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Outside-the-box ways to market your small business

14 January 2022, 18:15 CET

There are plenty of tried and tested ways to market your business.

You can be fairly sure that some informed SEO and digital marketing campaigns can give your business a solid platform to build on. But there are plenty of little tricks you can use to go above and beyond for your company.

Below, we explore some outside-the-box methods for marketing your small business.

Go viral

It's easier said than done but going viral can bring plenty of attention to your business. This could be through some witty memes on Twitter or via a creative PR campaign. But the goal should ultimately be to do something to get everyone talking about your company in a positive way.

Taking to the streets

Print marketing can still be incredibly effective, especially as it gives potential customers a physical reminder of your company. You can take to the streets and hand out flyers, leaflets and business cards to your clientele, all while chatting and engaging with them. If nothing else, it'll raise the profile and presence of your business within the local area.

Postal advertising

Postal advertising is a more traditional method, but it can still yield results. This is because you are sending promotional material or business flyers directly to potential customers. If the mail gets opened, it shows that your business cares enough to make the effort to post something. Plus, it again leaves a physical reminder.

Radio advertising

Radio advertising can be a neat way of getting your message across to a local audience. Ideally, your advert will be quick, punchy and memorable. It can be a little tricky to arrange creating your clip, but once it's finished, your business should be able to boost its local profile.


Selling merchandise can raise a little extra money and make your business more visible to potential customers. This could be something as simple as selling pens with your logo on or you could try selling t-shirts as well. Ultimately, you just need to create a good-looking product that can showcase your brand.

Branded freebies

Branded freebies offer a similar benefit to merchandise – they'll help build public awareness of your company. Freebies could include water bottles, stationery or mugs. Ideally, the freebies will be something small, useful and vibrant to spread your business' image.

There are plenty of creative little ways you can boost your business' marketing. From selling merchandise, taking to the streets or even making a radio advert, you can raise your company's profile by thinking outside of the box.

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