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Consumer Policy in the EU

Latest news on the consumer policies of the European Union.

VW yet to guarantee post-dieselgate emissions repairs 18 July 2018, 15:52 CET
VW is yet to guarantee its emissions repairs do not affect its cars' performance, the EU Commission said Tuesday in its conclusions on the 8.5 million car recalls made after the 'dieselgate' scandal.

Online markeplaces sign EU pledge on product safety 27 June 2018, 14:09 CET
Four major online marketplaces, Alibaba (for AliExpress), Amazon, eBay and Rakuten - France signed a commitment Monday for faster removal of dangerous products sold on their online marketplaces.

Telecoms sites misleading customers, EU sweep shows 23 May 2018, 00:01 CET
Sites offering telecoms services could be infringing EU consumer law, according to results of an EU-wide screening of websites offering fixed/mobile phone, internet, audio and video streaming services.

EU raises recycling targets for circular economy 18 April 2018, 23:40 CET
The European Parliament backed ambitious targets for recycling Wednesday under legislation on waste and the circular economy intended to benefit the environment, climate, and human health.

European consumers offered right to collective redress 12 April 2018, 00:46 CET
The EU Commission proposed Wednesday a European collective redress right as part of a 'New Deal for Consumers' to ensure that all European consumers fully benefit from their rights under Union law.

New Deal for Consumers 12 April 2018, 00:24 CET
The European Commission proposed on 11 April a New Deal for Consumers to ensure that all European consumers fully benefit from their rights under Union law.

Cheap euro transfers to be extended to non-euro states 28 March 2018, 23:35 CET
The European Commission proposed Wednesday to make cross-border payments in euro cheaper across the entire EU, instead of only for transactions between Member States of the eurozone.

Cross-border payments 28 March 2018, 23:29 CET
The European Commission proposed on 28 March to make cross-border payments in euro cheaper across the entire EU.

Digital subscriptions portable from 1 April 28 March 2018, 17:24 CET
From 1 April 2018 onwards, Europeans will be able to access the online content that they have subscribed to at home, wherever they are in the EU, EU institutions made clear in a joint statement Tuesday.

Portability of online content services 28 March 2018, 13:14 CET
From 1 April 2018 onwards, Europeans will be able to access the online content that they have subscribed to at home, wherever they are in the EU.

New EU rules against geoblocking come into force 24 March 2018, 00:12 CET
New EU rules against unjustified geoblocking - a discriminatory practice that prevents online customers from buying products from a website based in another member state, entered into force Thursday.

New EU rules promote competition in cross-border parcel delivery services 13 March 2018, 22:47 CET
New rules to provide clearer information on Europe-wide prices of parcel delivery services and boost consumer confidence in cross-border shopping and shipping were approved Tuesday by MEPs.

China still tops EU dangerous products report 12 March 2018, 23:32 CET
53 per cent of dangerous consumer goods reported to the EU originate in China, Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Vera Jourova said Monday as she presented the 2017 annual report on dangerous goods.

Rapid Alert System for dangerous products 2017 12 March 2018, 14:18 CET
The European Commission presented on 12 March its latest report on the Rapid Alert System for dangerous products.

EU removes geo-blocking barriers to e-commerce 27 February 2018, 18:12 CET
The EU gave the final green light Tuesday to a ban on unjustified geo-blocking, a discriminatory practice that stops online customers buying products from a website based in another member state.

MEPs vote on EU-wide rules for sales of goods 25 February 2018, 17:55 CET
MEPs approved Thursday a single set of rules to ensure consumers buying online or face-to-face in a local shop obtain the remedies they are entitled to if they purchase a faulty product.

MEPs call for worldwide ban on animal testing of cosmetics 21 February 2018, 22:56 CET
The EU should launch a diplomatic drive for a worldwide ban on the animal testing of cosmetics before 2023, the European Parliament's Environment Committee said on Tuesday.

Social media giants not doing enough to protect users: EU 20 February 2018, 21:03 CET
Social media giants, including Facebook and Twitter, are dragging their feet in responding to requests from the EU Commission and national consumer authorities to comply with EU consumer rules.

MEPs vote to end barriers to cross-border shopping 06 February 2018, 21:04 CET
The European Parliament ratified an agreement Tuesday to make it easier for consumers to buy from a website based in another EU country, without the obstacle of unjustified geo-blocking practices.

Dual quality food testing procedure ready in April 06 February 2018, 18:16 CET
The common testing methodology for dual quality of food, developed by the EU's Joint-Research Centre, is to be ready in April, European Commissioner Vera Jourova announced on Friday.

EU Plastics Strategy 01 February 2018, 17:43 CET
There is an urgent need to tackle the environmental problems that cast a long shadow over the production, use and consumption of plastics. The million tonnes of plastic litter that end up in the oceans every year are one of their most visible and alarming signs of these problems, causing growing public concern. The EU Plastics Strategy lays the foundations to a new plastics economy, where the design and production of plastics and plastic products fully respect reuse, repair and recycling needs and more sustainable materials are developed and promoted. This will deliver greater added value and prosperity in Europe and boost innovation. It will curb plastic pollution and its adverse impact on our lives and the environment.

EU moves to upgrade Europe's drinking water 06 February 2018, 18:16 CET
The EU Commission proposed Thursday a revision of the EU Drinking Water Directive, in an effort to improve the quality and people's access to drinking water, as well as reduce consumer use of plastic.

Revised rules to revolutionise EU payment services 16 January 2018, 18:23 CET
Cheaper, easier and safer electronic payments should result from the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which applies as of 13 January, and aims to modernise Europe's online payment services.

Payment Services Directive 12 January 2018, 17:48 CET
European consumers will be able to reap the full benefits of paying online for goods and services, thanks to new rules that will it make it cheaper, easier and safer to make electronic payments. The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2, Directive 2015/2366/EU), applicable as of 13 January 2018, aims to modernise Europe's payment services to the benefit of both consumers and businesses, so as to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market.

Payment services (PSD 2) - Directive (EU) 2015/2366 12 January 2018, 17:40 CET
In 2015 the EU adopted a new directive on payment services (PSD 2) to improve the existing rules and take new digital payment services into account. The directive became applicable in January 2018. It includes provisions to make it easier and safer to use internet payment services; better protect consumers against fraud, abuse, and payment problems; promote innovative mobile and internet payment services; strengthen consumer rights; strengthen the role of the European Banking Authority (EBA) to coordinate supervisory authorities and draft technical standards