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EU Agenda: Week Ahead - 29 September to 5 October, 2014

29 September 2014, 19:27 CET

This week MEPs exercise their power of democratic scrutiny by holding hearings to quiz the 27 Commissioners-designate; the Commission organises a conference on exchange of best practices on transparency of media ownership; and Italy's presidency organises a seminar on match fixing in sport. The week's events in the European Union including EU Council, Commission and Parliament meetings and other EU-related conferences and events. Events for the week of 29 September to 5 October 2014.


Monday 29 September - Wednesday 1 October

European Parliament, Political Meetings, Institutional affairs

European Parliament Committee Meetings


Budget 2015: The Budgets Committee will vote on amendments, tabled by MEPs, political groups and other committees, to the Council's version of the EU budget for 2015. MEPs are expected to revert to the Commission's original proposal, so as to ensure sufficient funds for priority areas like research, education and humanitarian aid. The committee will vote on a resolution on the 2015 budget on 7 October. (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)


Monday 29 September

Other bodies and agencies, Events/Conf/Fairs, Justice and citizens rights

International Right to Know Day

Room ASP A1-G2, European Parliament, Brussels

Transparency and public health - how accessible is scientific data? The "International Right to Know Day" is celebrated around the world by access to information advocates. This year, the European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, wants to look into the question of how transparent scientific data, and more specifically clinical trial data, is for the benefit of patients, doctors, and researchers who need maximum information about the medicines they take, prescribe, and analyse. In June 2014, the EU agreed legislation to make future clinical trial data publicly accessible online as of 2016. However, many open questions remain about access to existing clinical trial data about medicines currently on the market. The discussion takes place in the wider context of the Open Government Partnership, an international platform committed to making governments and public administrations more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

More information on the event

Monday 29 September

Council of the EU, Presidency of the Council of the EU, Political Meetings, Institutional affairs

General Affairs Council

Justus Lipsius building, Brussels

The following items will be discussed at this meeting: - Preparation of the European Council on 23/24 October 2014 = Annotated draft agenda;- Follow-up to the European Council on 26/27 June 2014; Strategic Agenda - Chapter on Growth - Communication on the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region; Council conclusions

Council briefing and agenda

Monday 29 September - Wednesday 1 October

Science and technology

LET'S 2014 conference

Bologna, Italy

Take the chance to participate at the LET'S 2014 conference (Leading Enabling Technologies for Societal Challenges 2014), the main event of the Italian Presidency of the Council of European Union on Key Enabling Technologies! The conference will be organised by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), in partnership with the Agency for the Promotion of the European Research (APRE) and the Regional Agency for Innovation of Emilia Romagna (ASTER). The event has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (grant agreement n.608892) and will take place in Bologna (September 29th – October 1st 2014) with the endorsement of the Italian Ministry for Research and Education (MIUR) and of Emilia-Romagna Region.
The conference will investigate how to take advantage of research results and technological development in the fields of nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology and advanced materials, manufacturing and processing, through the support of excellent science and of key enabling technologies, in order to face the societal challenges. During the 3 day conference, you will have the chance to meet over 1000 stakeholders from all around Europe and beyond, to attend the conference sessions with 130 distinguished experts from public institutions, academic and research centres, small and large enterprises, to participate in the company visits and the brokerage event.

More information on the conference

Monday 29 September - Tuesday 7 October

European Parliament, Political Meetings, Institutional affairs

Public hearings of Commissioners-candidate

European Parliament, Brussels

Hearings: Members of the European Parliament will exercise their power of democratic scrutiny by holding hearings to quiz the 27 Commissioners-designate, as presented by incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, on their skills and their qualifications for the posts proposed to them.
These hearings, which will be public, are scheduled to take place from 29 September until Tuesday 7 October. The candidates will be heard by the parliamentary committee(s) active in their proposed fields of responsibility. Commissioners-designate and/or Committee chairs may decide to hold press points following the meetings. Timetable and venues for all hearings are available in our Agenda. For more detailed and continuously updated information on the hearings, see our dedicated website..

Hearings' website

Tuesday 30 September - Wednesday 1 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Regions and local development

3rd Forum of the Outermost Regions: "9 Regions at the heart of the Europe of today and tomorrow"

Charlemagne building, De Gasperi room

The Third Forum of the outermost regions (ORs) gathers the nine Presidents of these regions and key representatives of the European institutions in Brussels to exchange ideas on how to pool their efforts to meet the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and create jobs and sustainable growth.
The ORs, as well as all the other European regions, benefit hugely from Cohesion Policy, whose recent reform was spearheaded by Commissioner Johannes Hahn. Cohesion Policy has become the main investment instrument of the EU aimed at reducing economic and social disparities across Europe. More than €6.6 billion will be allocated to the outermost regions for the period 2014-2020 via the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.
This year the OR Presidents will gather under the theme "9 Regions at the heart of the Europe of today and tomorrow". An official photo of President José Manuel Barroso and all Presidents will take place on 30 September at 12:50 in the Charlemagne building. It will be followed by a press conference with Nicholas Martyn, Deputy Director General of the DG for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission and Victorin Lurel, Chair of the Conference of Presidents of the Outermost Regions.
During the forum, three thematic panels will focus on employment and education - sectors with high potential for the development of the regions, as well as regional integration and increased accessibility.

More information on the event

Tuesday 30 September

Presidency of the Council of the EU, Culture, education and youth

Match fixing: A key issue for sports integrity

Palazzo Marino, Milan (Italy)

In the context of a growing awareness on the need to step up efforts to promote integrity in sport and fight corruption, the Italian Presidency is organizing a seminar on match-fixing, focusing the analysis on best practices to enhance the contrast to the phenomenon.

More information on the event

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 5 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Justice and citizens rights

Nuclear detection for enhanced border security

EUSECTRA, Karlsruhe

Detection of illicit movement of nuclear or other radioactive material at borders is an essential measure for protecting a state against threats associated with proliferation or nuclear terrorism.
The training will be held at the EUSECTRA facility and include lectures and presentations but most importantly make use of the portal radiation monitors and hand-held radiation measurement instruments in practical exercises.

More information on the event

Wednesday 1 - Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Environment, consumers and health

New policies for protection of ageing consumers

Orasac, Croatia

The EU countries as well as most of the E&I countries will face a tremendous ageing of their population over the upcoming decade. As ageing goes along with an increase in vulnerability of consumers, due to physical but also cognitive ageing as brain functioning changes over time, this process calls for new evidence-based consumer protection policies.
This JRC-organised workshop aims to highlight this point as the problem has not been the focus of major attention by policy makers. It therefore wants to bring together decision makers from national administrations of associated countries with researchers working in the field of ageing in areas such as neuroscience, behavioural sciences, nutrition as well as economics and demography.

The goal of the workshop is:

  • to collect information on the current state of play regarding any policies focusing on the promotion of active and healthy ageing and the protection of the aged consumer
  • summarize the state of play of research on the effect of ageing on decision making and the contribution of lifestyle factors to cognitive functions
  • formulating policy needs and recommendations for all interested countries.

More information on the workshop

Wednesday 1 - Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Agriculture, fisheries and food, External relations and foreign affairs

Information for Meeting Africa's Agricultural Transformation and Food Security Goals (IMAAFS)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The overall goal of the 3-day conference, organised and financed by the JRC with the support of DEVCO, is to motivate continent-wide production, exchange and storage of available evidence for informing Africa's agricultural transformation towards improved food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.
Specifically, the conference aims at:
i) Identifying key opportunities, challenges and solutions for satisfying the unmet need for strategic information and related capacities to inform the continent's agricultural transformation and hunger eradication goals.
ii) Provide an overview of existing approaches, methods, technical resources and sources of data.
iii) Gathering insights and taking stock of the various initiatives already developed related to information and high quality statistics generation in terms of: agriculture production monitoring; markets and trade; livelihoods including food security and nutrition monitoring; risk management systems.
iv) Creating synergies and opportunities for collaboration among the various initiatives/institutions in order to facilitate integration among different information systems.

More information on the event

Thursday 2 - Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Regions and local development, Science and technology

Stairway to Excellence (S2E) launch conference

Prague (Czech Republic)

The Smart Specialisation Platform of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy are jointly organising an event to launch the Stairway to Excellence Project (S2E).
The Stairway to Excellence project is centered on:
Providing assistance to regions and countries that joined the European Union since 2004 with the aim of closing the innovation gap, promoting excellence in all regions and EU countries;
Stimulating the early and effective implementation of national and regional Smart Specialisation Strategies
The conference marks the launch of the project, and will explain its rationale, objectives and roadmap, as well as allowing participants to share experiences in combining Structural Funds and Framework Programme to improve excellence in R&I systems.
Targeted participants include national and regional managing authorities and national contact points of the Member States, and regions successful in past Framework Programmes, as well as national and regional authorities in charge of Smart Specialisation strategies.

More information on the event

Thursday 2 - Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Justice and citizens rights, Regions and local development

High level conference on Roma inclusion on the ground - The ROMACT experience


The European Commission - in cooperation with the Council of Europe - has convened a high level international conference in Brussels on 2 and 3 October 2014 to take stock of progress and lessons learned in integrating Roma at the local level with the support of the ROMACT programme.
This event will bring together more than 400 participants from more than 10 countries representing public authorities at EU, national and local level, international institutions and other stakeholders.
With this event the Commission and the Council of Europe will recognise efforts of local authorities in integrating Roma living on their territories through a process of inclusiveness and good governance.

More information on the conference

Thursday 2 - Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Business, Culture, education and youth

Universities, business & co. Together we can

Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre, Rome, Italy

As part of the agenda of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union , an international forum on "Universities, Businesses and Co: Together We Can - Strategic Inter-sectorial Partnerships for Economic & Social Change & Growth", organised by the European Commission and the Italian Rector's Conference , will take place in Rome on 2-3 October 2014.
The event will bring together a group of multi-disciplinary representatives from both academia and the business sector.
The forum is structured around the following themes:
Rethinking and opening up education; Business creation and employability; Strategic alliances and the creation of ecosystems

More information on the event

Friday 3 October

European Commission, Events/Conf/Fairs, Science and technology

Exchange of best practices on transparency of media ownership


A seminar will take place in Brussels on 3 October 2014 for an exchange of practices in the field of transparency of media ownership.
The seminar is open to everybody, subject to prior registration. Public authorities, media practitioners, representatives of civil society and academia, and NGOs are in particular encouraged to attend and share their experiences and views.

More information on the event

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