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Four Tips for Memorable Corporate Parties in 2020

When you're planning on throwing a corporate party - at which you'll entertain your staff and your clients - you need to pull out all the stops to best represent your business and its vitality and energy.

Planning a lacklustre party will inevitably reflect badly onto your brand whereas a memorable party will leave your guests wowed by your organisational prowess and the fun that you're able to create within the corporate environment.

Read on to learn how you can plan the perfect office get together this year, entertaining all those colleagues that are so important for the functioning of your enterprise.

Set a Budget

Most larger organisations possess a budget set aside - often by HR - for events. These events might be to entertain corporate clients, to have nights out with your staff, or to plan away days and team building with parts of your team. If you're looking to plan a particularly exciting party, you should be prepared to use up a good deal of this budget for your special day. If you need a little extra, consider putting some of your own cash in, or extending your party budget through the company accounts to really make for a memorable day.

Finding a Venue

Some organisations already have a venue in mind when they're planning their special work event. They might even choose to move furniture in the office to repurpose their space for an evening of festivities. Meanwhile, other firms will choose simply to rent a local venue that's big enough to host their guests. Whichever you choose, it's important to plan the logistics in advance so that you're able to share the date of your party with guests, and so that they're able to plan their travel to and from the venue.

Professional Events

When you're hosting a corporate event, you need to make sure that you're keeping things on a professional line. You don't want drunken antics at your party, and nor do you want to scare off investors and clients through unruly behaviour. It's better, then, to plan a classier affair. You can bring in excellent live musicians to add a sparkle to your evening; click here to search through a catalogue of some of the best available in the business. And, you can invite a white-glove catering company to serve champagne and canapés to your guests over the course of the evening.


As you're hosting an office party, and you'll be in the company of your colleagues and your clients, it's important that some part of the event that you host is led by speeches, awards, jokes and laughter. This is the responsibility of managers to organise and execute. Whether your party's an annual affair celebrating a product launch or a business milestone, or celebrating Christmas, you need to make sure that you're injecting a little of your personality and your firm's messaging into the event to make it both fun and practical for your staff and clients.

Use these four tips to guide you when you're designing a memorable corporate party for you and your staff this year.

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