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High cost of EU gender gap - EUbusiness Week newsletter 760


EUbusiness Week 760 top stories: EU on track for climate change talks: finance ministers; Brussels imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel; EU needs better spending to regain citizens' trust; MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties; Ministers agree Baltic fish quotas; EU unemployment rate lowest since 2009: report

Publisher's Note

Europe continues to suffer from a gender employment gap, and this has a high cost. A new report from Eurofound finds that the total cost of a lower female employment rate is EUR 370 billion per year - around 2.8 per cent of the EU's GDP.

More women are in jobs, almost 46% of the active EU labour market population. But women's employment and participation rates are lower than those of men in almost all EU Member States. The cost of a woman's exclusion from employment throughout her working life can be high. The broader message is that the gender employment gap has an economic and social cost that Europe cannot afford.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU on track for climate change talks: finance ministers

Finance ministers confirmed the EU mandate for the upcoming Marrakesh conference Tuesday, agreeing to provide public finance to tackle the causes and impacts of climate change.
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2. Brussels imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel

In a swift reaction to what it claims is unfair competition, the Commission has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled flat steel and heavy plates of steel from China.
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3. EU needs better spending to regain citizens' trust

The new president of the EU's Court of Auditors has called on the EU to improve its accounts by delivering better value for money and more transparency, and ensure its financial rules are correctly applied.
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4. MEPs call for ivory trade ban and EU penalties

The European Parliament's environment committee called Thursday for a full and immediate EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade, and common sanctions at EU level against wildlife trafficking.
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5. Ministers agree Baltic fish quotas

Fisheries ministers agreed next year's quotas for the ten commercially most important fish stocks in the Baltic Sea Monday, paving the way for talks for the deep sea and North Sea later this year.
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6. EU unemployment rate lowest since 2009: report

Employment in the EU has increased in almost all Member States, according to the autumn edition of the Commission's Employment and Social Development Quarterly Review.
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Reselling software: the owner of a computer program with an unlimited user licence is entitled to resell the original, the EU's top court ruled on Wednesday, but not a back-up copy if the original is not available.
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