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Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome political agreement on EU- Japan trade deal

06 July 2017
by CELCA -- last modified 06 July 2017

Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome the announcement made at today´s EU-Japan Summit on the 'in principle' agreement of an EU-Japan trade agreement, saying that an ambitious trade deal will have a significant positive impact on both economies.


For the European agri-food chain, an ambitious deal means both a comprehensive reduction of import tariffs and non-tariff barriers to trade such as SPS barriers, and the meaningful translation into enhanced market access and trade conditions.

Japan is the EU's fourth largest agri-food export market, worth €5.7 bn in 2016. The trade agreement is of strategic importance as it will strengthen the sector's competitive position in the dynamic and growing Asia-Pacific region. The impact assessment made in 2016 stresses that the EU agri-food sector as a whole will benefit from the EU-Japan FTA, and more recent estimates by the European Commission predict that EU exports of processed food to Japan could rise by up to 180%.[3] Further to the positive EU trade diplomacy efforts in Asia, this agreement will complete the picture of successfully negotiated trade agreements in the region such as EU-South Korea and forthcoming ones with Singapore and Vietnam.

Copa and Cogeca Secretary-General, Pekka Pesonen, said "It is good news that the top negotiators were able to solve some outstanding differences in the agriculture sector over the week-end and I hope that the agreement wrapped up this week will deliver a better income for the farmers. An ambitious trade deal could benefit both economies which are based on high value products. In particular, we see opportunities for the European meat and dairy products sectors from opening the Japanese market, as well as for wine".

CELCAA Secretary-General, Pascale Rouhier, said "From the start, the EU agri-food chain has been a strong supporter of an ambitious EU-Japan FTA. I hope that expectations from the sector will be met in terms of tariffs elimination, and the removal of non-tariff barriers impacting EU exports. We also welcome the fact that Japan has agreed to recognise the EU system of Geographical Indications (GIs) to protect our agri-food products from imitations. Such a deal could result in a significant increase in our exports of high-value added products to Japan".

Director General of FoodDrinkEurope, Mella Frewen, concluded by saying "We are supportive of trade deals as catalyst for jobs and growth. European food and drink manufacturers and the wider agri-food chain stand to gain from an ambitious agreement with Japan. The agreement will help to level the playing field with other competitors and countries that already have preferential arrangements with Japan. While today marks a key political milestone, we now await the successful conclusion of any remaining discussions and the publication of the final text of the agreement which will give us a better idea of the overall outcome."

CELCAA is the EU umbrella association representing EU organisations covering the trade in cereals, grains, oils and fats, sugar, fruit and vegetables, olive oil, agro-supply, animal feed, wine, meat and meat products, dairy and dairy products, eggs and egg products, poultry and game, tobacco, spices, cut flowers and plants and general produces. Members include CEEV, CIBC, COCERAL, EUCOLAIT, EUWEP, FETRATAB, GAFTA, SACAR and UECBV. CELCAA’s main objectives are to facilitate understanding of European decision-makers and stakeholders on the role played by the European traders in agri-products; to act as a platform of dialogue and communication with the European Institutions and to encourage public and general interests in agri-trade issues.

CELCAA - European Liaison Committee for the Agricultural and Agri-food Trade
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