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Iran's Zarif has 'no concern' about nuclear deal

Iran's Zarif has 'no concern' about nuclear deal

Iran's foreign minister moved Tuesday to dismiss speculation that his country's nuclear deal with major powers could hit difficulties, saying he had "no concern or worry" about its implementation.

EU takes France to court over Ryanair aid

The EU referred France to the European Court of Justice on Monday for failing to recover nearly 10 million euros in illegal state aid received by low-cost airlines Ryanair and Transavia.

Osborne says 'win-win' scenario possible in EU talks

Britain's finance minister said Monday he believed a "win-win" solution was possible to reform the EU ahead of his country's in-out referendum, as he kicked off a tour of European capitals.

EU suspends sale of 700 generic drugs made in India

European Union nations have until August 20 to suspend the sale of some 700 generic drugs made in India, the European Commission confirmed on Monday.

EU moves toward protecting Cyprus's halloumi cheese

A Cypriot cheese, known as halloumi in Greek and hellim in Turkish, moved closer to winning EU legal protection Tuesday when the European Commission published an application to register the names.


German hardline finance chief Schaeuble, Europe's 'new boss'?

Wolfgang Schaueble - Photo EU CouncilGermany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insists he is deeply pro-European, but for many his unbending stance on Greece has cast him as a villain in the struggle to save Athens from crashing out of the euro.

Post-2020 ETS reform must be rescued from redundancy

The European Commission's new legislative proposal to reform the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) after 2020 is largely designed to please large polluters and set up the EU's carbon market for failure.

Policy and Advocacy Officer, Eurodad

The European Network on Debt and Development is currently looking for a talented candidate to fill the position of Policy and Advocacy Officer.

Developments in collectively agreed working time 2014

Developments in collectively agreed working time 2014The average collectively agreed weekly working time in the European Union of 38.1 hours did not change between 2013 and 2014. In both years, the working week also remained, on average, 30 minutes shorter than the EU28 average in the EU15 Member States, and more than 90 minutes longer in the more recent Member States.

Energy summer package

The European Commission has presented proposals to deliver a new deal for energy consumers, to launch a redesign of the European electricity market, to update energy efficiency labelling and to revise the EU Emissions Trading System.

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