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EU strategy to support Myanmar reform

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The Joint Communication looks at how best to work with all stakeholders towards consolidating democracy, creating lasting peace, bringing equitable development and social justice in alignment with the priorities of the government and the aspirations of the people.

Concrete proposals and commitments contained in the Joint Communication, entitled "Elements for an EU strategy vis-à-vis Myanmar/Burma: A Special Partnership for Democracy, Peace and Prosperity", include:

  • Supporting Myanmar's goal to become a sustainable democracy with full respect for the rule of law through building effective institutions, assisting the reform of the security sector, and increased and differentiated engagement with society as a whole, including local governments, the justice sector, parliaments and civil society.;
  • Cooperating with all concerned to implement an inclusive peace architecture including through a Joint Peace Fund. To help achieve lasting peace, the EU will share its experience, and work on building confidence and fostering reconciliation between the parties;
  • Working together with the Government of Myanmar on addressing human rights concerns, including the situation in Rakhine State and respect for minorities, combating hate speech and intolerance, and ensuring the full implementation of UN human rights resolutions;
  • Working directly with relevant institutions to increase the effectiveness of social services and to formulate sector policies as part of a state-building approach. Targeted technical cooperation will also be expanded to support the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development;
  • Stimulating European business interest through the conclusion of an Investment Protection Agreement, while also promoting corporate social responsibility and responsible investment;
  • Enhancing cooperation with Myanmar as a member of ASEAN so as to strengthen the regional integration process as well as the EU's enhanced partnership with ASEAN.

The proposed actions will be discussed with the EU Member States and the European Parliament in the coming weeks.

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