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Improving the Value of Your Home During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has meant more people than ever before spending more time than ever before at home. Although this has led to the high street and other industries being hit hard, there are industries and practices which have thrived and even benefited from people's being in their homes.

The UK government have also introduced a number of 'green grants,' including their increasingly popular Green Home Grants which pay UK homeowners up to £10,000 to go towards insulating their homes (more information), further assisting with making properties more desirable to prospective buyers.

With an increased appreciation of outdoor spaces and gardens, it has become increasingly desirable to have a garden or other outdoor space in a property. Spending time at home working, relaxing, eating and doing all else has meant that home improvements and renovations have been more popular than ever, with some homeowners opting to create a studio or workspace in their property to make and sell bespoke craft items and to work, and others simply looking to improve their property as it is.

There are various ways in which you can improve the value of your property with regards to both the potential sale value as well as potential rental yields, even during the days, weeks and months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Installing Double Glazing

Although many millions of properties in the UK already enjoy all the benefits of double glazing, there are many that do not. Although it can be a few thousand pounds to install double glazing for your property, it does bring a number of almost instant benefits to the homeowner as well as any residents, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved heat retention
  • Improved security
  • Reduction in the chances of mould, rising damp and condensation
  • Reducing the impact of sound pollution from outside

From the perspective of any residents in the property, double glazing allows for a more comfortable living environment; warmer in the winter and potentially cooler in the summer. As the property owner, because double glazing is desirable amongst buyers, it can improve and increase the property value. In the case of tenants, it also more desirable to rent a property with better insulation and security brought by double glazing.

Redecorating Your Property

Redecorating does not need to be an expensive process and it can in many cases be done by the homeowner, given some simple knowhow and time set aside for the works to be carried out. A new coat of paint for example can do wonders, with prospective buyers and tenants preferring newly decorated properties in many cases. Furthermore, when it comes to people viewing the property, it will of course look more desirable if it has been recently redecorated.

The exterior of the property is also an important factor through every stage of the sales process. From the point at which the property is marketed to the masses, there will be photographs taken of the property and therefore, looking desirable from the outside is key. All an effective redecoration takes is some paint, some sandpaper, the necessary equipment and the time set aside to carry out the works.

Improving Your Garden

With gardens being arguably more desirable than ever, maintaining and even improving your garden can pay dividends. It doesn't need to entail large and expensive changes and improvements.

For example, tidying up and filling in empty patches on the lawn can make the grass look that extra bit better, whilst a simple clean of any patio area can also go a long way in making the outside space of your property look that extra bit more desirable.

Consider weeding and trimming back and unkempt hedges and shrubbery that covers any part of the property as well as which may cover any outdoor buildings like a shed or greenhouse. Removing unnecessary shrubbery such as ivy and weeds can make the garden, property and any outbuildings look newer, cleaner and even potentially larger.

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