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Elements of a Digital Marketing Plan

Whether you are running a small or large business, you need to have a clear digital marketing plan in place that attracts customers to your company. After all, this is a crucial element of running a modern organization.

If you are not sure where to start, the following describes some of the key elements of a digital marketing plan that you should look to put into action.

Online Advertising

Online advertising can prove to be hugely significant as you can make it much more targeted than its traditional counterpart. There are a couple of main strands of online advertising. First, you have the PPC ads, which stands for pay per click. Essentially, this means that the advertising cost is based on how many clicks your ad receives. Next up, we have the display ads, which are the banners that appear on the top, bottom, or sides of a web page. Both can prove to be an effective way of getting customers through the door.

Search Engine Optimization

Whether you take care of this yourself or go to a Chicago digital marketing agency, search engine optimization is all about making your brand more visible on those all-important search engines like Google. Several different parts of an SEO strategy include keywords, content generation, and link building. While you can learn the necessary skills yourself, you need to keep up a concerted effort to ensure success.

Online Content

Your digital marketing plan needs to include a constantly refreshing stream of content, which keeps customers coming back through your door time and time again. This content can be shared on your blog page but also on your social media sites. While written content is great from an SEO perspective, you should also think about your other visual content forms, such as imagery and videos.

Social Media

It should go without saying that you need to utilize your social media channels in the modern world. This is an excellent way of staying in touch with your customers, as well as dealing with their questions and any complaints that they may have. While some people think that social media is an easy part of running a business, it actually takes a clear plan and a concerted effort to ensure that you get it right, and you have to remember to keep it professional and consistent with the website.

Email Marketing

The final point of the five is email marketing. This is probably the digital marketing strand that has been around for the longest, but this does not make it any less important. In fact, it can be a highly efficient way of getting clicks from customers and directing them towards any sales or important offers that you are running. Like the other elements on the list above, it takes a specific skill set to get it right.

Keeping on top of these five elements of a digital marketing plan will go a long way towards ensuring that you have a clear and effective strategy going forwards.

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