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41 million fake goods seized at EU borders, China main source

41 million fake goods seized at EU borders, China main source

Customs authorities detained more than 41 million fake and counterfeit products valued at over EUR 670 million at the EU's external borders in 2016, according to figures released Thursday.

Unfair burden on the young: EU employment review

An annual review of employment and social developments in Europe, published Monday, finds a particularly high burden, exacerbated by demographic ageing, being placed on younger generations.

Belgian airlines aid broke state aid rules, says EU

Public support granted by Belgium to three airlines flying from Brussels airport gave them an unfair advantage over other airlines, in breach of EU state aid rules, the EU Commission concluded Tuesday.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.

AEGIS Europe calls on EU to ensure robust Trade Defence in glass fibre fabrics case

AEGIS Europe has expressed major concerns regarding the approach being taken by DG Trade in the first expiry review of anti-dumping measures on imports of open mesh fabrics of glass fibres originating from China.

Executive Director, European Magazine Media Association

The European Magazine Media Association is looking for an Executive Director to run the EMMA Secretariat in Brussels and coordinate the EU advocacy work on behalf of EMMA members.

Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2017

SMi's annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum, which will take place in Amsterdam on 22nd -23rd November, will present the latest opinions within the infrastructure market from key professionals in PPP, project financing and future market sectors such as renewable energy ventures.

Pan-European Personal Pension Product

The European Commission has launched a new pan-European personal pensions label to help consumers save for retirement.

Living and working in Europe 2016

Living and working in Europe 2016 - EurofoundLiving and working in Europe, Eurofound's 2016 yearbook, provides a snapshot of developments and trends in the work and lives of Europeans as described in the research activities of Eurofound over 2016.
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