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Industries Turning to Automation

Automation is taking the business world by storm. More companies and industries than ever before are embracing the wonders of business and company automation and turning to technology to power both their businesses and efficiency.

The basic principles of automation and improving business efficiency are nothing new, with human production lines and other processes well-established ways in which to make otherwise inefficient processes efficient and much more scalable.

Although there are industries for which total automation is an almost impossible dream; with the likes of jobs and roles requiring manual labour as well as many creative jobs, automation continues to increase in its prevalence across others.

Covering the likes of the lead generation, recruitment and property management sectors around the world to Bitcoin investment platforms, some of which can use automatic trading software and complex algorithms (, automation is only increasing and improving.

Lead Generation

A very simple yet effective business model, lead generators are designed by their very nature to send targeted and specific audiences to an endpoint where a business transaction is made.

For example, insurance comparison websites, payday loan comparisons and even products like of that nature are designed to send traffic through to a targeted provider of the service(s) in question. The lead generator is then paid a commission per lead or per completed sale, known as either 'cost per lead' (CPL) and 'cost per acquisition' (CPA), respectively.

Traditionally, this model would have been facilitated and supported by physical salespeople who would need to deal with the leads and then commissions. However, salespeople when it comes to lead generation online are all but defunct. Rather, automation and software ensure the entire process from data gathering to assigning of leads is taken care of. Moreover, by being automated, the business owners can quite literally, make money in their sleep as the process continues.


Although the recruitment sector will almost always have some reliance on human interaction and input, there are various elements of the process and for recruitment businesses which now allow for and are improved by automation. Many recruiters will use some degree of automation to receive and log candidates' CVs as well as other necessary documents from both candidates and potential clients and employers across industries spanning retail, private banking (read more), leisure and otherwise.

Automation in recruitment is important as it allows recruiters to more easily and conveniently vet and filter candidates and it allows candidates to submit the necessary paperwork and documentation easily and quickly.

Increasingly, various pieces of technology and software are emerging, often using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning which allow jobs, roles and candidates to be matched more effectively. This further cuts out otherwise time-consuming work and allows for a much more streamlined process for all involved in the recruitment process.

Property Management

Proper and effective property management entails many tasks and requires good lines of communication between landlords and tenants, contractors, freeholders, leaseholders and more. Thus, the traditional way of simply phoning, emailing and manually trying to contact one another and manage tasks has become more difficult.

Automating these lines of communication as well as the processes involved, to properly and efficiently run a property management company or property portfolio can save huge amounts of time, money and effort. For the landlords, it means that keeping in touch with tenants can be much better organised and managed.

For tenants, any issues can more easily be flagged up to landlords, via an app for example and for the contractors who are required to carry out any necessary works, communication, being assigned tasks and any payment can again, all be automated.

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