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Statistics of the EU

Latest business news about statistics, facts and figures of the European Union.

Eurozone inflation steady at 0.2 per cent in August 31 August 2015, 12:33 CET
Inflation in the 19-country eurozone was unchanged at 0.2 per cent in August, official data showed Monday, slightly higher than analysts expected.

Eurozone business activity strengthens in August: survey 21 August 2015, 12:09 CET
Eurozone business activity rose in August, the closely watched Markit survey said on Friday, on the back of solid growth in Germany and despite sluggishness in France.

Greece debt sustainability still 'major concern': Dijsselbloem 14 August 2015, 15:12 CET
Greece's huge debt mountain remains a "major point of concern" as eurozone finance ministers discuss whether to endorse a third bailout-for-reform deal, Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said Friday.

Cyprus posts growth for 2nd successive quarter: state figures 14 August 2015, 22:28 CET
Bailed-out EU member Cyprus is easing out of recession, official figures showed Friday, as the Mediterranean resort island notched up its second consecutive quarter of growth.

Bundesbank calls for independent watchdog on EU budgets 14 August 2015, 12:07 CET
The head of the German central bank, or Bundesbank, called Friday for an independent body to be set up to ensure eurozone countries abide by the bloc's budget rules.

Eurozone growth slows, outlook modest 18 August 2015, 23:01 CET
Growth in the eurozone slowed slightly in the second quarter but it appears to be holding up against the Greek debt crisis and the Chinese slowdown, official data showed Friday.

ECB worried about economic slowdown in China, minutes show 13 August 2015, 15:02 CET
The European Central Bank acknowledged Thursday that its governing council is concerned about the economic slowdown in China, even if the impact appears to be fairly limited for now.

Eurozone finance ministers to meet Friday on Greek bailout deal 12 August 2015, 17:57 CET
Eurozone finance ministers will meet Friday to give their verdict on a third massive bailout deal for Greece, an official said Wednesday.

Greek economy to shrink 2.3% in 2015, 1.3% 2016: EU sources 12 August 2015, 13:42 CET
Greece will tumble back into deep recession this year and next, EU sources said Wednesday, as Athens implements a tough third debt rescue hammered out with its international creditors.

Eurozone inflation, jobless rates unchanged 02 August 2015, 10:55 CET
Inflation in the 19-nation eurozone was unchanged in July while the jobless rate for June was also flat, suggesting the economy maintained only modest growth, official data showed Friday.

Irish economy posts further strong growth 30 July 2015, 15:15 CET
Ireland's economy accelerated by 1.4 per cent in the first three months of this year and expanded by more than previously thought in 2014, official data showed on Thursday.

Eurozone July business activity holds up despite Greek crisis 24 July 2015, 11:37 CET
Eurozone private sector business activity slowed in July but was holding up much better than expected against a "rollercoaster" Greek debt crisis, a key survey showed on Friday.

Eurozone inflation outlook brighter: ECB survey 17 July 2015, 12:10 CET
The inflation outlook for the euro area is improving as growth picks up and the effects of the European Central Bank's policy measures feed through into the economy, an ECB survey showed on Friday.

ECB raises emergency funding to Greek banks by EUR 900m 16 July 2015, 16:42 CET
The European Central Bank decided Thursday to boost emergency funding for Greek banks after lawmakers in Athens passed a bailout-for-reforms deal, ECB chief Mario Draghi said.

European car registrations jump 14.6% in June 16 July 2015, 18:37 CET
New car registrations in Europe leapt a robust 14.6 per cent in June, figures released Thursday showed, reflecting the improving health of one the European Union's main pillars of industrial activity.

ECB says bank sector on the mend 14 July 2015, 17:56 CET
Europe's battered financial sector is showing further signs of mending and banks are increasingly competing for custom by lowering credit standards, a key European Central Bank survey showed on Tuesday.

Dutch finance minister Dijsselbloem re-elected Eurogoup head 13 July 2015, 19:23 CET
Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem was re-elected Monday as head of the Eurogroup which coordinates policy for the 19-nation euro single currency area.

Euro increasingly used as funding currency, ECB says 08 July 2015, 15:12 CET
International borrowers are increasingly turning to the euro when borrowing money, thanks to the low interest rates in the single currency area, the European Central Bank said on Wednesday.

Eight days in the Greek debt crisis 03 July 2015, 21:22 CET
Greece and the entire eurozone are in limbo as the country gets set for a referendum on bailout conditions on Sunday.

Poland's conservatives vow no euro if win polls 02 July 2015, 15:02 CET
Poland's conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party said Thursday it would not have the country adopt the European single currency if it wins, as polls currently predict, the autumn general election.

ECB worries about Greece as source of market volatility 02 July 2015, 14:12 CET
The European Central Bank worries about the wrangling over a debt deal with crisis-hit Greece as a source of financial market volatility, said minutes of a past meeting released Thursday.

Young Greeks flee abroad as crisis deepens 02 July 2015, 05:42 CET
What does the future look like for young people in crisis-hit Greece, where years of hardship and sky-high unemployment were followed this week by bank closures? The answer: self-imposed exile.

Nine days in the Greek debt crisis 01 July 2015, 15:47 CET
Greece, and the eurozone as a whole, is in limbo as its leaders grapple with conditions for financial aid ahead of a popular referendum on the issue on Sunday.

ELA, the ECB's financial lifeline for Greek banks 01 July 2015, 11:57 CET
The European Central Bank meets again Wednesday to decide whether to keep open the Emergency Liquidity Assistance or ELA programme for Greece.

Eurozone inflation slows to 0.2 per cent, unemployment stable 30 June 2015, 17:00 CET
Inflation in the eurozone slowed to 0.2 per cent in June, official data shows, with consumer prices rising just slightly in Europe despite unprecedented stimulus measures by the European Central Bank.