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Market America: Building Trust Through Numbers and Superior Products Like Isotonix

Since the creation of Market America in 1992 by businessman JR Ridinger and his family, the company writes that it has built itself on the principles of giving consumers the most high-end products and has operated through a tight business model that benefits all who use it.

They have generated over 9 billion dollars in accumulated sales and helped create close to a thousand millionaires at this point in time. Additionally, they have also helped thousands earn an ongoing, lucrative work-from-home income that is able to grow with time.

Many people do not think of themselves as willing to join what others would incorrectly and ignorantly label a "pyramid scheme" or "MLM". Friends and family might naively ask questions judging their sanity when they leave their full-time day jobs. Many of these people are called dreamers and are dismissed by the people they love as being knee-deep in a scheme. Family, friends, and acquaintances might not see the hard work these people put into their UnFranchise businesses to get them off of the ground. However, Market America thinks of the terms "MLM" as swear words, offensive to their culture and model. They are verbose about how different they are than other direct sales companies, and do not promise something for nothing. They do not claim that there is a magic solution like some in the market. With hard work, diligence, and patience, Market America gives people the tools to create something real that can change their lives.

Real Products, Real People

Market America's content base of 6 million happy shoppers has been awarded over 44 million dollars in cashback thanks to their innovative and generous Shopping Annuity. They contend that while many households make hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of purchases a year, those households have every right to achieve cash back on the purchases they make. They say that their Shopping Annuity has helped Market America customers and UnFranchise owners around the world revolutionize the way they spend money. Market America supplies products such as Isotonix supplements that have scientifically-advanced formulas, designed to give your body the maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals.

Awards for Excellence

Market America has received multiple awards from the Better Business Bureau for exemplary standards of honesty, integrity, and transparency in their work. In addition, they have been shown by the Better Business Bureau to achieve those standards in their everyday work. Many say that when working with this company, they feel that they are completely safe and in good hands. The BBB, along with the United States Federal Trade Commission, regularly shuts down pyramid schemes, which are illegal in the United States of America. Instead of shutting down this organization, the Better Business Bureau has celebrated it multiple years in a row and continues to honor the way Market America handles business. There's a lot to be said for that, and I'm sure Market America's proud to have earned such awards and support by the BBB.

Proven to be Trustworthy

Misinformation is very easy to find on the internet about Market America. Trusted sources have verified that many of these websites do not contain adequate information to back up their claims about the company. There are multiple fake schemes out there attempting to take advantage of people. Market America has been shown to not be one of those schemes. Market America has shown that it is for real people looking to do the work, take advantage of real opportunities, and see those opportunities through to success.

Taking the Leap.

JR Ridinger says that he likes to think of himself as an economic alchemist, leveling the playing field by providing real economic solutions so that real people can leverage great results. Market America's website gives a list of the many tools they give to new UnFranchise owners so that no one is blindly led into something they cannot handle. With training, patience, hard work, and the willingness to learn new things, anyone can learn with Market America.

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