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EC fintech consultation response: New technology, but same rules must apply 21 September 2017, 23:50 CET
Insurance Europe responded to the European Commission’s consultation on "Fintech: a more competitive and innovative European financial sector".

Online sellers should be legally required to take on the duties of "producer" under the WEEE directive 21 September 2017, 20:45 CET
On 13 September over 80 delegates from across 12 different countries met to discuss ways to tackle the growing number of online market places that fail to be WEEE compliant with the EEE regulations. This is referred to as freeriding. The introductory speaker Peter Börkey of the OECD presented initial findings suggesting that online freeriding could account for 5-10% of all sales.

EU lifts one key barrier for public investments in energy efficiency, easing adoption of ambitious 2030 targets and measures 20 September 2017, 17:58 CET
Yesterday, Eurostat published a guidance note on how to record Energy Performance Contracts in government accounts. The new guidance note clarifies and makes it easier for governments to invest in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings and infrastructure by using Energy Performance Contracts.

CETA threatens food safety even before national parliaments sign off 20 September 2017, 17:54 CET
On the eve of the preliminary application of the EU-Canada trade deal, CETA, Greenpeace warned of threats to food safety and agricultural standards.

French suppliers fly the flag at the Inter Airport Europe exhibition 19 September 2017, 15:51 CET
For the 6th time, the French airport industry will have a strong presence at the Inter Airport Europe trade show in Munich, with 25 companies representing different sectors of the industry.

Avoid Regulatory Disincentives with NN Investment Partners B.V 18 September 2017, 14:14 CET
SMi Reports: Alistair Perkins, Head of Project Finance at NN Investments Partners B.V will be joining the Benelux Infrastructure Forum this November to discuss the optimal use of funding regulations.

EBF praises EU determination to clear digital hurdles 15 September 2017, 00:00 CET
Noting fresh European Union initiatives in digital policy, including cybersecurity and the free flow of data, the European Banking Federation wishes to underline its support for this EU course while asking policy-makers to also recognize specific issues that block innovation in banking.

CO2 targets for cars: European auto industry sets out post-2021 framework 13 September 2017, 15:09 CET
Before the European Commission reveals its proposal on CO2 targets for cars post-2021 later this year, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) laid out the industry’s pathway to future CO2 reductions at the Frankfurt Motor Show today.

Banking in Europe: EBF publishes 2017 Facts & Figures 13 September 2017, 13:59 CET
The European Banking Federation today published the 2017 EBF Facts & Figures, its annual update on the banking sector in Europe. The publication shows that the contraction in terms of staff numbers and branches in the European banking sector continued in 2016 as customers increasingly embrace electronic payments as well as online and mobile banking. Eurozone deposits and loans grew slightly.

SMEs ask for an alternative scenario for the Future of Europe 13 September 2017, 13:56 CET
Ahead of Jean-Claude Juncker's speech in the European Parliament on the State of the European Union, UEAPME President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller addressed the Commission President to share her considerations on the future of Europe.

Call to International Action to Break Deadlock on Chronic Diseases Crisis | EPHA Annual Conference 2017 11 September 2017, 11:28 CET
Dr Sania Nishtar highlights “huge appetite and awareness” among 191 national governments to tackle non-communicable diseases. Experts propose ways to bridge the gap between governments’ Sustainable Development commitments and policy action.

WEEE Forum and EucoLight raise concerns about WEEE compliance of online retailers 08 September 2017, 00:19 CET
At a seminar on 13 September 2017 in Brussels, the WEEE Forum and EucoLight, two European trade associations that speak for e-waste producer responsibility organisations, will facilitate a high-level debate around the compliance of online retail platforms with EU e-waste (WEEE) legislation and ways to address free-riding behaviour among online sellers.

Alternative fuel vehicle registrations - Quarter 2 2017 08 September 2017, 00:13 CET
In the second quarter of 2017, EU demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) continued the positive momentum from the first quarter.

Bremain in Spain Reacts to Leaked Home Office Immigration Plans 07 September 2017, 23:59 CET
Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, reacts to the immigration plans leaked from the Home Office this week. These plans outlined controversial changes to UK immigration rules post-Brexit.

First generation biofuels are just as sustainable as second generation – both show significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions 07 September 2017, 23:37 CET
A comprehensive sustainability assessment carried out by nova-Institute shows that first generation bioethanol is as advantageous as second generation bioethanol for a feasible climate strategy. The results clearly indicate that the systematic discrimination against first generation biofuels of the current Commission proposal is in no way founded on scientific evidence. It would be counterproductive to further lower the share of first generation fuels in the EU’s energy mix.

EuroCommerce: protectionism, Europe's greatest challenge 06 September 2017, 23:12 CET
Speaking at the Finnish Commerce Federation conference in Helsinki today on trends in retail and wholesale, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren highlighted the challenges facing the sector due to a rising tide of protectionism worldwide and within Europe:

Google and Bertelsmann fund 75,000 new Udacity scholarships across Europe 06 September 2017, 23:04 CET
Google and Bertelsmann announced Tuesday that they are to fund 75,000 scholarships through Udacity to provide free technology education to residents of Europe and beyond. The launch builds on the success of last year’s programme, where 70,000 people applied for 10,000 Udacity scholarships.

SMi's Military Flight Training to explore next generation training systems and platforms 04 September 2017, 21:11 CET
SMi Reports: International Military Flight leaders to share best practices and discuss the cutting-edge technologies that can help to solve today's flight challenges this October.

Interview Released with German Air Force's Head ISR & UAS Division, Ahead of 2nd UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe 04 September 2017, 21:03 CET
SMi Group released new interview with Head ISR & UAS Division, German Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge ahead of his talk at the 2nd UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe conference this September.

Bankability and profitability of PPP infrastructure projects in the Benelux region 04 September 2017, 20:51 CET
SMi Reports: Benelux Infrastructure Forum will offer guidance and advice to help with identifying bankable and investment-ready projects region.

Spanish Air Force, Air Mobility Command Chief to Present at SMi's 18th Military Airlift Conference 21 August 2017, 23:18 CET
SMi Reports: Senior representation from hosting nation to present at 18th Annual Military Airlift Conference

French products take centre stage at the Anuga Food Fair 17 August 2017, 23:18 CET
Nearly 200 French companies will be showcasing their latest products and know-how across 7 French stands at this year's Anuga Food Fair.

Rheinmetall, ABBS, Revision Military and showcase latest technology for Active Protection Systems 16 August 2017, 18:19 CET
SMi Reports: Leading OEMS, Prime Contractors and System Integrators to share most advanced technology for Active Protection Systems at SMi's Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability this November.

Energy Storage poised to be a lucrative market in the Benelux 16 August 2017, 18:13 CET
SMi Reports: Industry leaders will gather at the Benelux Infrastructure Forum this November to discuss the latest developments in in energy storage infrastructure.

Interview Released with Slovenian MoD's Secretary Logistics Directorate, Ahead of 2rd UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe 16 August 2017, 18:06 CET
SMi Group released new interview with Secretary Logistics Directorate, Ministry of Defence, Slovenia, Marko Gruden, ahead of his talk at the 2nd UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe conference this September.