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Research & Technology in the EU

Latest news about research and innovation policy in the European Union.

EU re-imposes EUR 376m fine on Intel for anti-competitive practices in chip market 23 September 2023, 00:17 CET
The European Commission re-imposed a fine of EUR 376.36 million on American tech giant Intel Friday for a previously established abuse of dominant position in the market for x86 computer chips.

EU Commission re-imposes EUR 376.36m fine on Intel for anticompetitive practices in the market for computer chips - guide 23 September 2023, 00:06 CET
The European Commission re-imposed on 22 September a fine of around EUR 376.36 million on Intel for a previously established abuse of dominant position in the market for computer chips called x86 central processing units ('CPUs').

EU sets course to become global chips powerhouse 23 September 2023, 00:19 CET
The European Chips Act came into force Thursday, with a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU's security of supply and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies.

European Chips Act enters into force - guide 21 September 2023, 17:50 CET
The European Chips Act entered into force on 21 September. It puts in place a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU's security of supply, resilience and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies and applications.

European Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023 Summit (London, UK, from 08 November 2023, 09:00 CET to 09 November 2023, 17:00 CET) —
ASDEvents are delighted to be back with the 4th European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit, set to take place on the 8th and 9th November in London, UK.

EU, China meet for high-level digital dialogue 20 September 2023, 23:12 CET
Platforms and data regulation, artificial intelligence, industrial data and online product safety were among key issues discussed by the EU and China at their second High-level Digital Dialogue Monday.

MEPs look to secure EU supply of critical raw materials 15 September 2023, 18:04 CET
The European Parliament adopted its position Thursday on boosting the supply of strategic raw materials, seen as crucial to secure the EU’s transition to a sustainable, digital and sovereign future.

EUR 166m Horizon Europe funding to boost innovation in space 11 September 2023, 18:31 CET
A total of EUR 166 million is being awarded under the EU's Horizon Europe research programme to support 54 space research projects, the European Commission announced on Friday.

UK to join EU's Horizon Europe, Copernicus programmes 07 September 2023, 22:28 CET
The EU Commission and the UK reached political agreement Thursday on the UK's participation in the EU's flagship research programme Horizon Europe and the Copernicus Earth observation programme.

UK's association to EU's Horizon Europe and Copernicus - guide 07 September 2023, 18:21 CET
The European Commission and the United Kingdom reached a political agreement on 8 September on the UK's participation in Horizon Europe, the EU's research, and innovation programme, and Copernicus, the EU's world-leading Earth observation programme.

EU research body awards EUR 628m to 400 early-career researchers 05 September 2023, 23:27 CET
Young scientists and scholars across Europe won EUR 628 million of 'Starting Grants' funding, the European Research Council announced on Tuesday.

Brussels opens 'Digital Europe' funding to Turkey 01 September 2023, 21:53 CET
The EU Commission signed an association agreement with Turkey for the Digital Europe Programme Friday, allowing Turkish organisations to take part in projects that deploy digital technologies.

Final green light for EU's Chips Act 26 July 2023, 00:18 CET
The EU Council approved the regulation to strengthen Europe's semiconductor ecosystem, better known as the 'Chips Act', on Tuesday - the last step in the EU decision-making procedure.

New EU-Africa Innovation Agenda to enhance science cooperation 20 July 2023, 22:58 CET
The African Union and EU adopted a joint innovation Agenda Wednesday, aiming to transform and increase the innovative capacities of European and African researchers and innovators.

EU Missions in Horizon Europe - guide 19 July 2023, 22:57 CET
EU Missions in Horizon Europe have demonstrated their potential to accelerate change. Supported primarily by Horizon Europe funding, they have also connected and supported EU policies and programmes with local action and citizen engagement. They are on track to achieve their ambitious goals by 2030 in critical areas such as adaptation to climate change, improving the life of cancer patients, cleaning up the marine and freshwater ecosystems, making cities climate-neutral, and making soils healthy.

EU aims to lead on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds 11 July 2023, 23:45 CET
The EU Commission adopted a new strategy on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds Tuesday, to steer the next technological transition and ensure an open, secure, and inclusive digital environment.

MEPs give green light to legislation to boost EU chips industry 11 July 2023, 23:36 CET
The European Parliament gave the green light Tuesday to plans to secure the EU’s supply of chips by boosting production and innovation, and establishing emergency measures against shortages.

Europe's innovation performance still strong 06 July 2023, 22:29 CET
Despite recent crises, EU Member States and their regions kept improving their innovation performance in 2023, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard published Thursday.

EU to invest EUR 832m in 41 defence industrial projects 26 June 2023, 23:37 CET
EU funding of EUR 832m will support 41defence research and development projects across the EU, the Commission said Monday as it announced the results of a 2022 EU Defence Fund call for proposals.

IIPLA USA 2023 (Palo Alto, California, USA, from 02 October 2023, 09:00 CET to 03 October 2023, 17:00 CET) —
IIPLA, with its 22nd Edition on October 2-3 at Palo Alto, California, USA, is organizing the IIPLA 2023,USA aiming to enhance the effectiveness of IP Laws by organizing interaction between IP Law stakeholders, including both the public and private sectors.

EU budget: Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP) to support European leadership on critical technologies 20 June 2023, 21:48 CET
The European Commission proposed on 20 June the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform ('STEP'). The STEP will reinforce and leverage existing EU instruments to quickly deploy financial support to the benefit of business investments. The STEP will also allow directing existing funding towards technology fields that are crucial for Europe's leadership, thus contributing to a level playing field for investments throughout the Single Market.

EU Parliament approves strengthened protections for consumers on AI 14 June 2023, 19:14 CET
The European Parliament has today beefed-up protections for consumers in what will be the world’s first mandatory set of comprehensive rules on AI systems. This is a welcome development. Negotiations between the Parliament and national governments can now start, with a view to agreeing a final text in the second half of the year and the AI Act becoming EU law.

EU Parliament calls for ban of public facial recognition, but leaves human rights gaps in final position on AI Act 14 June 2023, 19:05 CET
Today, June 14, the European Parliament plenary voted in favour of strong fundamental rights protections in their official position on the Artificial Intelligence Act, including maintaining positive steps on fundamental rights impact assessments and transparency requirements.

MEPs ready to negotiate first-ever rules for safe and transparent AI 14 June 2023, 18:42 CET
The EU Parliament adopted its negotiating position on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act Wednesday, vowing to ensure human oversight of AI-related processes while making full use of AI's the potential.

New Unitary Patent system launches in EU 06 June 2023, 16:33 CET
The Unitary Patent system launched in the EU on 1 June, with the aim of making it simpler and easier for companies to protect their innovations in Europe and capitalise on their intellectual property.