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EU summit clarifies UK 'backstop', but no renegotiation

EU summit clarifies UK 'backstop', but no renegotiation

As PM Theresa May sought to save her Brexit deal at a Brussels summit Thursday, EU leaders clarified their position on the 'backstop' but stated there would be no renegotiation of the UK withdrawal deal.

EU institutions reach deal on cross-border access to online content

Parliament, Commission and Council negotiators reached a political agreement Thursday on proposed EU copyright legislation to make online TV and radio programmes more easily available in Europe.

Commission not entitled to relax car emission limits: EU Court

The EU's General Court upheld actions brought by the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid Thursday, and annulled in part a Commission attempt to relax oxides of nitrogen emission limits for car tests.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

WWF welcomes the Commission's commitment to a net-zero emissions Europe - but we should aim for 2040

The Commission's plan to make the EU carbon neutral is a vital step to respond to the climate crisis. The policy actions to get there, and how fast they are put in place, will be crucial to keep warming below the 1.5°C target.

EU Health Policy Consultant, ICF

Global consulting services company ICF is looking for an EU Health Policy Consultant to join its EU Health and Care team based in Brussels.

European Information Security Summit 2019

The European Information Security Summit is now in its 8th year and is the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe.

Brexit negotiations: What is in the Withdrawal Agreement

The negotiators of the European Commission and the United Kingdom reached a deal on the terms of the Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement on 14 November.

Export. Thrive. Change the World: Seven steps to export success for businesses that won't let Brexit stop their global growth

Export. Thrive. Change the World: Seven steps to export success for businesses that wont let Brexit stop their global growthExport. Thrive. Change the World is a practical guide for small business owners who would like to export but are unsure how.
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