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Statistics of the EU

Latest business news about statistics, facts and figures of the European Union.

Daimler makes EUR 600m provision for EU antitrust probe 18 December 2014, 17:54 CET
German auto giant Daimler, which makes Mercedes-Benz vehicles, said Thursday that it was setting aside an additional 600 million euros to cover a potential European Union antitrust fine.

Oil price, euro fall spur German business confidence 18 December 2014, 13:12 CET
German business confidence rose again in December, the Ifo economic institute said Thursday, as the prospects for Europe's biggest economy grew sunnier.

Cheap oil, weak euro boost German investor sentiment 16 December 2014, 14:10 CET
Investor sentiment in Germany rose sharply again in December driven by a weak euro and plunging oil prices, a survey found on Tuesday, underlining a sunnier outlook for Europe's top economy.

Eurozone business activity lifts slightly in December: survey 16 December 2014, 12:33 CET
Business activity in the eurozone accelerated slightly in December, a key survey showed Tuesday, but not enough to lift wider economic worries with powerhouse Germany sluggish and France in a slowdown.

Eurozone industrial production rises 0.1% in October 12 December 2014, 11:43 CET
Industrial output in the eurozone rose a very slight 0.1 per cent in October, official data from Eurostat showed on Friday, in another sign that the European economy remains stalled.

Bank borrowing in new ECB loans programme disappoints 11 December 2014, 15:05 CET
The European Central Bank pumped more liquidity into the financial system Thursday via private-sector loans but analysts said uptake by banks was disappointing and increased pressure for it to do more.

ECB faces disappointment with new mega loan programme 11 December 2014, 04:07 CET
The European Central Bank on Thursday will again offer banks a chance to get cheap long-term loans, but a disappointing uptake could put it under more pressure to help kickstart the moribund economy.

ICT usage in enterprises in 2014 - Eurostat survey 09 December 2014, 23:05 CET
Instead of building their own IT infrastructure, enterprises have the possibility to access computing resources hosted by third parties on the internet. This shared pool of resources is most commonly known as "cloud computing". As cloud computing services are delivered on-line, enterprises must have internet access to be able to use them, which was the case in 2014 for almost all enterprises (97%) employing 10 persons or more in the EU28. Although the share of firms with internet access was at very similar high levels across Member States, only a fifth (19%) used cloud computing services in 2014.

Weaker euro widens German trade surplus 09 December 2014, 18:20 CET
Germany's trade surplus grew slightly in October, data published Tuesday showed, with imports showing a sharper decline than exports due in part to a weaker euro.

Lithuanians get 'euro starter kits' month before switch 01 December 2014, 23:28 CET
Lithuanians on Monday began getting familiar with their new currency as one million "euro starter kits" filled with new coins went on sale ahead of the full switch over to the euro on January 1.

Slowing inflation paves way for more ECB action: analysts 30 November 2014, 14:54 CET
Slowing eurozone inflation is likely to make the European Central Bank increasingly nervous and pave the way for further monetary easing, analysts say.

Eurozone inflation returns to five-year low 30 November 2014, 14:52 CET
Inflation in the eurozone returned to a five-year low, official data showed on Friday, raising pressure on the European Central Bank to unveil even more steps to fight the threat of deflation.

Weak growth potential threat to financial stability: ECB 27 November 2014, 14:38 CET
Tensions within the eurozone's financial system have subsided in recent months, but weak growth could pose a potential risk to stability further down the line, the European Central Bank cautioned on Thursday.

Eurozone growth at 16-month slow point 20 November 2014, 23:11 CET
Growth in the eurozone has slowed to its slowest pace in 16 months as new orders dipped, survey company Markit said Thursday, raising pressure on policy-makers to crank up measures to support the economy.

In new recovery sign, EU car sales surge 18 November 2014, 15:53 CET
The EU car market saw a 6.5 per cent surge in new registrations in October, boosted by sales booms in Spain and Italy where the industry was hit hard by the financial crisis.

Eurozone exports rebound in September: Eurostat 17 November 2014, 12:23 CET
The eurozone trade surplus widened in September, official data showed Monday, with a rise in exports offering rare good news for an embattled European economy that is worrying the world.

Improvement in eurozone as Germany, France skirt recession 14 November 2014, 19:46 CET
The economic clouds over Europe appeared to lift slightly in the third quarter as its two biggest economies both narrowly escaped a new recession, official data showed on Friday.

German 'wise men' say investment not unduly weak 12 November 2014, 16:38 CET
Germany's so-called "Five Wise Men", a panel of independent economic advisors, said Wednesday that the German economy -- Europe's biggest -- is not suffering from an undue weakness in investment.

Eurozone retail sales suffer sharp drop in September 05 November 2014, 13:01 CET
Retail sales across the 18 countries of the eurozone sank 1.3 per cent in September, data showed Wednesday, in another sign that slumping demand is hurting the European economy.

Greek economy to bounce back from years of recession: EU 04 November 2014, 17:22 CET
The crisis-hit Greek economy will end six years of recession in 2014, the European Commission said on Tuesday with sky high unemployment finally falling slightly.

EU hails Britain's 'robust' growth as eurozone stalls 04 November 2014, 17:42 CET
The EU praised Britain on Tuesday as it predicted further "robust growth" and low unemployment for the nation, while cutting its economic forecasts for the already sluggish eurozone.

ECB takes up eurozone banking watchdog role 04 November 2014, 17:42 CET
The European Central Bank assumed its role Tuesday as Europe's banking watchdog under a new system aimed at shoring up the financial system to ward off another euro-threatening crisis.

Autumn forecast 2014: Slow recovery with very low inflation 04 November 2014, 13:28 CET
The European Commission's autumn forecast projects weak economic growth for the rest of this year in both the EU and the euro area. In the course of 2015, a gradual strengthening of economic activity is expected and growth is projected to rise further in 2016. All EU countries are set to register positive growth in 2015 and 2016. This is also when the lagged impact of already implemented reforms should be felt more strongly.

EU 2014, 2015, 2016 economic forecasts 04 November 2014, 13:30 CET
The European Commission issued its latest economic forecasts for the 18-nation eurozone and the wider 28-member European Union on Tuesday.

Eurozone growth outlook slashed in new blow to recovery 05 November 2014, 13:16 CET
The EU sharply cut its growth forecasts for the eurozone on Tuesday, warning that France and Italy remain huge problems for the sluggish European economy that is becoming a worry worldwide.