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Key Brexit Implications on Tech Recruitment

Brexit is quite a tedious process - not only in terms of politics but also in the sphere of the global economy and business. Undoubtedly, Brexit predisposes various implications for the further advancement of the IT sphere (and tech recruitment in particular). So, how exactly will the break of the UK with the European Union affect tech recruitment?

UK-based software engineering faces several challenges for finding skilled tech staff for further career advancement. The main factor, which highlights the existing problems with tech recruitment, is the latest statistics defining foreign workers as the vast proportion of the UK's technology sector. Consequently, the UK is faced with the urgent need for highly-competent tech specialists to fill this skill gap. Otherwise, Brexit means the breakdown of the free flow of foreign tech professionals to meet recruitment needs.

Get ready for Brexit - Photo by Habib Ayoade on Unsplash

Key Tech Jobs for UK Citizens

The UK tech jobs market involves various IT specialists; otherwise, there is a huge gap in skilled IT professionals to fill job vacancies in such spheres:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Python
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)

Implications for Tech Recruitment in the UK

The urgent need for tech specialists means that the salaries for tech-related jobs will be increasing rapidly. Companies will also probably give raises to employees working on IT-related positions, so as not to be at a loss of software engineering talent. However, the favorable deal due to a high salary is not enough to attract IT professionals from the EU, as the UK is among the less-preferable labor markets for EU job seekers.

Researches of tech recruiters and analysts show that the Brexit divorce resulted in the emergence of a tight labor market for tech workers. The current situation with uncertainties over visas and work permits resulted in the decreasing engagement of foreign tech specialists in the recruitment process.

Consequently, such spheres as technical IT support, information technology security, and IT-management are still the highest-demanded spheres for recruitment.

All the above-listed challenges require the building of offshore development teams. This strategy is significant for providing an opportunity to overcome the barriers to fill the gaps in tech recruitment with foreign talents. It differs a lot from outsourcing or outstaffing since offshoring implies direct employment with no intermediaries. This model also involves access to a vast pool of IT talents abroad which enables tech companies to accelerate their IT recruitment.

The difference between the offshore development team model and traditional outsourcing is that you keep full control over the team with no third parties.

Therefore, the main solution to the problem is outsourced IT recruitment to build offshore development teams. To have good experience, reach out to local service providers. For instance, Alcor provides highly qualified support for offshore development centers of foreign tech companies in Ukraine. Their services include headhunting the best IT talents and executive search for rare specialists in Ukraine, which it will be a helpful solution to fill the gaps with tech talent for the UK tech companies.

Regardless of various challenges for the UK labor market after Brexit, IT companies will always be searching for the best solutions to meet the demands of tech recruitment. The implementation of recruitment process outsourcing, as well as the integration of the offshore development team model, are still the leading options to overcome these problems. Therefore, the support of foreign companies provided by Alcor is aimed toward the search for skillful tech specialists. What is more, it can help the UK labor market to get out of the crisis.

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