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Shaping Europe for SMEs

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The European Union is at a crossroads. The upcoming elections of the European Parliament will be decisive, including for SMEs and the environment they do business in.

The vision of SMEunited is to build an even stronger, more united and forward-looking Europe for the 24 million SMEs that provide two-thirds of jobs and represent 99,8% of businesses. Europe certainly has to improve its competitiveness if we want to preserve our welfare. This can only be achieved if we create a climate in which entrepreneurs can successfully start, grow, develop and innovate their businesses in Europe.

"SMEs are at the core of our economy and the fabric of our society, they are crucial in providing services and local products for the daily life of Europeans", explained SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. "They play a decisive role for social stability at local and regional level and for the European Social Welfare Model in general."

On SMEs' expectations towards politicians, she stated that "Europe can only become a better place for SMEs if politicians not only talk about the importance of SMEs, but start acting accordingly."

As put forward by the Declaration of Bucharest at the occasion of the European Entrepreneurship Forum, "Europe needs a long-term and holistic SME Strategy with a comprehensive action plan and monitoring mechanism", she repeated . Ms Rabmer-Koller also added "that Europe must better recognise that the entrepreneurs' contribution to both the economy and society is fundamental for a prosperous future."

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