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EU cites Russian interference in European elections

EU cites Russian interference in European elections

The EU Commission said Friday it had found evidence of coordinated behaviour to spread disinformation in the run-up to the recent European elections, particularly from Russian sources.

EU promises 'maximum transparency' in scientific food safety studies

EU ministers gave the green light Thursday to ending secrecy around scientific studies on food safety, with requirements for transparency in scientific information to support risk assessment in the food chain.

Euro drop hits cost of living for Europeans in USA

Europe now accounts for less than a fifth (19 per cent) of the world’s most expensive cities, with 11 European cities dropping out of the top 100, according to ECA International's latest Cost of Living report.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

EU elections show that Europe matters

The results of the European Election are a call to act", said SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. Now the political centre has to come forward with a joint programme and a Strategic Agenda to make Europe stronger, united and more forward looking.

Lawyer, EU Litigation

ClientEarth is looking to recruit a Lawyer, EU Litigation to support the delivery of ClientEarth's broad, complex and innovative European litigation portfolio, which includes cases from its climate, energy, oceans, harmful chemicals, clean air and environmental democracy teams.

European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit

Following the success of its inaugural event, the European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit will be taking place in Berlin, Germany on 18th-19th June 2019.

Caps on international calls

As of 15 May, phone calls via landline and mobile phone or SMS made from one EU country to another are capped at 19 cents per minute (+VAT) and 6 cents per SMS (+VAT).

Europe and South-East Asia: Shifting from Diplomacy to Unilateralism

Europe and South-East Asia: Shifting from Diplomacy to UnilateralismThe postponement of the planned 'strategic partnership' between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the EU highlights deep concerns and divisions for opening up in the relationship.
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