Learn From California's Ongoing Wildfire Crisis
With tens of thousands of people being evacuated in northern California due to wildfires, many are wondering what the impact on business will be.

The EU Begins to Impose Stronger Laws for Cryptocurrencies
The EU is tasked with coming up with laws that all of its member states must follow. However, the individual states are free to go further than the laws to tighten restrictions even more, which has been the case with cryptocurrency.

Gambling Regulations in Sweden
Despite the consistent sanctions against gambling in the European countries, many of the players have had to play on platforms that are licensed in other countries. Sweden has been among these countries, which for years sustained a strict policy against gambling.

Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of
Marketing is a field that as we know is ever-changing. As a result, finding a truly unique idea is often difficult.

NetEnt Acquires Red Tiger Gaming Limited for £223 million
NetEnt has struck an agreement to acquire Red Tiger Gaming Limited.

Gambling Policies in EU Are Changing Constantly - Here's What You Need to Know
Europe may be considered a single territory when discussing economics and many regulations, but gambling regulations are not one of them.

Best Small Business Loans to Expand Your Business Internationally
Having a global presence to market your products and services is not everyone's goal. However, if it is, you may need to make strategic investments in your business.

Is Brexit going to Affect the Internet? Let's Find Out
Britain has voted to leave the EU, but it's going to be quite some time before we find out if there are going to be any consequences of this.

Get the Right Mobile Deal for You Moving Forward
There are always going to be occasions in which you need to make sure you are looking for the perfect mobile phone deal.

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