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EU politics

Latest news about European Union politics.

EU court orders Tamil Tigers' removal from terror list 16 October 2014, 20:18 CET
A European court on Thursday ordered Brussels to remove Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers from an EU terror list, but said the group's assets should stay frozen pending further legal action.

British-led eurosceptic group in EU Parliament collapses 16 October 2014, 20:13 CET
British eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage's group in the European Parliament has collapsed, ending a short-lived alliance that he formed with Italian populist Beppe Grillo after elections in May.

Red tape bonfire 'could keep Britain in EU': report 14 October 2014, 23:53 CET
Plans by Brussels to slash the red tape that businesses face could help keep Britain in the European Union, the man behind the proposals Edmund Stoiber said on Tuesday.

US, Iran keep pushing for elusive nuclear deal 14 October 2014, 23:32 CET
Iran's foreign minister warned Tuesday of "numerous" gaps in troubled nuclear talks with world powers but both he and US counterpart John Kerry, due in Vienna Wednesday, insisted a deal remains possible by a November 24 deadline.

Bosnia holds vote amid mounting discontent and economic woes 09 October 2014, 11:05 CET
Bosnia holds general elections Sunday against the backdrop of mounting social discontent as well as ethnic disputes and rampant corruption that are blocking its entry into the European Union.

New Brussels No. 2 promises a less intrusive EU 07 October 2014, 18:30 CET
Dutch politician Frans Timmermans, the right-hand man of incoming EU head Jean-Claude Juncker, on Tuesday promised to restore confidence in Brussels by making it simpler and less intrusive.

Danish PM pledges referendum on EU opt-outs 07 October 2014, 16:24 CET
Denmark intends to hold a referendum on whether to keep its opt-outs of the European Union's justice and home affairs rules, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said on Tuesday.

US-EU trade talks: no privatisation of public services 03 October 2014, 19:54 CET
The United States and the European Union pledged Friday not to include public services privatisation in their proposed trade pact, a sensitive issue on both sides of the Atlantic.

EU 'concerned' over Hong Kong protests, urges restraint 02 October 2014, 17:27 CET
The EU expressed concern Thursday over demonstrations in Hong Kong and called on all sides to stay calm as a protester deadline for the island's embattled leader to resign loomed.

New Polish PM engineers handshake between predecessor and foe 01 October 2014, 19:27 CET
Poland's new prime minister, Ewa Kopacz, on Wednesday engineered an unexpected gesture of conciliation between her predecessor -- incoming European Council president Donald Tusk -- and his opposition arch-foe, making them shake hands publicly for the first time in years.

EU-US trade pact could drop key stumbling block: Malmstroem 30 September 2014, 11:31 CET
Europe's incoming Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem has opened the door to scrapping a controversial yet central element of the giant EU-US free trade deal that lets corporations sue governments.

Creeping angst in Germany as economists fear best is over 29 September 2014, 12:39 CET
Germany, which has long seen itself as the star pupil among debt-mired European economies, is heading for a steep decline driven by serious delusions about its own model, prominent experts are warning.

Britain's EU Commissioner to lose remit of banker pay 26 September 2014, 20:27 CET
Jonathan Hill, the Briton nominated to become the EU's new financial services commissioner, will be stripped of the highly sensitive responsibility of overseeing bankers' pay, the EU said Friday.

EU rejects Putin demand for Ukraine deal changes 26 September 2014, 14:32 CET
The European Union said Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had written to Brussels demanding changes to a landmark EU-Ukraine accord, but it ruled out reopening the deal without Kiev's consent.

EU raps Hungary over Ukraine gas cut 26 September 2014, 20:26 CET
The European Union rapped Hungary on Friday for halting the gas supply to neighbouring Ukraine as fresh concerns loomed about a winter energy war with Moscow.

Google fires back at Rupert Murdoch in Europe 25 September 2014, 21:48 CET
Google on Thursday fired back at media mogul Rupert Murdoch, disputing a News Corp. complaint in Europe that the Internet titan has veered from the path of doing no evil.

Eurosceptic Farage urges golfers to 'swing for Europe' 25 September 2014, 18:39 CET
UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage appeared in a tongue-in-cheek video on Thursday urging on European golfers against the United States as the Ryder Cup gets under way.

German anti-euro party now main opposition force: poll 23 September 2014, 17:56 CET
Upstart anti-euro party Alternative for Germany has become the biggest opposition force against Chancellor Angela Merkel's government, a poll released Tuesday indicated.

Orban names ex-spokesman as Hungary foreign minister 19 September 2014, 14:32 CET
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban nominated on Friday his 36-year-old former spokesman Peter Szijjarto to be the EU country's new foreign minister.

Israel warns EU against 'bad deal' on Iran 17 September 2014, 17:03 CET
Israel's Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz on Wednesday urged the European Union not to make a "bad deal" with Iran over its nuclear programme, ahead of crucial talks.

Spain PM warns independence votes 'torpedo' EU 17 September 2014, 13:11 CET
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday branded moves for independence such as those in Scotland and Spain's Catalonia region a "torpedo" to European integration.

Danish politician urges public to 'report an eastern European' 15 September 2014, 16:32 CET
A Danish politician Monday defended launching a website that urges people to share their complaints about eastern Europeans -- including their alleged contribution to the crime rate.

Anti-euro party celebrates gains in eastern Germany 15 September 2014, 11:52 CET
Germany's fledgling anti-euro party celebrated election gains in two eastern states Sunday, in a show of strength that spells a growing threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

Europe fears Scottish independence contagion 15 September 2014, 15:17 CET
The prospect of Scottish independence is raising fears in Europe that it could inflame other separatist movements at a time when the continent's unity and even its borders are under threat, analysts say.

Anti-euro party set for gains in German state polls 14 September 2014, 17:38 CET
Germany's new anti-euro party is poised to win seats in two eastern state elections Sunday, heightening an emerging threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.