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EU politics

Latest news about European Union politics.

Cyprus bailout on track after foreclosure law passed 19 April 2015, 09:28 CET
Cyprus's bailout agenda was back on track Saturday after parliament adopted a controversial and long-delayed foreclosure and insolvency package as demanded by the country's international lenders.

EU demands China 'review' Chinese journalist Gao Yu's trial 17 April 2015, 23:52 CET
The European Union on Friday demanded that China "review" the trial of 71-year-old Chinese journalist Gao Yu, who has been sentenced to seven years prison after being convicted of leaking state secrets.

Cyprus delays key foreclosure vote as protests turn violent 17 April 2015, 20:47 CET
The Cypriot parliament delayed voting Friday on controversial foreclosure legislation demanded by international lenders after protesters scuffled with police outside parliament.

British newspaper baron gifts anti-EU UKIP GBP 1 million 17 April 2015, 15:49 CET
British media baron Richard Desmond gifted the anti-European Union UK Independence Party GBP 1 million weeks from one of the tightest elections in decades, his newspaper announced on Friday.

Podemos leader gives Spanish king 'Game of Thrones' DVD 15 April 2015, 23:36 CET
The leader of the Podemos party that has shaken up Spanish politics gave Spain's King Felipe VI a DVD from the cult television series "Game of Thrones" when the two met in Brussels on Wednesday.

Greece plans mainland shelters as islands grapple with migrants 15 April 2015, 12:01 CET
The Greek government on Tuesday said it planned to create shelters on the mainland to deal with an influx of illegal boat migrants arriving on the shores of its islands.

EU beneficiaries speak out in Britain ahead of election 14 April 2015, 00:23 CET
Students at Falmouth University have a lot riding on May's general election, which if won by the Conservatives will trigger a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union and threaten their funding.

Italy rescues 1,000 boat migrants, sparking right-wing protest 11 April 2015, 21:56 CET
A rise in the number of migrant boats setting out across the Mediterranean for Italy sparked tension on Saturday, after rescue workers said some 1,000 people had been picked up in one day.

EU, UN call for 'urgent' probe of DR Congo mass grave 10 April 2015, 23:12 CET
The European Union and United Nations called Friday for an urgent probe into a mass grave discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa, which local authorities say contained hundreds of dead babies and foetuses.

EU warns against sabotage of Libya talks 10 April 2015, 15:07 CET
The EU warned Friday that anyone sabotaging talks on forming a Libya national unity government will be held responsible by an international community desperate to get the rival factions to agree a deal.

Sudan summons EU representative over vote criticism 10 April 2015, 12:13 CET
Sudan's foreign ministry summoned the EU representative in Khartoum on Friday to protest a statement issued by Brussels that criticised nationwide elections due to start next week.

Malta ends power cuts with Europe cable link 09 April 2015, 18:59 CET
Malta prepared Thursday to say goodbye to power cuts thanks to an underwater cable linking it to mainland Europe, which will serve as back up if the country's power stations overload.

In Russia-West tug of war, Moldova sees EU as only option 08 April 2015, 11:09 CET
Moldova's decision to sign key trade and political agreements with the European Union has cost it dearly, as its giant trading partner Russia swiftly punished it through an embargo strangling its farm and wine industries.

Blair joins UK election fray with EU warning 07 April 2015, 18:43 CET
Former prime minister Tony Blair plunged into Britain's general election fray on Tuesday, sounding a warning about the dangers of the country leaving the EU.

'Chillaxing' Cameron fights for political life 06 April 2015, 13:47 CET
British Prime Minister David Cameron is battling to win a second term in power that could define his legacy -- potentially as the man who led his country out of the European Union.

Russia gambles on populist parties in anti-EU campaign 04 April 2015, 00:04 CET
From the far right to the radical left, populist parties across Europe are being courted by Russia's Vladimir Putin who aims to turn them into allies in his anti-EU campaign.

'Too soon to celebrate' Iran nuclear deal, say Germany, France 04 April 2015, 00:02 CET
EU heavyweights Germany and France on Friday cautiously welcomed the framework nuclear agreement struck with Iran but Berlin's chief diplomat warned there was "no guarantee" it would ultimately succeed.

Nuclear sanctions on Iran to be lifted if it meets deal 03 April 2015, 09:56 CET
A raft of biting global sanctions imposed on Iran for its suspect nuclear activities will be lifted over time, if the Islamic republic sticks to the terms of a final deal with global powers.

EU criticises Thai junta's martial law successor 02 April 2015, 22:38 CET
The European Union rejected Thursday the Thai junta's announcement of the lifting of martial law, saying that replacement legislation would not loosen the military's grip on power.

No deal in Greece reform list talks: source 01 April 2015, 19:24 CET
Fresh talks between Greece and its creditors on a list of reforms ended without a deal Wednesday, with a widely anticipated meeting of eurozone finance ministers now unlikely to happen in the near future, sources said.

Greek bailout deal possible by end April: EU 31 March 2015, 20:39 CET
A deal on Greece's bailout is possible before the end of April, EU Council President Donald Tusk said Tuesday as Athens continued tough talks with its creditors on a disputed list of reforms.

EU warns Greek reform list 'not there yet' 30 March 2015, 20:40 CET
The EU warned Monday that Greece and its creditors had yet to hammer out a new list of reforms despite talks lasting all weekend aimed at staving off bankruptcy and a euro exit.

Blame game only helps Europe's enemies says Varoufakis 30 March 2015, 10:49 CET
Finger-pointing between Germany and Greece will only play into the hands of Europe's enemies, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said on Monday, pleading for the two countries to bury the hatchet.

Macedonian political crisis hampers EU membership bid 30 March 2015, 06:22 CET
Bitter exchanges between Macedonia's government and the opposition, including wiretapping and claims of million-euro bribes, have pushed the Balkan state into a deep crisis that could further hamper its already stalled bid for EU membership.

Global powers, Iran to hold full session Monday: Tehran 29 March 2015, 21:57 CET
World powers seeking to pin down a nuclear deal with Iran will hold their first full session of these negotiations on Monday, a senior Iranian official said.