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How Sheffield As a Region Is Growing Its Employment Opportunities

Sheffield is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, famed for its steel, culture, universities, music and football teams. As one of the powerhouses in Yorkshire, the city is renowned for being proud of its working-class heritage and ethos.

So, it will come as no surprise that availability of jobs in Sheffield and creation of new opportunities continues to be on the up.

The financial crisis hit the United Kingdom hard in 2008. But when disaster strikes, it's how you respond that matters. South Yorkshire, of which Sheffield is a part of, delivered the most significant increase in employment opportunities following the crash, with over 71% of people in work. A number which continues to rise.

In typical Yorkshire style, Sheffield and the other cities in the region were relentless in their efforts when it came to turning the tide, and critical infrastructure was the crucial area targeted. For example, £60 million of investment, from public and private resources, was pumped into Doncaster Sheffield airport. As a result, it is the fastest-growing airport in the United Kingdom and one of the fastest in Europe right now.

The investment also helped to draw in massive global manufacturers such as Boeing and McLaren, with the pair now calling Sheffield home. The arrival of companies of this size immediately creates a significant array of jobs at all levels of the business, and this has helped to drive employment gain in Sheffield and the wider area.

The arrival of the two global firms was a big statement of intent by Sheffield, as it sends out the message that the city is thriving and on the rise. If a couple of companies on the scale of Boeing and McLaren are operating out of the Steel City, others will consider following suit, and again, this will lead to more employment opportunities cropping up as a result.

Sheffield has also proven the perfect place for expansion opportunities. Boeing, for example, when moving into Sheffield, immediately committed to opening a second factory on the site. With opportunities for growth come more employment opportunities, and with Sheffield having two fantastic universities in The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, there's the chance for these world-renowned learning establishments, students, post-grads and businesses to collaborate for the greater good.

There's also a desire to improve how people live in the city. And this includes how people travel around, to and from Sheffield. Taking these steps makes the city more attractive to businesses looking for a home, be it start-ups or established and recognised companies. If the foundations are in place, and the city of Sheffield is thriving, employment opportunities will only continue to increase. And, so will the number of investors, both from these shores and beyond. They're more likely to see the city as the place to invest their funds in projects, creating even more jobs.

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