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The Solution To Working Safely At Home On The Computer With Vladimir Fomenko

The Covid-19 first hit the world in China in the last part of 2019. Since its inception it has become a true pandemic, affecting almost every country in the world. It has forced the human workforce to alter its traditional working behaviors. We now work with social distancing in mind, forcing men and women to elect to perform work duties online.

Working remotely comes with potential security issues. Residential cybersecurity that is generated from a data center proxy, such as Infatica can deliver the speed and reliability a residential computer user who's working at home and his or her company can rely on.

Vladimir Fomenko is the founder and director of Infatica. Infatica is a global proxy network that supplies data center proxies. Datacenter proxies allow the user to freely check out their competition on the web. They also provide faster access to the information available. Security is yet another benefit of using Infatica's proxies. Infatica provides residential users the same security prized by many of Infatica's cybersecurity clients.

Home-based employees have a wide variety of duties, but the one consistent task an employee can expect to have is the ability to retrieve data during a research task. With Infatica, the employee can expect to bypass the complex systems often built to protect data from unauthorized users. Being able to bypass these restrictions allows employees to perform at their best in data retrieval.

Now the home-based worker doesn't need to be on the work premises to successfully accomplish their work-related tasks. To complete the home network, King Servers adds a dedicated server, so the home-based worker is never off-line waiting for an opportunity to get reconnected because the line is overtasked. King Servers offers virtual private networks (VPNs), content delivery networks (CDNs), and high-performance virtual and dedicated servers all for a reasonable and low monthly cost. King Servers also has 100% uptime and 24/7 customer service.

Infatica combined with King Servers provides all the guarantee any computer user could demand a disturbance-free workday. Most people can tell stories of how suddenly, the computer slows down to a crawl and no work can get done. This usually happens when users are connected to a cable network and school is let out, which results in thousands of students suddenly going online, ruining your connection's quality. King Servers can end inconvenience with a dedicated server.

The home-based worker now has the capacity to perform at the same level as they did when they used a computer at their work premises with a dedicated server. Vladimir Fomenko's Infatica provides the security private data requires, especially medical or financial data. This makes the combination of Infatica and King Servers ideal for medical coders, insurance brokers, or financial planners, all of whom require strict security. Many of these professionals have elected to work from home as the pandemic grew to enormous proportions.

Many other professions demand high security and privacy for their work product, such as writers, inventors, designers, executive assistants, scientists, lawyers, etc. The work product of many professions demands the strictest of privacy measures. Infatica and King Servers allow for that high level of security and privacy.

For the home-based worker, turning on the computer at home even during this pandemic should result in the data being as secure as it was when you went to work in a brick and mortar building. Knowing your data is secure gives professionals more leeway to work harder on servicing their clients or their employer's clients. This makes work from home just as effective as working out of a brick and mortar building and it serves to put a damper on the spread of Covid-19.

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