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EU innovation agenda boost for startups

EU innovation agenda boost for startups

The European Commission adopted a New European Innovation Agenda Tuesday with the aim of positioning Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups.

EU greenlights landmark rules for internet platforms

The European Parliament gave the final go-ahead Tuesday to a new EU digital rulebook setting out tougher standards on the accountability of online companies, within an open and competitive digital market.

Amazon Prime changes cancellation practices to comply with EU

Following a dialogue with the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities, Amazon committed Friday to bringing its cancellation practices in line with EU consumer rules.


'EU Business Register' scam

Fraudsters behind the 'EU Business Register' scam are causing havoc once again, cybersecurity technology company Bitdefender warned Thursday, targeting businesses and organisations across the globe.

Stronger Code of Practice on disinformation

Online platforms such as Google, Meta, Twitter and TikTok have signed a new Code which sets out extensive and precise commitments by platforms and industry to fight disinformation and marks another important step for a more transparent, safe and trustworthy online environment.

Policy Team Lead, Positive Money Europe

Positive Money Europe is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced public affairs professional to spearhead its advocacy work on sustainable finance, economic justice, central bank accountability & Eurozone reform.

World Litigation Forum

The 12th World Litigation Forum 2022 Europe is a two-day conference taking place in Amsterdam on Oct 3-5 2022 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

Living and working in Europe 2020

Living and working in Europe 2020Eurofound's Living and working in Europe 2020 provides a snapshot of how the COVID-19 confinement measures changed employment, work and quality of life in Europe.
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