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Guides on the EU Energy policy.
EU Methane Strategy
The European Commission presented on 14 October an EU strategy to reduce methane emissions.
EU Hydrogen Strategy
The EU strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen, adopted on 8 July, will pave the way towards a more efficient and interconnected energy sector, driven by the twin goals of a cleaner planet and a stronger economy.
EU Strategy for Energy System Integration
The EU strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen, adopted on 8 July, will pave the way towards a more efficient and interconnected energy sector, driven by the twin goals of a cleaner planet and a stronger economy.
New ecodesign measures
In a continued effort to reduce Europe's carbon footprint and to make energy bills cheaper for European consumers, the European Commission on 1 October adopted new eco-design measures for products such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions.
National energy and climate plans
The European Commission published on 18 June its assessment of Member States' draft plans to implement the EU's Energy Union objectives, and in particular the agreed EU 2030 energy and climate targets.
State of the EU Energy Union
The fourth report on the State of the Energy Union, adopted 9 April, shows that the Commission has fully delivered on its vision of an Energy Union strategy guaranteeing accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans.
Sustainability criteria for biofuels specified
The European Commission adopted on 13 March a delegated act on sustainability criteria for biofuels as requested by the European Parliament and Member States.
Strategic Action Plan for Batteries
The Strategic Action Plan for Batteries covered all the activities which can help Member States, regions and European industry establish competitive, innovative and sustainable battery manufacturing projects in the EU. These include measures on the access to raw materials, research and innovation, skills, the regulatory framework that will ensure that the batteries placed on the market are not only competitive, high quality and safe but also sustainable and recyclable. The Action Plan was built on discussions with key industrial stakeholders, interested Member States and the European Investment Bank.
European Battery Alliance - background guide
One year on from the launch of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the Commission Action Plan is in place, the first pilot production facilities are being built and further projects are announced to establish the EU as the lead player in the strategic area of battery innovation and manufacturing.
New EU fuel marking
A new harmonised set of fuel labels went live across Europe on 12 October, giving drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles wherever they travel in the EU.
New Ecodesign rules for light bulbs, applicable from September 2018
As of 1 September 2018 energy intensive and inefficient halogen light bulbs can no longer be sold across the European Union.
Synchronisation of Baltic States' electricity networks with the continental European network (CEN)
On 28 June, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker signed, jointly with leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland a political Roadmap for synchronising the Baltic States' electricity grid with continental Europe.
EU approval of six electricity capacity mechanisms to ensure security of supply
The European Commission approved on 7 February under EU State aid rules electricity capacity mechanisms in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland. The Commission found that the measures will contribute to ensuring security of supply whilst preserving competition in the Single Market.
Commission proposal to amend the Gas Directive
To improve the functioning of the EU internal energy market and enhance solidarity between Member States, the Commission today proposed to amend the EU Gas Directive.
Recording energy performance contracts in national accounts - Eurostat guidance
Eurostat has published a guidance note on the accounting consequences for governments of energy performance contracts.
Renewable energy progress report
The European Commission published on 1 February 2017 its second State of the Energy Union Report.
Europe's energy transition: 2016 assessment of the progress made up to 2014
The Second Report on the State of the Energy Union shows that the modernisation of the European Union economy and the transition to a low-carbon era are happening.
Investment Plan for Europe and Energy
One year after the launch of the Investment plan for Europe and the Energy Union, a number of sustainable, low-carbon projects around Europe are beginning to bring about real change on the road to Energy Union.
Towards Energy Union: sustainable energy security package
The European Commission presented on 16 February its energy security package with proposals aimed at equipping the EU for global energy transition as well as to be prepared for possible energy supply interruptions.
State of the Energy Union Report 2015
The first State of the Energy Union Report shows that much progress has already been made since the adoption of the Energy Union Framework Strategy 9 months ago. Still much remains to be done, and 2016 will be an important year of delivery.