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In these EU countries online gambling is fully legal

Online gambling is getting more popular all over the world. The amount of countries that have legalized this is constantly growing. However, there are also some nations that refuse to create a legal environment for the gamblers to do this activity online.

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This is not the typical though, since fully legalizing online gambling is more of a trend nowadays in Europe. For example, online casinos will become legal and regulated in the Netherlands very soon. If you are Dutch and want to start gambling online once it is legalized, you can visit to find a suitable those countries where it is already legalized.


An example of a EU country that has already legalized online gambling is Spain. Here, it has been legal to gamble online since 2011. The unified legislation has made it easy for casinos and bookmakers to apply for a license. Gaming is regulated on a federal level. This means that local political units impose certain rules to the online casinos. This has resulted in an excellent environment for Spanish gamblers. They can play at many operators that have been licensed by the Spanish Gaming Act.


Millions of French people already gamble online. Some of them play at casinos with the headquarters in the western European country, while other gamblers prefer to create an account at an international operator. Gambling in general has a rich history in France, since some of the most popular games have been invented in this nation. The best example of this is roulette. Since 2010 online gambling has been legal in France due to the French Gambling Act.


Germany is not only the biggest European country, it is also one of the nations that have legalized online gambling. Even though this is the case, the German law is extremely strict when it comes to regulating online gambling. In a few states, this has been fully regulated. Germans cannot just play at the national online casinos, but international operators also welcome the gamblers that live in this massive European nation.

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