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CO2 emissions from cars continue on downward trend 16 April 2015, 17:08 CET
According to the figures published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) yesterday, in 2014 average new car emissions were 123.4g CO2/km compared to 186g CO2/km in 1995 - a 33.7% decrease over the period. This is the result of the long-term efforts of the automobile industry, which have been sustained both with and without legislation

European Commission objects to Google's unfair practices - Consumers should be misled no longer 15 April 2015, 13:47 CET
The European Consumer Organisation commends the European Commission’s ‘Statement of Objections’ today in its antitrust investigation of how Google Inc. calculates online search results - specifically its ‘Google Shopping’ service - and presents them to European users.

Entrepreneurs discuss Capital Markets Union with Commissioner Hill 15 April 2015, 00:21 CET
Led by EUROCHAMBRES President Richard Weber, a group of Belgian, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish entrepreneurs met EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill on Monday evening to discuss policy measures to address the main challenges encountered by businesses at different stages in trying to secure equity investment.

Business leaders back UK to remain part of EU 14 April 2015, 23:50 CET
An overwhelming majority of business leaders from across Europe would prefer to see the UK remain part of the European Union, according to a recent survey.

European alternative finance markets surging 13 April 2015, 13:01 CET
Markets for alternative finance are surging in scale right across Europe, according to the latest figures on the subject.

New logo and new website for EBC to mark its 25 year anniversary 02 April 2015, 13:58 CET
On the 25th year since its foundation in 1990, the European Builders Confederation EBC, which represents micro, small and medium size construction firms at European level, launched today a new logo as well as a new website.

Earth Hour - the biggest global movement to save the planet - gets support from top EU politicians 26 March 2015, 20:55 CET
Top ranking political leaders in the European Commission, as well as more than 70 Members of the European Parliament, join millions of people around the world on the occasion of Earth Hour 2015.

IACA identifies priorities to improve airlines' competitiveness 26 March 2015, 20:50 CET
IACA's annual Assembly took place in Brussels on 24th and 25th March 2015, providing an opportunity for the Association’s members to discuss key issues with high-level representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, EASA and EU Member States.

Dangerous product alerts rise in Europe - EU safety laws stalled 23 March 2015, 17:22 CET
Warnings on dangerous non-food consumer products made to the EU’s rapid alert system (RAPEX) increased to nearly 2,500 in 2014. Adding to the problem, EU product safety and market surveillance laws to improve EU-wide cooperation – drafted in February 2013 – have still not passed due to a stalemate of EU governments.

Rail Freight Meetings in spotlight at SITL Paris 2015 22 March 2015, 23:03 CET
With workshops, a showroom and work areas across a space of 300 m², the Rail Freight Meetings will constitute one of the key innovations at SITL Paris 2015, which will be taking place from 31 March to 2 April in Paris (France). Innovative players such as Herta France, SNCF Freight and Agenia are looking forward to this key event.

French technology for high performance, miniature, autonomous geolocation tracker 22 March 2015, 22:54 CET

RBTE French Pavilion 22 March 2015, 22:49 CET

15 Viticell®, a new treatment for Vitiligo patients using cutaneous repigmentation through cell grafts 22 March 2015, 22:48 CET
Viticell®, the new medical device on the market, offers an innovative treatment for patients with non-progressive vitiligo or post-traumatic hypochromic scars

EU leaders move forward on Paris climate deal but struggle to shrug off coal: Greenpeace 19 March 2015, 23:20 CET
The EU’s domestic energy plans are struggling to keep up with its climate change diplomacy, warned Greenpeace after a summit of European leaders in Brussels.

WWF and LiveWell for LIFE call for a sustainable food system for Europe 19 March 2015, 14:00 CET
Today WWF calls on the European Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans to develop a clear plan for a healthy and climate friendly European food system by 2030, in collaboration with the LiveWell for LIFE project.

Social Partners have to tackle competitiveness for growth and jobs 19 March 2015, 13:54 CET
Today, the troika of the Heads of State, the President of the European Council and of the European Commission along with the European Social Partners met at the Spring Tripartite Social Summit to discuss how social partners can contribute to investments in growth and jobs.

EU leaders likely to reinforce inconsistencies of energy union plan 18 March 2015, 22:04 CET
On 19 and 20 March, European leaders meeting at a summit in Brussels are expected to endorse the European Commission’s plan for a European energy union. The plan sets out the Commission’s proposed priorities for EU energy and climate policy over the next two years.

Testbiotech files complaint about GRACE project 12 March 2015, 15:46 CET
Testbiotech has filed a complaint to the European Ombudsman against the EU Commission. It has submitted evidence of incorrect or inadequate statements regarding the declaration of interests of experts involved in the so-called GRACE project.

Europe climate pledge fails the 2°C test 06 March 2015, 22:24 CET
​The European Union today announced the level of climate action it plans to pledge at the global climate talks in Paris (COP21) later this year. The emissions cuts agreed by European environment ministers fall far short of Europe’s fair share of the action needed to avoid dangerous climate change, says Friends of the Earth.

Tronics expands its business model to mobile and wearable applications with the licensing of its combo sensors based on disruptive magelan and M & NEMS technologies 06 March 2015, 18:20 CET

EU Environment Council agrees global climate contribution 06 March 2015, 18:20 CET
The European Union today became the first major power to show its cards and announce the level of climate action it proposes to pledge at global climate talks in Paris later this year.

Social Dialogue needs new approach to tackle new challenges 06 March 2015, 18:20 CET
Today, European Institutions and Social Partners used the European Social Dialogue’s 30th anniversary to call for "A new start for Social Dialogue". At the opening session of the High-Level Conference, UEAPME President Gunilla Almgren welcomed the new Commission's initiative as the role Social Dialogue can or should play today differs significantly from 30 years ago.

MOBAPI platform unveils its new API builder on Businessfrance's French pavilion at Mobile world congress 2015 06 March 2015, 18:18 CET

PICOM : the french retail industries cluster @ RBTE will showcase their innovation lab 06 March 2015, 16:13 CET

EU food agency reviews safety of GM crops following new research 05 March 2015, 22:07 CET
The European Food Safety Authority has started an investigation into the safety of growing genetically modified (GM) maize in Europe following the publication of the biggest study on maize pollen published to date. Friends of the Earth Europe and Testbiotech have called on the EU to immediately suspend the growing of GM maize and to stop all future approvals.