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Growing Online Business of Legal Casino in New Jersey

22 December 2016, 19:55 CET

The US people and the government of US have had always an ambivalent view of online gambling, whether it is online casino games or betting on sports. Even these days, when gambling is legal in some states, most of the people view this activity as either immoral or illegal.

And the law of US in about betting in any form making the situation more complicated to unravel for the people living in majority in the US. New Jersey, in Atlantic City, is having permissive laws of gambling, which permit people to enjoy online gambling with legal casino in New Jersey or horse race wagering.

Online gaming

Details on State Law Gambling in New Jersey

Code Section

2C:37-1 et seq.; 5:5-1 et seq.


Unlicensed risking of something upon result of event of chance not under player's control, after an agreement that player will get something of value in sport event of a certain result.

Horse Racing/Off-Track Betting

Licensed horse racing is legal. Race simulcasts; On-track pari-mutuel wagering; licensed inter-track wagering; receipt of gambling and wagering upon horse races (simulcast) held outside state legal.

Off-Track Betting/ Dog Racing

Sled dog racing is allowed only for exhibitions and agricultural fairs only.

Casinos Allowed?

Licensed casinos operated legally are allowed.

Other Kinds of Activities related to Gambling Allowed or Banned

possession of sports gambling records; Bookmaking; unlicensed maintenance and having gambling resorts; possession of sports gambling devices that are not regulated by CCA (Casino Control Act); organising unlicensed games of chance on any Sunday is illegal. Bingo and Raffles for charitable organizations is legal. Promoting gambling is prohibited.

Not Just for tourist attractions and accommodations

New Jersey is considered as a proven example of getting income boost from gambling on sports games. Not only New Jersey has really good tourist accommodations and attractions but the mere fact is that gambling on sports is legal in some States is one of the main reasons the city gets the money flowing.

Reviewing the gambling area of New Jersey, Atlantic City, this city is also active in tourism industry and hospitality industry like Vegas and other States, but the income from both tourism and hospitality industries is not the same as it was in early 1990s.

Later on, betting on sports games in New Jersey was almost legalized at that time, since there is a proposition written under the Sports Protection Act, passed in year 1992. This proposition gives New Jersey a chance to legalize not just only betting on sports/ horse but also general gambling, as long as these casinos operate for minimum 10 years and legislation of act for approximately four year or so.

Golden Nugget accounted approximately 25% of the total gambling revenue made in the month of October 2016. The Revenue generated from online gambling varies month-over-month and year-over-year. In the October, The top line numbers are:

Overall: $16.7mm / -1% / +39%

Casino: $14.2mm / -3% / +39%

Poker: $2.4mm / +15% / +35%

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