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Talking bags, from backpack to business bag

It starts at school already, when kids want to carry a fancy backpack with them. No ordinary bag, but a fashionable colourful model. It's the start of a bag-career. And this is how it goes.

The youngest kids start with a backpack like a modern Zebra tas. Fresh and cool backpacks with al kind of prints like a tiger print, unicorns and a zebra print of course. In many cheerful colors these bags are very popular.

By growing older children mostly want a less busy print and the search for a new bag starts during summer holidays. A leather one or one made out of canvas of maybe even a bag made out of recycled petbottles.

A laptopbag 17 inch is always good to wear

Whatever the students choose, it must be a laptoptas 17 inch. Because a laptop is worn to school so many times. Laptopbags are in many shapes and sizes. Also in all kinds of colours and prints. They can use them in high school for many years.

After school the business bag comes into the picture. There are so many beautiful and stylish bags, that making a choice is not easy. Many brands are available. Do you want to carry your business stuff in a backpack or a handbag? And what will the budget be?

A Castelijn & Beerens gets more personal over the years

If the choice stands out to be a bag of the highest quality a Castelijn en Beerens is a great choice. These bags are made of the best leather quality. The bags are sustainable and get more and more personal the longer someone carries such a bag. The leather gets smoother and the bag more personal.

When started with a child-backpack people carry a beautiful leather business bag once grown up. It's the best investment you can make, talking bags!

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