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Finance and Monetary Affairs in the EU

Latest news on economic and monetary affairs in the European Union.

Biden unveils $1.9m stimulus plan - Euro currency news daily 15 January 2021, 11:20 CET
Joe Biden announced his plan for the newest US stimulus on Wednesday night, and personally acknowledged the great financial burden of such a package.

EU-China reach agreement on investment 11 January 2021, 23:23 CET
Following intensive negotiations carried out by the European Commission, the EU and China concluded in principle at the end of 2020 negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

EU agrees EUR 1.8 trillion long-term recovery budget 17 December 2020, 18:02 CET
The EU Council adopted a regulation Thursday laying down the EU's multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027, providing for a long-term budget of EUR 1,074.3 billion for the EU27 in 2018 prices.

Long-term EU budget for 2021-2027 - background guide 17 December 2020, 17:50 CET
Following the European Parliament's consent, the EU Council adopted on 17 December the regulation laying down the EU's multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027.

EU leaders clear way for Covid recovery package 14 December 2020, 18:18 CET
EU leaders at a summit Friday reached a deal to address the concerns expressed on the EU's recovery package and the draft Regulation on a general regime of conditionality for the protection of the EU budget.

EU institutions agree funding for investment recovery 09 December 2020, 22:09 CET
The EU Parliament and Council reached a political agreement Monday night on the InvestEU flagship investment programme for the sustainable recovery of Europe's economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

InvestEU 08 December 2020, 21:44 CET
The InvestEU Programme brings together under one roof the multitude of EU financial instruments currently available and expand the successful model of the Investment Plan for Europe. With InvestEU, the Commission will further boost investment, innovation and job creation, triggering at least EUR 650 billion in additional investment.

New Brussels plan for recovery of media sector 07 December 2020, 21:28 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Thursday an action plan for recovery of the media/audiovisual sector, hit badly by the coronavirus crisis, and seen as essential for democracy, diversity and digital autonomy.

Benefit of Interchange Fee Regulation now nullified by fee increases 07 December 2020, 16:23 CET
EuroCommerce today released a study by retail payments consultancy CMSPI and antitrust and economics advisers Zephyre on the rise since the adoption of the EU Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) in the fees paid by merchants accepting card payments.

EU prepares for end of LIBOR financial benchmark 02 December 2020, 22:06 CET
The European Parliament and EU Council reached provisional agreement Tuesday on key amendments to EU rules on financial benchmarks, in preparation for the end of LIBOR on December 31 2021.

Brussels urges speedy action to boost post-COVID recovery 19 November 2020, 17:27 CET
The EU Commission issued its autumn economic package Wednesday, aiming to steer EU economies into calmer waters after the COVID pandemic with policy guidance for Europe's collective recovery.

European Semester Autumn Package - Q&A 18 November 2020, 23:33 CET
The European Commission presented on 18 November its autumn economic policy package, including the Opinions on euro area Draft Budgetary Plans (DBPs) for 2021 and policy recommendations for the euro area.

EU agrees deal on long-term budget for post-COVID recovery 12 November 2020, 17:01 CET
The EU Parliament and Member States agreed Tuesday on Europe's long-term budget and extra funding to rebuild a post-COVID-19 Europe centred on jobs, competitiveness, and better climate protection.

2021-2027 long-term EU budget & Next Generation EU 11 November 2020, 22:21 CET
On 10 November, the European Parliament and EU Member States reached a historic agreement on the next long-term budget and NextGenerationEU, the temporary recovery instrument.

2021-2027 long-term EU budget & Next Generation EU 11 November 2020, 22:18 CET
On 10 November 2020, the European Parliament and EU Member States in the Council reached a historic agreement on the next long-term budget and NextGenerationEU, the temporary recovery instrument. Once adopted, the package of a total of €1.8 trillion will be the largest package ever financed through the EU budget. It will help rebuild a post-COVID-19 Europe, which will be greener, more digital, more resilient and better fit for the current and forthcoming challenges.

EIB as EU 'climate bank' must require polluters to change 10 November 2020, 18:30 CET
EU Member States are set to discuss the European Investment Bank's plan to become the EU’s 'climate bank' tomorrow. The draft roadmap, while containing some positive elements like a ban on lending for airport expansion, is far from enough in WWF's view.

Auditors pass 2019 EU accounts, but 'too many spending errors' 10 November 2020, 18:30 CET
EU auditors signed off the EU's 2019 accounts as 'true and fair' Tuesday, but their annual report concluded that payments had too many errors, and they also issued an adverse opinion on expenditure.

Pandemic resurgence stalls Europe's growth rebound 09 November 2020, 23:38 CET
As the coronavirus' second wave dashes hopes for a quick rebound for Europe's economy, economic output is not forecast to return pre-pandemic levels till 2022, the EU said Thursday in its autumn forecast.

Auditors assess EU support for European tourism 05 November 2020, 17:28 CET
Auditors are to analyse the effectiveness of EU funding for European tourism, whether it provided suitable support prior to the pandemic, and EU efforts to limit the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Auditors look into effectiveness of EU funding for SMEs 14 October 2020, 14:22 CET
The European Court of Auditors launched a new audit Wednesday to examine whether EU funding for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is helping to make them more competitive and future-proof.

Screening of foreign direct investments 09 October 2020, 23:19 CET
The EU framework for screening of foreign direct investment (FDI) becomes fully operational as of 11 October 2020.

EU to issue EUR 100bn social bonds to protect jobs 08 October 2020, 16:29 CET
The EU Commission announced Wednesday that it will issue its forthcoming SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion - designed to help protect jobs and keep people in work through the pandemic - as social bonds.

Commission to issue EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds 08 October 2020, 00:15 CET
The European Commission announced on 7 October that it will issue its forthcoming EU SURE bonds of up to EUR 100 billion as social bonds.

Green light for EU-wide rules on crowdfunding 06 October 2020, 23:30 CET
The European Parliament gave the go-ahead Monday to a single set of rules for crowdfunding services in the EU up to EUR 5,000,000, including strict rules to protect investors from financial losses.

SURE - the temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency 25 September 2020, 22:11 CET
The temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE) is available for Member States that need to mobilise significant financial means to fight the negative economic and social consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on their territory. It can provide financial assistance up to EUR 100 billion in the form of loans from the EU to affected Member States to address sudden increases in public expenditure for the preservation of employment.