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Energy Policy in the EU

Latest news on the energy policy of the European Union.

EU commits to reducing gas demand by 15 pct next winter 02 August 2022, 22:49 CET
As the EU prepares for possible disruptions of gas supplies from Russia, Member States reached a political agreement Tuesday on a voluntary reduction of natural gas demand by 15 per cent this winter.

SAE Media Group 20th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 16 November 2022, 08:30 CET to 17 November 2022, 18:00 CET) —
SAE Media Group proudly present the 20th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum, once again taking place in-person and in Amsterdam.

EU 'Save Gas for a Safe Winter' Plan - guide 20 July 2022, 23:35 CET
The European Commission is proposing a new legislative tool and a European Gas Demand Reduction Plan, to reduce gas use in Europe by 15% until next spring.

EU targets 15 pct reduction in gas use by next spring 23 July 2022, 00:11 CET
With Europe facing the risk of further gas supply cuts by Russia, the European Commission put forward Wednesday a European Gas Demand Reduction Plan to reduce gas use in Europe.

EU to double Azerbaijan gas imports by 2027 26 July 2022, 16:05 CET
The EU signed an agreement Monday to strengthen cooperation with Azerbaijan, including doubling gas imports to the EU by 2027, as part of European efforts to move away from Russian fossil fuels.

Euro-MPs call for 45 pct renewables by 2030 13 July 2022, 22:47 CET
The European Parliament's environment committee voted Wednesday to accelerate substantially the deployment of renewable energy, and also reductions in energy consumption, by 2030.

EU supports clean tech projects with EUR 1.8 billion funding 12 July 2022, 23:35 CET
The European Union launched over EUR 1.8 billion of awards Tuesday to 17 large-scale innovative projects to bring breakthrough technologies to the market in energy-intensive industries.

MEPS push to decarbonise aviation with cooking oil 12 July 2022, 00:04 CET
Used cooking oil, synthetic fuel or even hydrogen should become the norm as aviation fuel, the European Parliament said Thursday as the EU looks for sustainable fuel to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

European Parliament greenlights institutional greenwashing of consumers' investments and pensions 06 July 2022, 18:54 CET
The European Parliament has given its green light to the European Commission's plans to label nuclear energy and fossil gas as 'green investments'. For BEUC, this is unacceptable institutional greenwashing and will prevent consumers from investing sustainably.

This is not over yet - WWF will not rest until the Taxonomy is truly green 06 July 2022, 18:50 CET
Like the Commission and the Council previously, the European Parliament failed climate and citizens by endorsing a set of sustainable finance rules which will channel billions of euros into activities that will accelerate climate change and harm the planet, during a vote in today's plenary session.

MEPs fail to reject gas, nuclear from EU Taxonomy guidebook 06 July 2022, 18:46 CET
Euro-MPs failed Wednesday to oppose the inclusion of nuclear and gas as environmentally sustainable economic activities, voting instead in favour of labelling them as green activities in the EU Taxonomy.

Car and van CO2 targets: Charging infrastructure essential to meet member state ambition 29 June 2022, 21:35 CET
To meet the extremely ambitious CO2 reduction goals agreed last night by European environment ministers, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) is calling for drastic action on charging infrastructure.

EU states agree higher targets for renewables 28 June 2022, 22:56 CET
EU ministers adopted a general approach on two legislative proposals that tackle energy aspects of the EU’s climate transition, the renewable energies directive and the energy efficiency directive.

MEPs approves plans to restock gas reserves before winter 23 June 2022, 23:47 CET
In response to Russia’s war against Ukraine, the EU Parliament approved Thursday a proposal which sets a mandatory minimum level of gas in storage facilities at 80 per cent by 1 November.

Electric cars: Half of all chargers in EU concentrated in just two countries 22 June 2022, 23:51 CET
New data analysis from the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) shows that half of all charging points for electric cars in the European Union are concentrated in only two countries - the Netherlands (90,000 chargers) and Germany (60,000).

With an overwhelming majority, MEPs reject the greenwashing of gas and nuclear power in crucial Committee vote 14 June 2022, 22:07 CET
MEPs in the Environment and Economic Affairs committees have rejected the classification of fossil gas and nuclear power as environmentally sustainable under the EU Taxonomy - the EU's "green" investment guidebook. With an absolute majority, MEPs passed a first crucial step by voting down a list that would give a 'green' label to fossil gas and nuclear power despite their nefarious environmental impacts.

MEPs reject plan to greenwash gas and nuclear power 15 June 2022, 18:43 CET
The European Parliament's Joint Committee on Economic Affairs and Environment rejected Tuesday the classification of fossil gas and nuclear power as environmentally sustainable under the EU's Taxonomy.

Electric cars: cheaper, more sustainable, and long-lasting - new BEUC research finds 02 June 2022, 23:27 CET
Electric cars are unlikely to require battery replacement and are overall the most environmentally sound option, new BEUC research finds. This follows a 2021 study which found that electric cars are already the most financially interesting option for many consumers - and will soon be for all drivers.

EU reaches deal on plans to restock gas reserves 24 May 2022, 22:13 CET
EU Parliament and states reached agreement Thursday on a regulation to set mandatory minimum level of gas in storage facilities to ensure security of energy supply across the EU each winter.

REPowerEU plan: SMEs reject another change of targets 18 May 2022, 22:58 CET
SMEunited warns against another change of renewables and energy efficiency targets, as proposed today in the REPowerEU plan. SMEs require investment stability and planning. We support further elements of the REPowerEU plan aimed at strengthening the EU's diversification of energy sources both with internal and external measures.

EU moves to end reliance on Russian fossil fuels 19 May 2022, 22:16 CET
The EU presented its response to the global energy market disruption caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine Wednesday, with plans to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify energy supplies.

REPowerEU Communication 18 May 2022, 22:02 CET
The European Commission presented on 18 May the REPowerEU Plan, its response to the hardships and global energy market disruption caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

REPowerEU will help accelerate the energy transition but consumers still face practical barriers at the local level 18 May 2022, 19:17 CET
Consumers will get welcome support to invest in renewables and energy efficiency measures as part of the European Commission's REPowerEU package released today. It is a step in the right direction, but consumers will still face some practical barriers.

REPowerEU: A good plan marred by a few really bad ideas 18 May 2022, 19:15 CET
The European Commission’s REPowerEU plan published today aims to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

REPowerEU - retail and wholesale needs help but can play a major role 18 May 2022, 19:12 CET
The European Commission today launched its detailed REPowerEU Plan, following up the outline ideas it presented in March.