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Guides on the EU Trade policy.
European Critical Raw Materials Act - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 16 March 2023, 21:57 CET
The European Commission proposed on 16 March a comprehensive set of actions to ensure the EU's access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of critical raw materials.
Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 01 February 2023, 18:28 CET
The European Commission presented oin 1 February a Green Deal Industrial Plan to enhance the competitiveness of Europe's net-zero industry and support the fast transition to climate neutrality.
Foreign Subsidies Regulation - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 12 January 2023, 21:07 CET
The Foreign Subsidies Regulation ('FSR') entered into force on 12 January. This new set of rules for addressing distortions caused by foreign subsidies will allow the EU to remain open to trade and investment, while ensuring a level playing field for all companies operating in the Single Market.
Updated rules to increase security and facilitate legal trade - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 27 October 2022, 16:30 CET
The European Commission proposed on 27 October to update EU rules on the import, export and transit of firearms for civilian use.
Prohibition of products made by forced labour in the Union Market - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 14 September 2022, 22:54 CET
The European Commission proposed on 14 September to prohibit products made with forced labour on the EU market. The proposal covers all products, namely those made in the EU for domestic consumption and exports, and imported goods, without targeting specific companies or industries.
European Chips Act - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 08 February 2022, 17:57 CET
The European Commission proposed on 8 February a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU's security of supply, resilience and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies and applications.
EU standardisation strategy by EUbusiness — last modified 03 February 2022, 17:47 CET
The European Commission presented on 2 February a new Standardisation Strategy outlining the EU's approach to standards within the Single Market as well as globally. The Strategy is accompanied by a proposal for an amendment to the Regulation on standardisation, a report on its implementation, and the 2022 annual Union work programme for European standardisation.
Anti-Coercion Instrument by EUbusiness — last modified 08 December 2021, 21:47 CET
The European Commission proposed on 8 December a new tool to counter the use of economic coercion by third countries.
Global Gateway by EUbusiness — last modified 01 December 2021, 22:25 CET
The European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on 1 December launched the Global Gateway, the new European Strategy to boost smart, clean and secure links in digital, energy and transport and strengthen health, education and research systems across the world.
EU-US negotiations on trade on steel and aluminium - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 01 November 2021, 17:16 CET
European Commission President von der Leyen and United States President Biden agreed on 31 October to start discussions on a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel and Aluminium.
Screening of foreign direct investments by EUbusiness — last modified 09 October 2020, 23:19 CET
The EU framework for screening of foreign direct investment (FDI) becomes fully operational as of 11 October 2020.
New Customs Union Action Plan by EUbusiness — last modified 29 September 2020, 14:08 CET
The European Commission launched on 28 September a new Customs Union Action Plan setting out a series of measures to make EU customs smarter, more innovative and more efficient over the next four years.
Rules of origin among Pan-Euro-Mediterranean partners by EUbusiness — last modified 25 August 2020, 00:12 CET
The European Commission adopted on 24 August a package of proposals that aims to increase trade between the European Union and neighbouring countries in the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) region, thereby contributing to the economic recovery following the coronavirus outbreak.
Future EU-UK Partnership - background guide by EUbusiness — last modified 26 February 2020, 00:40 CET
The EU Council decided on 25 February to authorise the opening of the future partnership negotiations with the UK.
Future ACP-EU Partnership by EUbusiness — last modified 17 February 2020, 23:42 CET
New impetus was given to the post-Cotonou negotiations on a new agreement between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) when the two chief negotiators agreed on 17 February on the way forward.
Key elements of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement by EUbusiness — last modified 30 June 2019, 22:35 CET
The European Union and Mercosur member countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay concluded on 28 June long-standing negotiations on a landmark trade agreement.
EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement - key elements by EUbusiness — last modified 31 January 2019, 21:04 CET
The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, came into force on 1 February, 2019, is expected to boost trade in goods and services as well as create opportunities for investment.
EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement by EUbusiness — last modified 18 October 2018, 00:34 CET
The European Commission adopted on 17 October the EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements, paving the way for their signature and conclusion.
Updated Blocking Statute in support of Iran nuclear deal by EUbusiness — last modified 07 August 2018, 14:22 CET
As the first batch of re-imposed US sanctions on Iran took effect, the EU's updated Blocking Statute entered into force early on 7 August to mitigate their impact on the interests of EU companies doing legitimate business in Iran.
EU Customs Union: the world's largest trading bloc by EUbusiness — last modified 03 July 2018, 00:20 CET
The EU's Customs Union celebrated its 50th anniversary on July 1, and is seen by many as one of the European Union's greatest achievements.