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Euro-MPs call for equal rights for part-time and contract workers

06 July 2010, 21:58 CET

Any reform of labour law should seek to protect workers in "non-standard" employment, such as part-time or temporary work, and make it easier to move between various types of work and unemployment, says a resolution adopted by European Parliament on Tuesday.

Most jobs should be based on indefinite contracts, and national governments should implement "flexicurity" in a fairer and more balanced way, adds the EP.

Labour law reform should focus on protecting workers in "atypical forms" of employment - such as part-time, casual, temporary and fixed-term contract work - and on making it easier to switch between various types of employment and unemployment, argues the resolution.

MEPs call on the Commission and national governments to tackle the situation of the "outsiders" (employees with atypical or "very atypical" contracts) and to ensure that their rights and social-protection requirements are balanced with those of the "insiders". They emphasise that most jobs should continue to be based on contracts of indefinite duration.

Lastly, Parliament calls on the Member States to put in place a more balanced and fair implementation of flexicurity principles and stresses that flexicurity cannot function properly without strong social protection.

Report on atypical contracts, secured professional paths, flexicurity and new forms of social dialogue

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