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How Entrepreneurship is Disrupting Traditional Working Habits

25 October 2017, 17:06 CET

The current model of nine-to-five office employment is quickly changing. It can be draining, uninspiring, creatively limiting, and more often, people are finding different avenues for success.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have the luxury of choice and time on their side when it comes to shaping their professional destinies. With so many benefits that come with being an entrepreneur, more people are choosing to leave the traditional workplace behind for a career with more flexibility, reward, and many more freedoms.

Entrepreneurship gives people independence both within the workplace and in their non-working lives. As a business owner you are free to consider and make your own business-related decisions and set goals to your own liking. You can do things the way you see the most fit, and how you think would most benefit your business goals. Millionaire consultant and entrepreneur Sam Ovens left his corporate job to build a consulting business from scratch. In just a few years he was able to gain a substantial following and support himself with a growing business which he himself orchestrated the success. Much of the job satisfaction of entrepreneurship can come from not having to answer to anyone else, as you would in a traditional office setting. Freedom outside of the workplace is amplified as well, as you can choose your work schedule, and not stay conformed to a traditional business day.

Far different from the traditional work role, being an entrepreneur forces you to learn to be a better manager. You must learn to manage time, expectations, and risk or you quickly become stuck. As an entrepreneur you will have the responsibility of a company on your shoulders, oversee the ins and outs, and you need to ensure that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. In a more traditional work setting you are directly responsible only for the work that falls within your purview and the major business risks are taken by the owners, CEOs, and other high value holders. Being stuck in a position to make high risk decision carries heavy responsibility, but the potential for high reward as well as job satisfaction comes as well.

Leaving the traditional workplace behind for entrepreneurship teaches you more valuable skills faster than remaining in a defined role in an office. People often look for new jobs or more challenging roles because they feel stuck or confined in their current position after some time. It's quite common for interviewers to hear 'I felt I got all that I could out of my current role' when asking applicants why they are willing to leave their jobs for a new one. Instead of following the tiring cycle of finding a new job each time you exhaust the role of yours, or simply staying put in an unsatisfying position, explore what benefits entrepreneurship can potentially bring you. The on the job skills you'll acquire and the speed at which you'll acquire them will far surpass what you can learn in the traditional work setting.

It's easy to remain stagnant in a traditional work environment. You may be doing your work well and producing what is required of you, but are you really going above and beyond? If you are, is it getting you what you want out of the job? Being an entrepreneur means you plan your business according to your dreams and plan to go above and beyond. The characteristics required of an entrepreneur will be valued in your own business instead of sometimes stifled in the office place.

As the idea that anyone can put in the work required to become a successful entrepreneur gains speed, the habits we have formed as working individuals have adapted. We are more creative thinkers and crave the bigger picture. Unlike the normal jobs that require less responsibility, entrepreneurship fairly rewards us for being ambitious, assertive, and reaching for our goals.

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