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Services Directive: Points of Single Contact underperforming, study reveals 02 July 2015, 23:28 CET
More than five years after the Services Directive entered into force, a new EU-wide mystery shopper exercise and study on the Points of Single Contacts (PSC) shows that the performance of these online business portals is generally low (54%), with only two countries passing the 75% threshold of very good performance.

Business groups divided over merits of Britain's EU membership 02 July 2015, 17:06 CET
Opinion is divided among some of the UK’s most vocal business groups over whether or not Britain ought to remain a part of the European Union.

Mixed outcome of new EU consumer insurance market law 01 July 2015, 19:14 CET
A deal was reached last night between Members of European Parliament and EU ministers in the revision of EU-wide rules for insurance sales, ranging from car and fire insurance to life insurance.

Greece: European banks underline importance of eurozone cohesion 30 June 2015, 18:47 CET
Taking note of the recent political discussions between the Hellenic Republic and its creditors and the imposition of capital controls by the Greek authorities, the European Banking Federation, comprising national banking associations from 32 European countries, wishes to underline the importance of cohesion in the eurozone and to express its strong desire for Greece to remain a member of the euro area.

EU reaches unambitious deal on Roaming charges and Net Neutrality 30 June 2015, 14:04 CET
Negotiations between the European Parliament and Council on a Telecoms Single Market regulation concluded today, setting a deadline to abolish roaming charges and making a start on an EU-wide Net Neutrality principle (i.e. treating internet data equally and banning the blocking of internet services).

Greenpeace warns Europe is failing to learn lessons from Fukushima 29 June 2015, 22:11 CET
A new report published today by Greenpeace found that Europe's nuclear regulators have failed to act on vital lessons from the Fukushima catastrophe, exposing Europeans to the risk of a nuclear accident. The release coincides with the bi-annual conference of the European Nuclear Safety Regulator Group (ENSREG) held in Brussels.

European banking sector not yet adequately integrating environmental and social risks 25 June 2015, 19:01 CET
Large European banks are not yet sufficiently aware of the business risks deriving from environmental and social developments, such as climate change, water scarcity or sustainable production, according to a KPMG survey conducted with the support of WWF.

Pope urges action on climate change - Friends of the Earth reaction 18 June 2015, 16:20 CET
Commenting on the Pope’s Encyclical on climate change published on Thursday, 18 June, Friends of the Earth’s head of campaigns Andrew Pendleton said:

Energy Efficiency Directive: 10 Member States lag behind in providing clear audit rules 17 June 2015, 23:28 CET
One year after the transposition deadline of the Energy Efficiency Directive, only 18 countries have transposed the provisions on energy audits as set out in article 8 of the European legislation. This is one of the main findings of a study published today by EUROCHAMBRES, highlighting the negative consequences for business.

Data Protection Regulation should encapsulate SME specificities 17 June 2015, 18:34 CET
HOTREC (the umbrella Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Europe) and UEAPME (the employers’ organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs) call on the European Parliament to follow the Council position and approach on data protection. Indeed, the Council’s position is to not make the DPO compulsory – at least for SMEs – and its risk base approach aims to cut red tape.

European Parliament shows no appetite for food from cloned animals 17 June 2015, 18:31 CET
The European Parliament’s Agriculture and Environment Committees have sent a strong signal of support of consumers’ rejection of food from cloned animals.

UN climate talks close with insufficient progress 11 June 2015, 16:40 CET
As two weeks of UN climate talks come to a close today, Friends of the Earth warned that not enough progress has been made towards a fair and adequate climate treaty to be finalised in Paris later this year.

Ground-breaking Report on Health and Welfare of EU Horses, Donkeys and Mules 11 June 2015, 16:34 CET
World Horse Welfare and lobbying consortium Eurogroup for Animals are proud to publish 'Removing the Blinkers: The health and welfare of European equidae in 2015', the first ever report to investigate the scale of the horse sector in Europe, legislation affecting it and the key health and welfare challenges of the EU's equids.

Rich countries sweep billions in public finance for coal under the rug as climate deadlines loom 03 June 2015, 23:32 CET
Last chance for EU to show climate leadership in OECD talks before COP Paris

Who is investing in experiments with genetically engineered chimpanzees? 03 June 2015, 23:22 CET
Report on investment links between financial institutions and the pharmaceutical industry

EU safely lands Package Travel reform, falls short on Product Safety 28 May 2015, 22:59 CET
Two long-running and crucial EU consumer laws were on the agenda of a meeting of national government ministers in Brussels today.

MEPs vote delivers mixed bag for consumers on TTIP talks 28 May 2015, 15:50 CET
The European Parliament’s trade committee has issued its view on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The committee’s report will be confirmed by the entire plenary by vote on 10 June and gives clear instructions to the European Commission as it is negotiating TTIP with the US on behalf of the EU.

Advancement of the European emergency number 112 is needed! 28 May 2015, 13:56 CET
On 27 May 2015, 60 Members of the European Parliament, from the whole political spectrum, co-signed an open letter sent to Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mr. Oettinger, regarding the European emergency number 112.

EBF urges rethink of BSR after ECON vote does not deliver way forward 27 May 2015, 23:26 CET
The European Banking Federation, taking note of Tuesday night’s vote in the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), remains deeply concerned over the EU Banking Structural Reform proposal (BSR) that seeks to break up the largest European banks.

Launch of the MEP Friends of the Liver Interest group to tackle a silent epidemic 27 May 2015, 23:10 CET
The MEP Friends of the Liver Interest Group was launched today at the European Parliament in Brussels in an event hosted by the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Dr Cristian-Silviu Buşoi (EPP, RO), calls on the European Parliament to use its significant powers raise awareness about liver disease and advocate for EU policies to ensure that all patients have access to the best treatments and medicines.

BUSINESS FRANCE showcases 12 companies from the information system security sector at Infosecurity Europe 2015 22 May 2015, 11:57 CET
BUSINESS FRANCE showcases 12 companies from the information system security sector at Infosecurity Europe 2015

EU 'Better Regulation' proposals - Friends of the Earth comment 20 May 2015, 22:40 CET
Reforms to the way the European Union decides legislation proposed today are a threat to environmental, health, safety and other standards that protect citizens, says Friends of the Earth Europe.

ESBA Press Release on Better Regulation 20 May 2015, 22:40 CET
Today, First Vice-President Frans Timmermans presented his Better Regulation Package. ESBA welcomes the Better Regulation Agenda drafted by First VP Timmermans and his team. ESBA has been pushing for Better Regulation to be taken more seriously for years. The Vice-President's recent efforts show commitment by the Commission to push the agenda forward. However, ESBA does have some remarks:

Drain on health services and lost work days could cost EUR 52 bn over ten years 20 May 2015, 22:24 CET
Weak coal pollution standards being considered by the EU could result in 71,000 preventable deaths across Europe, due to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, asthma and other illnesses associated with air pollution, according to a study commissioned by Greenpeace and the European Environmental Bureau. The additional drain on health services and the loss of over 23 million working days would cost taxpayers over €52 billion between 2020 and 2029.

France’s photovoltaic sector shines bright at INTERSOLAR 2015 from June 10th to 12th 2015 19 May 2015, 23:18 CET