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EUbusiness Guides are background information and Questions & Answers about topical EU business issues.
Creation Date Description Title
18 January 2017, 23:29 CET Around 1 million smaller business (SMEs) in the EU face problems with cross-border debts. This is about EUR 600 million lost every year for these small companie... European Account Preservation Order - faster, cheaper and more efficient debt recovery
12 January 2017, 23:20 CET The European Commission took action on 10 January 2017 to promote and modernise Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the EU. Modernisation of EU policy on health and safety at work
12 January 2017, 23:13 CET The European Commission is proposing new legislation to ensure stronger privacy in electronic communications, while opening up new business opportunities. Exchanging and Protecting Personal Data in a Globalised World
12 January 2017, 20:15 CET The EU's delegation arrived in Geneva on 12 January for the Cyprus settlement Conference. A comprehensive settlement is seen as being beneficial for Cyprus and ... The EU's role in the Cyprus Settlement Process
06 January 2017, 13:56 CET The European Commission has published an evaluation report of investments under the European Social Fund (ESF) during the 2007-2013 period, with specific report... Evaluation of European Social Fund 2007-2013
15 December 2016, 23:28 CET The European Parliament and the EU Council signed into law on 14 December the new National Emissions Ceilings (NEC) Directive, based on a Commission proposal th... National Emissions Ceilings (NEC) Directive - new rules to cut air pollution
15 December 2016, 17:50 CET The European Commission has formally adopted a "fair use policy" and an associated sustainability mechanism to make the end of roaming charges work for travelle... End of EU roaming charges in 2017
14 December 2016, 18:50 CET The 45 EU Agencies and Joint Undertakings make a vast contribution to the economic and political development of the European Union according to two new studies ... The contribution of EU Agencies to citizens and administrations: reports
13 December 2016, 23:08 CET The European Commission and the Canadian Government are holding talks to establish a multilateral investment court. The aim is to establish a permanent body to ... Multilateral investment court
09 December 2016, 11:52 CET The European Commission adopted on December 8 an Action Plan setting out concrete measures to improve the security of travel documents. The Action Plan provides... Action Plan to tackle travel document fraud
08 December 2016, 15:38 CET In its December 2016 monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against EU Member States for failing to comply ... December 2016 infringements package: key decisions
08 December 2016, 11:27 CET The European Commission launched the European Solidarity Corps on 7 December 2016, providing young people between the ages of 18 and 30 with the opportunity to ... European Solidarity Corps
07 December 2016, 11:45 CET The EU is bringing Wi-Fi to you, in parks, squares, libraries, public buildings. WIFI4EU - Free Wi-Fi for Europeans
06 December 2016, 23:35 CET The first European Vocational Skills Week, organised by the European Commission, aims to inspire people to discover, use and improve their talents and abilities... European Vocational Skills Week
01 December 2016, 14:48 CET Drones are seen as representing an important opportunity for Europe's aeronautical manufacturing industry, especially for SMEs, and for the many aviation and no... EU drone policy
01 December 2016, 14:40 CET The EU-US data protection "Umbrella Agreement", given the green light by the European Parliament on 1 December, puts in place a comprehensive high-level data pr... EU-U.S. Data Protection "Umbrella Agreement" - questions & answers
29 November 2016, 22:49 CET The European Commission proposed on 28 November new rules to ensure that systemic market infrastructures in the financial system, known as Central Counterpartie... Central Counterparties Recovery and Resolution Proposal
28 November 2016, 18:13 CET Around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU – around 20 per cent of all food produced, with associated costs estimated at EUR 143 billion. ... Food waste in the EU - factsheet
24 November 2016, 20:33 CET The European Commission has published the second report on the operation of the so-called Milk Package, a series of measures launched in 2012 to strengthen the ... Operation of the Milk Package - 2nd report
24 November 2016, 00:13 CET The European Commission presented a set of European rules on business insolvency on 22 November. Insolvency, Restructuring and Second Chance: proposal for a directive