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EU asks Member States to admit 40,000 asylum seekers

EU asks Member States to admit 40,000 asylum seekers

The EU on Wednesday asked its Member States to admit 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea landing in Italy and Greece, which have been overstretched by an influx of migrants.

EU-Swiss accord to end banking secrecy, curb tax evasion

The European Union and Switzerland signed a major accord Wednesday to end banking secrecy for EU residents and prevent them from stashing undeclared income in Swiss banks.

Greece touts imminent loan deal, creditors cautious

Greece on Wednesday said it was close to a loan deal with its EU-IMF creditors that would unlock badly-needed bailout loans for its struggling economy.

UK referendum question will be a 'Yes' to stay in EU: reports

British voters will be asked to vote "Yes" or "No" on remaining in the European Union in a referendum to be held by the end of 2017, media reported on Wednesday.

More than four espressos a day can harm health: EU

Drinking the caffeine equivalent of more than four espressos a day is harmful to health, especially for minors and pregnant women, the EU food safety agency said on Wednesday.


Lessons for Mediterranean? Euro force hunting Somali pirates

P-3C Orion aircraft - Photo EU Naval ForceThe success of Operation Atalanta, fighting piracy off Somalia's coast, has led to it becoming the model for a proposed EU mission to fight people smugglers in the Mediterranean.

Banks ready for pivotal role in new growth ecosystem under CMU

The European Banking Federation has submitted its response to the European Commission's flagship consultation on Capital Markets Union (CMU), a project that can help unlock the latent growth potential of European capital markets.

Lawyer in European Environmental Law, ERA

The Academy of European Law, which organises conferences and seminars around Europe and offers an online training programme, is looking for a Lawyer (Course Director) in European Environmental Law from 1 June 2015 or later.

State of Nature in the EU

State of Nature in the EUThe Commission has adopted a report providing the most comprehensive picture yet on the 'State of Nature in the EU'. The findings show that the majority of birds have a secure status, and some species and habitats are doing better.

Better Regulation Agenda

The European Commission's package of reforms are intended to boost openness and transparency in the EU decision-making process, improve the quality of new laws through better impact assessments of draft legislation and amendments, and promote constant and consistent review of existing EU laws.

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