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Discover the Competitive CRM Definition Demanded Today

Basic CRM definition expectations are pretty standardized but competitive markets demand more. Let's see what to look for.


Given the sheer necessity of a CRM platform, most are familiar with the term. Many know the features and functions of leading platforms, but few fully grasp the total CRM definition. An online CRM lifts every area of business, improving efficiency and productivity by providing tools that go hand in hand with the way employees and customers already do business. We'll be taking you through a look at what a CRM is, so that you understand the full scope of how our leading software will help skyrocket success in your business.

Always Look for More Than the Basic CRM Definition Delivers

Every good customer relationship management platform supplies a distinct set of tools intended to improve business in many ways. Many basic features are shared by more than one platform but only a leading CRM like Creatio enables your staff with cutting-edge reporting & the practical functionality needed to scale growth and accelerate sales, marketing and service delivery.

Customer & Profile Management Across All Channels

Every enterprise needs a customer center that is specifically designed to help you run and manage omnichannel communications efficiently. There is no better way to unlock the true value of metrics while at the same time streamlining you customers' journey. Customer satisfaction hinges on complete and accurate profiles. This is why it's vitally important for your CRM to deliver total profile transparency to all team members, up-to-date information, and complete historical data. Your CRM will be able to capture:

  • Telephonic data
  • Email correspondences (with Exchange integration)
  • Website hits & metrics
  • Mobile application metrics
  • Field data from external sales
  • Performance information across all channels

Discover How Automation Can Help You

Automation is vitally important to any growing business. When customer queries, opportunity outreach, and lead management reach the point where you're running out of time and resources, you'll turn to your process automation over and over again. From intelligent handling of collaborative efforts, service desk queues, workflows, and other internal automation, to building a practical knowledge base that gives your customers what they need faster than any human ever could, automation is ever-rewarding asset. Our platform lets you construct automation using tried and tested processes molded on industry best-practices, while at the same time granting supreme flexibility for out-of-the-box thinking & solutions.

CRM Usability

A simple and intuitive user interface with a minimal learning curve that is simple and intuitive. You have the opportunity to implement the tasks from day one thanks to easy setup and instant simple training. At the same time, smooth migration from spreadsheets, any documents, and other CRM systems was laid. You have great multifunctionality due to the maximum number of tools in your class. You may not even mention the complete automation of your entire business process when using the advanced and best-branded sales automation features. Behind this is the minimum time for manual data entry, which will allow you to devote more time to interacting with your customers. Naturally, you make more informed business decisions because you are armed with powerful analytics and reporting. It's hard to believe, but your new reality is to configure CRM quietly and pleasantly without writing a single line of code. You can also use the required number of any third-party business applications that you are used to and use daily. Continuity of the process allows you to easily implement various industry needs at the right time due to the simple adaptation of the functions that are provided for any situation.

CRM Design Crafted for Ease-of-Use & Practicality

No matter how many sought-after features your software carries by the very CRM definition, none will be used unless the interface is smooth, intuitive, and logical. That is why Creatio places the user experience core to its design, putting forward practical portals with dashboard controls & reporting that couldn't be easier to use. Sleek, agile design not only improves internal efficiency, but it makes the company CRM a go-to for any employee who needs instant access for data-driven decisions.

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