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EU External Trade

News and information about the European Union's trade policy.

Draft EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement 26 December 2020, 15:27 CET
On 24 December 2020, the European Union and the United Kingdom reached an agreement in principle on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

EU-UK agree historic trade deal 04 January 2021, 23:50 CET
Four and a half years after the 2016 Brexit referendum, the British Government and the EU Commission agreed Thursday a historic trade and security deal as part of the UK's future cooperation with the EU.

EU launches new complaints system to fight trade barriers 17 November 2020, 18:50 CET
The Commission has launched a new complaints system for reporting market access barriers and breaches of Trade and Sustainable Development commitments in the EU's trade agreements.

EU sets human rights controls on 'dual use' exports 10 November 2020, 18:34 CET
The EU institutions agreed Monday new criteria for exporting 'dual use' products and technologies, including cyber-surveillance tools, that can be repurposed in ways which violate human rights.

EU gets WTO green light for tariffs on US exports over Boeing 28 October 2020, 23:18 CET
The WTO's dispute settlement body gave formal authorisation Monday for the EU to increase duties on U.S. exports worth up to $4 billion, in retaliation for illegal subsidies granted to U.S. aircraft maker Boeing.

Helping small businesses trade internationally 13 October 2020, 17:43 CET
The European Commission launched the Access2Markets online portal Tuesday, to help small and medium-sized firms trade beyond the EU’s borders and successfully navigate the world of international trade.

Access2Markets - Exporting from the EU, importing into the EU 16 November 2020, 21:24 CET
Product-by-product information on tariffs & taxes; customs procedures; rules of origin; trade barriers; product requirements; statistics for all EU countries and for more than 120 export markets around the world.

Screening of foreign direct investments 09 October 2020, 23:19 CET
The EU framework for screening of foreign direct investment (FDI) becomes fully operational as of 11 October 2020.

Brussels unveils 'smarter' customs plan 01 October 2020, 14:25 CET
The EU Commission launched a new Customs Union Action Plan Monday, setting out a series of measures to make EU customs 'smarter, more innovative and more efficient' over the next four years.

New Customs Union Action Plan 29 September 2020, 14:08 CET
The European Commission launched on 28 September a new Customs Union Action Plan setting out a series of measures to make EU customs smarter, more innovative and more efficient over the next four years.

EU signs geographical indications deal with China 14 September 2020, 23:52 CET
The EU and China signed a bilateral agreement Monday to protect 100 European Geographical Indications in China and 100 Chinese GIs in the European Union against usurpation and imitation.

Europe needs to be a player, not a playing field, EU tells China 16 September 2020, 18:31 CET
The EU needs a balanced relationship with China, EU president Charles Michel told Chinese president Xi Monday in a summit which underlined differences over human rights, climate and trade issues.

Brussels prepares to implement EU-U.S.tariff cuts 10 September 2020, 18:10 CET
The EU Commission published a proposal Tuesday for a regulation to scrap duties on certain imports from the United States to the EU, with the U.S. in return to reduce duties on certain EU exports to its market.

Rules of origin among Pan-Euro-Mediterranean partners 25 August 2020, 00:12 CET
The European Commission adopted on 24 August a package of proposals that aims to increase trade between the European Union and neighbouring countries in the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) region, thereby contributing to the economic recovery following the coronavirus outbreak.

EU, United States agree trade tariff reductions 27 August 2020, 23:44 CET
United States and EU trade representatives announced Friday agreement on a package of tariff reductions that will increase market access for hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. and EU exports.

EU curbs Cambodia's trade access over human rights 17 August 2020, 23:45 CET
Some of Cambodia's typical export products to the EU, such as garments, footwear and travel goods became subject to EU customs duties as of Wednesday over increased concern about human rights.

Everything But Arms 13 August 2020, 00:57 CET
The Everything But Arms scheme grants full duty free and quota free access to the EU Single Market for all products (except arms and armaments).

EU looks to improve trade & investment relations with China 30 July 2020, 23:52 CET
At a high-level virtual meeting Tuesday, the EU called on China to engage in trade reform and to remove barriers impeding access to the Chinese market for EU exporters and European investors.

EU complies with WTO Airbus rulings, wants US tariffs lifted 29 July 2020, 13:44 CET
The governments of France and Spain agreed with Airbus Friday to modify the terms of a 'repayable launch investment' granted by them for development of the A350 aircraft to reflect market conditions.

Toys continue to top EU list of dangerous products 09 July 2020, 00:07 CET
The EU's latest report on its alert system to prevent the selling of dangerous products, published Tuesday, flagged up a record number of dangerous products in 2019, with toys and cars heading the list.

Brexit brings no benefits, no-deal will hit manufacturing hard: report 30 June 2020, 00:04 CET
An EU-UK no-trade deal would have a big negative effect on British manufacturing, says a report Wednesday, particularly on volume car production, as it tries to recover from the slump caused by Covid-19.

EU seeks to bolster trade defence again foreign state-subsidised takeovers 18 June 2020, 23:44 CET
The EU Commission adopted Wednesday a White Paper dealing with distortive effects of foreign subsidies in the Single Market, in a bid to defend European companies from foreign state-subsidised takeovers.

EU and Mexico conclude talks on free trade deal 30 April 2020, 00:12 CET
The EU and Mexico agreed Tuesday the exact scope of the reciprocal opening of each other's public procurement markets, concluding the last outstanding element of negotiations on their new trade agreement.

New rules to help SMEs sell across Europe 22 April 2020, 00:09 CET
New rules on mutual recognition of goods, which started applying across the EU from Sunday, will make it faster, simpler and easier for companies, especially SMEs, to sell their products across Europe.

Go-ahead for EU free trade agreement with Vietnam 31 March 2020, 00:00 CET
The EU Council adopted Monday a decision on the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Vietnam, clearing the path, on the EU side, for entry into force of the agreement.