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Keeping Healthy in the Office

It is very easy to slip into bad habits when it comes to keeping healthy, staying in shape and making the right choices. Particularly when working in an office environment where most of your time will be spent sat behind a desk, not moving around much, becoming unhealthy can happen quickly and sometimes even unexpectedly.

However, there are a number of useful and fairly easy ways in which you can keep on track to becoming much healthier and in better shape even when working in the office. Two of the best ways in which to get healthier include undertaking a juice cleanse and simply undertaking some form of exercise during the day.

Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses are nothing new and they are a quick way in which to shed some weight quickly. It should be noted that a cleanse is not a substitute for a generally healthy lifestyle and should only be undertaken having spoken to a medical professional before starting.

The way a juice cleanse works is by replacing your meals and food for a set period of time with healthy, nutritious juices that provide a host of essential vitamins and nutrients. For example, many people undertake one day juice cleanses to detox their bodies and give themselves a quick health kick.

When working in an office, a juice cleanse may be just what is needed to kickstart a healthy period of eating. Undertaking a cleanse of this nature will provide your body with minerals and nutrients it needs for the period of the cleanse.

Working in an office, it is quite easy to undertake and sustain a juice cleanse for a number of days. Because your body's energy expenditure during the day is likely to be fairly low, you will get enough calories from the juices. You can also drink your juices whilst at work, not needing to prepare any complicated food during work hours.

You are likely to be given juices for the morning, afternoon, evening and even snack times. Following this type of detox programme could see you shift a few kilograms in the short space of a week or so.

Exercising During the Work Day

It is more common than ever to see office workers across the world take a daily journey around 1pm or lunchtime to a local gym. This is easy to incorporate into your work day and although you are then likely to require a little extra nutrition to keep you fuelled throughout the day, there are many retailers of healthy and natural protein supplements to assist you.

To reasonably be able to undertake gym activities or even classes at lunchtime when working in an office you will need to be on top of your meal preparation and time management and you are more than likely to require to do the following:

  • Prepare your meals the day before so you don't waste any time queuing to buy food during the day
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast before or just after starting work to fuel your lunchtime workout
  • Prepare a healthy, balanced meal to be consumed post-workout
  • Be on time to work and work hard prior to and subsequent to the workout to ensure you don't eat into your contracted work hours
  • Prepare your gym kit and clothes in the morning so you are able to go to the gym and freshen up before going back to work
  • Be on top of your time management as if you take too long in the gym you face the risk of being reprimanded by your place of work which may well scupper any future lunchtime workout plans

Ultimately, it is important to remember that a healthy, balanced diet with exercise to complement it are the best ways in which to get fit and stay fit when working in an office job. Also, undertaking a detox once or twice a year may be wise to remove any excess weight and get yourself back on track to success, with a clearer head.

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