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The Benefits of Having A Live-In Carer

04 January 2021, 23:58 CET

There are countless advantages to choosing a live-in carer as opposed to residential care for your loved one. In past times, when a relative or loved one (particularly if elderly) became too difficult to look after or look after themselves, residential care homes were the only option.

However, in recent decades and years, the prospect of live-in care has increased (more information). This entails a carer moving in and living with the family member in question, rather than the loved one having to leave their home has meant that residential care is no longer a necessity in many cases.

Because residential care can over the course of a number of years be very expensive, many people, particularly the elderly were forced to sell their homes to fund the care. This meant that they gave up what was typically their most valuable asset, leaving little behind for their children and grandchildren.

Live in care on the other hand, provides a host of advantages and benefits that mean it is very often a preferable option to residential care.

Caring Companionship

For many people who receive live-in care, one of the greatest advantages is the companionship that live-in care can offer.

With live-in care, there will always be someone to talk to, which can make a big difference to the loneliness of the elderly and those suffering with conditions like dementia. If someone has been living on their own for some time it can be challenging and can lead them to feel very isolated, very quickly. For those who are less able to, it may be that seeing friends is no longer something you can do alone. With live-in care however, there is no need to wait for people to visit, there will always be a companion.

Bespoke Care and Support

Live-in carers can offer a bespoke service to their clients. Because your carer will be working with you so closely, they will know your needs and those of your loved one intimately and will be able to support you all in whichever ways you need. This is, in a sense, very similar to the considerations and requirements when parents are choosing someone to fulfil their childcare needs (find out more here), whereby parents will need to ensure that every need of their child is accounted for and well covered by the childcare provider or nursey.

We don't all need the same support, which is why having a live-in carer can be so empowering; the cared for person in question, will still be able to do whatever they have been previously able to do but with support for those tasks that are becoming more challenging. The duties of an everyday carer might include tasks like cleaning and tidying up the house, changing bedlinen, helping complete administrative tasks like paying bills, shopping, meal preparation and even pet care.

Live-in carers can provide a wide range of domestic tasks that enable the person they care for to feel safe and relaxed in a home that is clean, comfortable and secure.

Stay in Your Home

For many of us, the idea of moving out of our homes and leaving more our possessions behind can be terrifying and doing that to a loved one can feel terrible. One of the biggest advantages of live-in care is that the cared for individual won't have to leave their home. They won't have to settle into new surroundings and won't have to leave pets or possessions behind. With live-in care, life can carry on as before but with support in the areas that require.


We all fear losing our independence, but with live-in care there is no need to. Live-in carers are typically trained to deal with low to mid-level needs, which means that clients retain much of their independence. Loved ones will be living in their own home and will be in control of their own wellbeing and needs.

One-To-One Support

Another huge advantage of live-in care is that as well as the support being round-the-clock, it is also one-to-one. With live-in care you will never have to worry that your loved one is alone. No matter what happens, or what time it happens, there is always someone there to support your loved one. Their carer will know their precise needs and requirements intimately which means that you and your loved one will be receiving the best possible care.

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