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How EU Companies Can Increase Their Customer Engagement

Many clients who sign up for an app or other digital product will only use it a couple of times. That's true for free trials as well. When you make it easy to sign up, you won’t get much beyond that.

But just because people sign up doesn't mean they will keep using it. While engagement is only one aspect of running a successful business, it's often ignored too easily.

Make Video and Audio More Accessible

Adding captions to your videos and creating transcriptions of audio is a great way of reaching more people. Some people like to watch videos with the sound off, and others are hard of hearing. It's easier for them to enjoy the video if there are accurate captions. That makes your digital product more inclusive and accepting of these individuals. It can be time-consuming to transcribe everything yourself, especially when you have other tasks. That's why it's such a good idea to choose a transcription service, which can transcribe from video or audio in seconds. This saves you valuable time, and it's easy to correct and export the work at the end.

Make a Great First Impression

People are seeing the interface for the first time each day, and that's easy to forget when your team interacts with it every day. The first thing a user sees should explain how the product works, tell them where they can get assistance, and motivate them to begin. Digital products that do not do this discourage people from coming back. Consider sending a personal welcome member to each person who signs up. That can help you start a conversation and make a connection with the individual. If you have an app, then an in-app message might be effective. Just starting the communication encourages your users to try new features, ask questions, and remain engaged. Even if this doesn't help you gain new customers, you'll at least see any issues with the product.

Announce Improvements and Features Relevantly

Many times, users don't care about improvements or new features unless they're using the product, which is why you should save announcements for that product. For example, if you have an app, announce updates there. These messages will engage your customers better than an email. Consider adding a video that quickly explains the new features and tells users how to get started. It's harder to do this in an email.

Expose the Product's Features Gradually

Many digital products have features that you don't notice immediately. This includes third-party integrations and keyboard shortcuts. These features might not be useful at first since users will be learning about more important aspects. Unfortunately, too many companies reveal these features over a long email or FAQ section. Instead, create a series of messages that gradually promote these features. Once you understand who is using the product, you can decide when certain features will make your customers smile. Then it's just a matter of sending them out in a timely manner to drive your users toward a common goal. Make sure to end each one by asking if they have any questions.

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