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Research & Technology in the EU

Latest news about research and innovation policy in the European Union.

New EU satellite system boost for secure communications 21 November 2022, 23:30 CET
The EU Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement Thursday on the setting up of a new multi-orbital constellation of satellites to enable secure communication services by 2027.

EUR 3 bn call to boost EU energy independence from Russian fossil fuels 07 November 2022, 23:36 CET
The EU launched the third call for large-scale projects under its Innovation Fund Thursday, with additional support for ending EU dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

Funding & tender opportunities 03 November 2022, 22:15 CET
This portal is the European Commission's entry gate for grant funding and procurement. You can: Find calls for proposals or tenders in your area of interest - How to participate in a call for proposals or tenders - Select the programme - Participant register - Partner search - Find information on funded projects and their results - Indicate your interest as an expert in supporting the Commission in evaluating proposals and monitoring projects - Find help and guidance

EU funds 49 space research projects with almost EUR 200 million 19 October 2022, 23:47 CET
The EU Commission announced the results of 2021–2022 space-related calls for proposals under Horizon Europe Wednesday, with close to EUR 200 million support for 49 space research projects.

New EUR 277m call for internet connectivity projects 12 October 2022, 23:36 CET
The European Commission launched Wednesday the second set of calls for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility Digital programme with a planned budget of EUR 277 million.

EU agrees upgrade for European standardisation system 13 October 2022, 17:11 CET
The EU's Council and Parliament reached a provisional political agreement Wednesday on a proposal aimed at improving the governance and integrity of the European standardisation system.

Revision of the EU Product Liability Directive - guide 28 September 2022, 18:44 CET
The European Commission adopted on 28 September two proposals to adapt liability rules to the digital age, circular economy and the impact of global value chains.

An innovative urban biorefinery 07 September 2022, 23:25 CET
The innovative circular technologies of URBIOFIN project for municipal waste management are ready to be implemented Europe-wide.

EU supports clean tech projects with EUR 1.8 billion funding 12 July 2022, 23:35 CET
The European Union launched over EUR 1.8 billion of awards Tuesday to 17 large-scale innovative projects to bring breakthrough technologies to the market in energy-intensive industries.

EU innovation agenda boost for startups 06 July 2022, 18:46 CET
The European Commission adopted a New European Innovation Agenda Tuesday with the aim of positioning Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups.

EU strengthens rules for placing medical tests on market 31 May 2022, 23:23 CET
As of 26 May, new rules to better protect public health and patient safety, on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) such as HIV tests, pregnancy tests or COVID-19 tests, are applicable.

Boost for EU research in green and health innovation 10 May 2022, 23:14 CET
An amendment to the Horizon Europe Programme, adopted Tuesday by the EU Commission, increases its budget by nearly EUR 562m to support innovative solutions to green, health and digital challenges.

European researchers awarded EUR 624m grants 26 April 2022, 22:59 CET
The European Research Council announced Tuesday the winners of its latest Advanced Grants competition, with funding worth EUR 624 million going to 253 leading researchers across Europe.

EU's IP protection 'not as effective as it could be' 27 April 2022, 23:04 CET
The EU’s legal framework for protecting intellectual property, in particular in the EU Designs Directive and fees mechanism, is not as effective as it could be, the EU's auditors warned in a report Tuesday.

Further patent on barley and beer about to be granted 24 March 2022, 22:21 CET
Recent patent research by No Patents on Seeds! shows that the European Patent Office (EPO) is about to grant Carlsberg (EP1727905) another patent on beer and barley.

Commission launches one-stop-shop to support researchers of Ukraine 22 March 2022, 22:49 CET
The EU Commission launched a research portal for Ukraine Tuesday, a one-stop-shop for information and support services to Ukraine-based researchers and researchers fleeing Ukraine.

ERA4Ukraine 22 March 2022, 22:15 CET
The European Union, its Member States and Europeans across the continent are mobilised in support of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We are working on all fronts to support Ukraine with assistance, humanitarian aid and civil protection. This specific initiative wants to support researchers of Ukraine by providing them with an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels.

EU researchers secure EUR 632m to tackle big scientific questions 21 March 2022, 23:34 CET
The European Research Council (ERC) awarded EUR 632 million of 'consolidator grants' Thursday to mid-career researchers to help them consolidate their teams and conduct pioneering research.

EU selects 50 women-led companies to boost deep-tech in Europe 02 March 2022, 23:01 CET
The EU Commission announced Tuesday the results of the first call under the Women TechEU pilot programme, which supports deep-tech start-ups led by women with mentoring and funding.

Women TechEU 01 March 2022, 20:27 CET
Funded under the European Innovation Ecosystems work programme of Horizon Europe, Women TechEU offers first-class coaching and mentoring to female founders, as well as targeted funding to help take their business to the next level. Women TechEU targets early-stage deep tech start-ups founded, or co-founded, by women holding a top management position (CEO, CTO or equivalent) in the company at the time of submission. The company must be registered and established in an EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country for at least six months at the time of the submission.

Lift-off for satellite-based EU internet system 18 February 2022, 22:50 CET
The EU set out ambitious plans Tuesday for a space-based secure communication system, which would deliver high-speed internet access and provide connectivity to Europe and Africa.

Webpage on the EU Space Package 15 February 2022, 23:02 CET
Space: EU initiatives for a satellite-based connectivity system and an EU approach on management of space traffic

Secure Connectivity - guide 15 February 2022, 22:56 CET
The EU acted on 15 February on its space ambitions by tabling two initiatives - a proposal for a Regulation on a space-based secure connectivity and a Joint Communication on an EU approach on Space Traffic Management (STM).

New EU Chips Act aims for 'digital sovereignty' 09 February 2022, 23:39 CET
The European Commission proposed Tuesday a comprehensive package it says will ensure the EU's security of supply, resilience and technological leadership in semiconductor technology.

European Chips Act - guide 08 February 2022, 17:57 CET
The European Commission proposed on 8 February a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU's security of supply, resilience and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies and applications.