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Business news and information from the European Union

EU 'toolbox' to tackle rising energy prices
The EU Commission presented Wednesday a 'toolbox' of measures to help Europe's people and businesses tackle the exceptional rise in global energy prices, projected to last through the winter.

Brussels funds innovative start-ups with EUR 363m
65 innovative European start-ups and smaller businesses are to receive EUR 363 million of funding for breakthrough innovations, the EU announced Thursday, under its new 'innovation accelerator'.

EU sets out new proposals to save NI Protocol
The European Commission proposed Wednesday a number of bespoke arrangements to respond to the difficulties that people in Northern Ireland have been experiencing because of Brexit.

EU agrees 2022 fishing quotas for Baltic Sea
EU fisheries ministers reached a political agreement Tuesday on next year's total allowable catches and quotas per member state for the ten most commercially important fish stocks in the Baltic Sea.

EU offers 60,000 free travel passes to 18-20 yr-olds
The EU is to provide free travel rail passes to 60,000 Europeans aged from 18 to 20 years through its DiscoverEU initiative that gives the opportunity to discover Europe through learning experiences.

Nitrates continue to pollute Europe's water: report
A European Commission report on nitrate pollution based on 2016-2019 data shows little progress over the last decade, with nutrient pollution from agriculture still a serious concern for many EU states.

EU Blue Card to attract highly skilled workers to Europe
The EU Council and Parliament gave their final approval Thursday to the revised Blue Card Directive, a new scheme to respond to skills shortages and attract highly skilled workers from outside the EU.

Wine, fruit, veg sectors to receive additional EU aid
Support measures for the wine sector adopted by the EU Wednesday include increasing support for harvest insurance and mutual funds, and extending by a year the flexibility measures already in place.

EU agrees position for COP26 climate summit
The EU agreed its position Wednesday for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, stressing the need for urgency and for a just and fair climate transition across the world.

EU strategy to combat rising antisemitism in Europe
With antisemitism on the rise in Europe and beyond, the European Commission presented Tuesday the first-ever EU strategy on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life.

EU looks to protect journalists against abusive lawsuits
The EU Commission launched a consultation Monday on action against abusive lawsuits lodged against journalists to prevent them informing the public and reporting on matters of public interest.

European airlines agree to speedier cancellation refunds
16 major airlines committed Thursday to better information and timely refunds for passengers whose flights are cancelled, following dialogue with the EU Commission and national consumer authorities.

EU calls on VW to fully compensate consumers over 'Dieselgate'
Six years after the 'Dieselgate' scandal broke, the EU Commission called on German car manufacturer Volkswagen to compensate EU consumers for misleading them over vehicles' emission standards.

EU looks to crack down on migrant smugglers
Releasing a report on migration and asylum Wednesday, the EU Commission put forward a renewed EU action plan against migrant smuggling and tougher sanctions for employers of illegal migrants.

Go-ahead for EUR 5 billion Brexit adjustment reserve
The EU Council gave its final approval Tuesday to a fund of five billion euros aimed at helping Member States' hardest hit regions tackle the negative impact of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Brussels proposes common USB-C charger for electronic devices
The Commission put forward legislation Thursday to establish a common charging solution for mobile phones, hailing it as an important step against e-waste and consumer inconvenience.

Insurance review to boost investment in Europe's recovery
A review of EU insurance rules ('Solvency II'), adopted Wednesday by the Commission, should help insurance companies scale up long-term investment in Europe's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

EU falling behind on sustainable investments: auditors
The EU is not doing enough to channel money into sustainable activities, its auditors said Monday, with the transition to a net-zero emission economy requiring significant private and public investment.

'Wise persons' start work on future of EU Customs Union
The EU Commission announced Friday the launch of a new special group tasked with identifying innovative solutions for the most pressing challenges that face the EU's Customs Union.

EU fund to help mitigate the impact of Brexit
With trade between the EU and the UK increasingly affected as a result of Brexit, a EUR 5 billion fund is set to support people, companies and countries affected by the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

EUR 7 billion call for key European infrastructure projects
A call for proposals launched yesterday under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport programme is making EUR 7 billion available for European transport infrastructure projects.

EU puts forward fishing quotas for Med and Black Seas in 2022
A plan for fishing opportunities for 2022 in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, set out Friday by the EU Commission, reflects its ambition for achieving sustainable fisheries in these two sea basins.

Von der Leyen calls for stronger EU defence cooperation
In her 'State of the Union' address to the European Parliament Wednesday, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen called on EU member states to step up cooperation on security and defence.

Strengthened EU export controls target dual-use technologies
New export controls, which entered into force Thursday, will reinforce the EU's response to the threat of 'dual-use technologies' such as cyber-surveillance that can be misused for human rights violations.

EU seeks financial penalties for Poland over judiciary reforms
The EU Commission sought fines for Poland at the European Court of Justice Tuesday to ensure compliance with two key rulings last July aimed at protecting the independence of Polish judges.