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Here's How UK Tech Businesses can Compete with Silicon Valley after Brexit

Brexit is quite possibly the biggest and most political issue that the UK has faced in quite some time. The vote to leave has damaged the UK economy and when you look at all of the uncertainty and volatility, you will soon see that there’s a lot on the line. That being said, the UK does have a reputation as being an international tech hub and it may be able to bounce back.

How the UK is able to Compete with Silicon Valley

The Bay area is synonymous with tech and innovation. It's even the birthplace of some of the biggest tech titans around, and this has also welcomed a lot of competition. London on the other hand has also seen its fair share of tech growth. Take casino games, such as Vegas Spins or even slots for example- they have boomed on the internet and this is all down to tech advancements from various locations.

Food Tech

Food tech delivery company- Deliveroo managed to reach a high-level status in the year 2017. They really are the embodiment of the tech industry and they just go to show that it's possible to push through even the hardest of times. Silicon Valley is however one of the most desirable tech homes in the world, so at times it feels as though no matter how much success comes out of England, there are always going to be problems with competing with the Bay area.

EU stars

The Greatest Challenges of our Time

Tech professionals really are able to solve some of the greatest challenges of this day and age. It's no surprise at all that they would want to work for some of the biggest names as it gives them the chance to have the biggest impact. If the UK wants to attract new talent, then they need to focus on getting more tech brands who have a strong reputation for breaking the mould.


A global brand and a big paycheck isn't the only thing that motivates tech talent. It's really a no-brainer that businesses are going to have a much bigger access to even more top talent if they are able to foster a level of diversity. They also need to show inclusion through the hiring funnel too. Research has shown time and time again that there is a gender gap and in some instances there is even some racial disparity too. This is a huge problem in tech, and something does need to be done about this.

Of course, there are so many things that can be done to try and benefit those who work in tech and it isn't surprising to see how far everything has come over the last few years. Only time will tell if the UK is going to be able to rival the tech scene in the US but right now it just goes to show that things are happening underneath the surface and they can only be positive.

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