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What You Need for an English-teaching Career in Germany

The demand for English classes has continued to grow all around the world. In most European countries, English is not spoken as the native language. The countries in Europe, however, recognize the role of English in international business and relations.

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Germany is a huge country that has a constant need for English speakers and teachers. If you have been trying to get an opportunity as a teacher in the country, you might have a chance of getting a job there. Here are some of the key things you should know about becoming an English teacher in Germany.

Certification is Necessary

Like any other kind of profession, you need to have certification. The kind of certification you need is dependent on your type of teaching. Generally, native speakers might be required to have a university degree at the least. If you have studied teaching as a profession, you might have an extra advantage. In case you do not have any certification yet, you are not locked out either. There are many platforms today that offer CELTA and TESOL among other certifications needed to prove your knowledge.

Get Some Experience

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Another factor that is important as a teacher is having the right kind of experience. For the most part, English teachers are not required to have the level of experience of professional teachers. But the experience of guiding learners is necessary for any kind of teacher. If you have never had a chance to teach before, you should try and look for some teaching opportunities just to find out if teaching is for you. Most of the times, the experience is needed because of the sensitive nature of the teaching profession. Working with some local institutes or schools before applying for a job is thus a great idea.

Offer Private Lessons

Another thing you can do is to apply for some private lessons. Going about getting contacts might be difficult if you do not know anyone in Germany. It is not impossible to connect with people residing in the country though. According to website, most people who want to learn English might also have some plans for traveling outside Germany for business.

You can, therefore, start offering private lessons to the business-oriented niche of clients. After that, you can then focus on offering general English lessons to everyone else. Private lessons are great as they can be arranged easily between the teacher and the student.

Apply for Teaching Jobs in Germany

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You should also consider making applications whenever opportunities arise. As stated earlier, Germany always has opportunities for English teachers every year. You, therefore, need to be on the lookout for advertisements and other kinds of information regarding jobs in the country. When applying for the job, you should ensure to include all your relevant information and experiences. You should also make your application early enough before the school year starts. There are many English institutes in Germany that have structured curricula that starts and ends during certain months during the year.

Prepare for Travel

Finally, you should make sure that you have everything needed to reside in Germany. Visa, passports and all other documents needed to give you permission to stay in the country should be sought. Apart from the requirements from authorities, you also need to prepare yourself for life in the country. You should have a proper budget that accounts for all your expenses. If you happen to land a job in the country, you should investigate what you are provided with as part of the job. Some schools can provide accommodation for teachers while others do not. Knowing what to expect is crucial so as to avoid disappointments.


If you are a native English speaker, you will probably already have a great advantage at landing a job in Germany. However, the country attracts many natives looking for the same opportunities. The key to actually getting a teaching job in Germany will, therefore, depend on what you do to put yourself ahead of everyone else. Getting the right experience and ensuring that you have certification among other things will ultimately help you achieve your goals. In order to be a great teacher, you might also need to familiarize yourself with the country and culture. Teaching yourself German will be great for your work to be easier.

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