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Wine cooler market is expected to grow in the future

13 October 2021, 17:35 CET

With the growth of a more global becoming and operating economy and technological developments the wine cooler market is expanding. The design of more convenient temperature controls and separate temperature zones that can store both red and white wines is affecting the wine cooler market.

Wine bottles - Photo by Bruno Cantuaria from Pexels

De Wijnkoelkast is one of the players that is contributing to this situation. A more intelligent and efficient wine refrigeration technology leads to a more acceptance of having wine coolers at home, in stores, restaurants or even at work. Modern design, style and easy installation of these products into every kitchen, office or building.

The world is becoming more health-conscious and are focussing towards products that benefit both the health and the environment. Study shows that wine is helping to improve the length of every human life and protecting people against several types of diseases. This is contributing to the sales for example of a wine fridge (translated to Dutch: wijnklimaatkast).

Other subjects that are stimulating the growth of the wine cooler market are:

- Increase of number of people on the planet and therefore the consumption of wine

- Growing awareness towards a healthy and sustainable life

- Increasing development in refrigeration technology

- Higher preference for wine especially for fortune people

- Increasing number of people that undertake social drinking as a standard

The compressor technology is growing and expected to be more used for multiple-zone wine coolers in a built-in wine fridge (Dutch: inbouw wijnkoelkast) that can be built-in the kitchen or other interior and also technological development for free-standing wine coolers is improving.

Dual-zone wine coolers consist of two different departments that each control their own temperature, which helps to store multiple sorts of wine in one device at the same time. These wine coolers can store up to 150 bottles, depending on which type of cooler gets selected. Single-zone wine coolers are smaller and use less energy.

Wine is becoming more and more a standard to consume during special occasions like parties, family gatherings or just relaxing with friends. This development increases the acceptance of this beverage as a normality and contributes towards the growth of the wine cooler market. In households, during dinners, at work or even after work hours when relaxing at home.

Geographic factors in Europe

The upscaling in wineries and vineyards in Europe is expected to increase. A growing amount of import and export from countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain will promote the consumption of wine drinking and therefore triggering the wine cooler sales.

Digitalisation stimulates sales and product awareness

Since the internet and marketing is growing more, the publicity for wine and wine coolers is increasing. Retailers of wine coolers are thinking more from the customer's point of view and trying to promote it likewise. Improving customer support, the quality and design, and aftersales will gain an edge over their competitors.

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