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EU sets out strategy to tackle scourge of plastic waste

EU sets out strategy to tackle scourge of plastic waste

The EU made a bid for leadership in the global battle against plastic waste Tuesday by setting out a bold strategy to get rid of the single-use plastics that pollute Europe's seas, rivers and countryside.

MEPs demand ban on pulse fishing

Members of the European Parliament voting Tuesday on new EU rules on how, where and when fish can be caught, demanded in an amendment a ban on the use of pulsed electric current for fishing.

EDF must repay EUR 1.37 bn state aid: EU Court

The EU Court of Justice upheld Tuesday a decision by the European Commission which ordered France to recover EUR 1.37 billion in the context of state aid granted to French energy giant EDF.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

EU urges stricter checks for safer goods

The Commission has proposed to beef up checks of consumer goods available in the EU such as toys, phones or TVs. The main proposal is to increase Commission staff to assist EU Member States in better monitoring the merchandise that ends up on the market.

Policy Advisor Distribution, EURELECTRIC

EURELECTRIC, the Union of the Electricity Industry, is seeking a Policy Advisor for its Distribution Team in Brussels.

Border Security 2018

With the migration crisis ongoing throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, Border Security 2018 will bring together international experts to discuss management of border security at a time when mass irregular migration and cross-border terrorism have all nations at high alert.

Rule of Law in Poland

The European Commission has concluded that there is a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law in Poland.

How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again) - by Nick Clegg

How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again)Nick Clegg categorically debunks the various myths that have been used to force Brexit on Britain, not by 'the people' but by a small, extremely rich, self-serving elite, and explains precisely how this historic mistake can be reversed – and what you can do to make sure that it is.
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