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How to get the best deal when renting a car

While renting a car is simply a few clicks away on the Internet, one should approach it with care.

Woman in car - Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Car rental companies invest heavily in making sure they have a high ranking in the search engines. You are likely to end up on one of their websites, where you will pay more for a rental car than needed. Let alone the cost structure of renting a car that comes with it. In this article we will highlight how to rent a car with an example of car rental Schiphol airport.

Cost structure of renting a car

When it comes to marketing, this is often the element that gets advertised. Low initial prices make consumer turn to their websites. However, once on the site, it seems that a lot of costs are not included. When looking for a car rental Schiphol airport, this is exactly the same. Several companies rank high and show a low price. Once you visit, you see that it does not include mileage. This is one of the major costs when renting a car. Furthermore, elements such as insurances are also left out. In the end, you pay more than needed and are potentially limited in mileage.

Do your research

This holds true for all the purchases you do for a car or rental. Never go for the first available option to purchase a component, get your car serviced or rent a car. By doing a simple half-hour research, you will get a better overview and can make an informed decision. Try to stay away from the marketing tricks that are popping up in your view. One of the kings in doing so is, who show messages like '5 other people are considering this stay'. Be careful of this messaging, as it does not always reflect reality and pushes you to rent a car now.

Airport car rentals

Car rental on airports are a specific market that is even tougher. With more players and a larger target audience, rental companies come in with special deals. This holds true for larger international airports such as car rental Schiphol airport, but also for smaller regional airports. When you want to rent a car Eindhoven airport, you will have the choice of a dozen companies. To make an informed decision, you need not only to take into account the cost structure. You could get stuck in hours of waiting when selecting the wrong car rental. Check if the company provides valet parking, bringing your car to you within 30 minutes of arrival. This helps to kickstart your holiday or business trip when you arrive at the destination.

Car rentals can be tough when looking at their aggressive online marketing strategies. Look further than the initial pricing and make an informed decision. This holds true for major airports, but also for regional airports.

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