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Future of the European Union on summit agenda

Future of the European Union on summit agenda

EU leaders will meet at a summit on Brussels Wednesday to debate the future of the European Union, following the shock result of last week's British referendum on EU membership.

MEPs vote in new rules on property settlement in divorces

MEPs approved Thursday new rules for deciding which country’s courts should settle property disputes in divorce or death cases involving international couples or registered partnerships.

Single language invoice requirement breaches EU law: EU Court

The obligation to draw up cross-border invoices exclusively in a particular language, failing which they are null and void, infringes EU law, the European Court of Justice ruled Wednesday.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on the result of the United Kingdom's referendum on membership of the European Union.

EU Deal Only Covers a Fraction of Conflict Minerals

In a new report, Swedwatch presents the practical implications of existing regulations on conflict minerals and concludes that EU negotiations have failed to address key issues related to the trade in illicit conflict minerals.

Economic Officer, European Free Trade Association

The European Free Trade Association has a vacancy for a Legal Officer in the Goods Division.

15th annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum

SMi proudly presents the 15th Annual Benelux infrastructure Forum in November 2016! This year's meeting will bring together key professionals in the PPP, project financing and infrastructure sectors to discuss the latest issues and trends within the Benelux market.

Why would you drive off a cliff unless you had to? - UK business comments

Here is a selection of comments from business people on the most important referendum the United Kingdom, and maybe the European Union, has seen.

European law relating to access to justice - Handbook

European law relating to access to justiceAccess to justice is an important element of the rule of law. It enables individuals to protect themselves against infringements of their rights, to remedy civil wrongs, to hold executive power accountable and to defend themselves in criminal proceedings. This handbook summarises the key European legal principles in the area of access to justice, focusing on civil and criminal law.
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