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EU Development Policy

Latest news on the development policies of the European Union.

Concern over decrease in EU's development aid 12 April 2018, 00:09 CET
A decline in development aid from the EU and its Member States is linked to an 80 per cent reduction in debt relief operations and a decrease in in-donor refugee costs, the EU Commission said Tuesday.

EU boosts security in Africa's Sahel region 27 February 2018, 18:12 CET
The EU announces extra funding for the G5 Sahel Joint Security Force to support regional security and fight terrorism, and a reinforcement of international coordination of sustainable development efforts.

First actions of EU's External Investment Plan 23 November 2017, 18:27 CET
The European Commission's concrete areas of investments for the EU's External Investment Plan will mobilise EUR 44 billion of sustainable investment for Africa and the EU Neighbourhood countries.

Green light for European sustainable development fund 26 September 2017, 18:04 CET
A European fund for sustainable development to support investments in African and neighbourhood countries will be set upo later this week, following Monday's agreement by the EU Council of Ministers.

European Consensus on Development 07 June 2017, 23:40 CET
The European Consensus on Development is a shared vision and framework for action for development cooperation for the European Union (EU) and its Member States. It is a blueprint which aligns the Union's development policy with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

EU leaders sign blueprint for future European development policy 07 June 2017, 23:41 CET
The EU signed a 'New European Consensus on Development' Wednesday, a strategic vision for European development policy with the aim of eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development.

New European Consensus on Development 07 June 2017, 23:16 CET
The European Union and its Member States signed on 7 June 2017 a strategic blueprint, outlining the future of European development policy. This "New European Consensus on Development" represents a new collective vision and plan of action to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development.

EU drives new impetus for Europe-Africa partnership 04 May 2017, 18:23 CET
The European Commission and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini set out Thursday the EU's political priorities and concrete proposals for a stronger strategic partnership with Africa.

EU development aid EUR 75.5 billion in 2016 18 April 2017, 11:38 CET
The European Union and its Member States have consolidated their place as the world's leading aid donor, with official aid reaching EUR 75 bn in 2016, according to new figures.

2016 Official EU Development Assistance 21 April 2017, 12:27 CET
New figures confirm the EU and its Member States have consolidated their place as the world's leading aid donor in 2016. This data is based on results reported last year by members of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD-DAC).

New WTO trade deal enters into force 22 February 2017, 23:29 CET
The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) – the most significant multilateral trade deal concluded since the establishment of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 1995 - entered into force Wednesday.

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting 06 February 2017, 17:43 CET
The European Union has actively participated in international cooperation to promote the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation. Discussion on Female Genital Mutilation is included in human rights and political dialogues with partner countries and in annual dialogues with civil society organisations.

Commission sets out plan for sustainable Europe 23 November 2016, 18:24 CET
The European Commission set out a framework for development cooperation for the EU and its Member States Tuesday, with plans for implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

EU development cooperation links with climate action 18 November 2016, 00:25 CET
Factsheet on the links between the European Union's initiatives on development cooperation and climate action

EU-Afghanistan relations 05 October 2016, 17:54 CET
The European Union has a long-term partnership with Afghanistan. Since 2002, the European Union has provided EUR 3.66 billion in development and humanitarian aid, making it the fourth largest donor in support of the Afghan people. Afghanistan is also the largest beneficiary of EU development assistance; together with its Member States, the European Union contributes more than EUR 1 billion in development assistance per year to Afghanistan.

EU External Investment Plan 14 September 2016, 18:42 CET
An External Investment Plan, proposed by the European Commission on 14 September, would support investment in our partner countries, in Africa and the European Neighbourhood, to strengthen EU partnerships, promote a new model of participation of the private sector and contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The plan forms part of broader efforts the EU is pursuing on the basis of the new Partnership Framework adopted in June.

EU measures to support security and development in partner countries 06 July 2016, 00:26 CET
The European Commission and EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini presented measures on 5 July to enhance the European Union's effectiveness in supporting stability, security and development in third countries. The measures were outlined in a Joint Communication on security sector reform in partner countries and a legislative proposal to extend the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).

EU looks to key partnerships to help tackle migrant crisis 07 June 2016, 19:09 CET
A new focus on third country partnerships in conjunction with development aid to tackle the root causes of migration was promised by the EU Commission in a new plan set out Tuesday.

EU development aid - highest-ever share of Gross National Income 13 April 2016, 13:47 CET
Preliminary figures show that collectively, the EU - EU institutions and Member States – have increased Official Development Assistance (ODA) to EUR 68 billion in 2015 (up 15% from EUR 59 billion in 2014) – growing for the third year in a row (and reaching its highest level to date). EU collective ODA represented 0.47% of EU Gross National Income (GNI) in 2015, an increase from 0.43% in 2014. This is significantly above the non-EU Development Assistance Committee (DAC) country average of 0.21% ODA/GNI.

New framework for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment 22 September 2015, 23:48 CET
The European Commission and the European External Action Service adopted on 20 September a new framework for the EU's activities on gender equality and women's empowerment in EU's external relations.

New EU strategy on capacity building of partner countries 28 April 2015, 22:48 CET
The European Commission presented on 28 April new proposals to strengthen the link between security and development in the external actions of the European Union. A Joint Communication adopted by the European Commission and High Representative Federica Mogherini outlines options to help partner countries and regional organisations more effectively to develop their capacities to prevent and manage crises.

Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015 05 February 2015, 18:21 CET
The European Commission set out its views on 5 February on global efforts that will be needed to eradicate poverty and boost sustainable development. The Communication on a "Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015" has been agreed with First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, who holds horizontal responsibility for sustainable development. While putting forward proposals on how the international community should organise its action to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals, it also shows how the EU and its Member States could contribute to the international effort.

European Year for Development 2015 15 January 2015, 16:37 CET
The European Year of Development 2015 is an opportunity to raise awareness of development across Europe, and to show European taxpayers know that every euro spent on development benefits both people living in some of the world's poorest countries, and EU citizens themselves. 2015 is a special year for development. It is the first ever European Year to deal with the European Union's external action and Europe’s role in the world. For development organisations all over Europe it is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase Europe's commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide and to inspire more Europeans to get engaged and involved in development. 2015 is also the year in which the Millennium Development Goals that the world agreed to reach in 2000, and in which the international community will agree on the future global framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development.

Global poverty and sustainable development 03 June 2014, 16:12 CET
The European Commission adopted on 2 June a Communication to contribute to the EU position in international negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as the follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The SDGs are intended to reinforce the international community's commitment to eradicating poverty and supporting sustainable development, challenges that affect the lives of current and future generations. The Commission Communication describes key principles and proposes priority areas and potential targets for the years following 2015, as a step towards establishing a limited number of Sustainable Development Goals.

EU development support in Somalia 16 September 2013, 21:21 CET
On 16 September 2013, the EU and Somalia jointly held a high-level event entitled "A new deal for Somalia" in Brussels. The aim was to sustain the positive momentum in the country, to ensure it stays on the path to stability and peace, bringing prosperity to its people. The international community and Somalia endorses the so-called Compact - a key milestone of the process - pledge support to enable its implementation and, above all, re-commit to this new political process.