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Latest business news about EU law, legal issues and the European Court of Justice

European Parliament demands release of Burundi rights activist 18 September 2014, 20:36 CET
The European Parliament called on Thursday for the "immediate and unconditional" release of Burundian rights activist Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa, who has fallen seriously ill since being jailed in May.

European airlines can charge extra for check-in luggage: top court 18 September 2014, 22:09 CET
Airlines are within their rights to charge passengers extra for checked-in luggage, Europe's top court ruled on Thursday in a decision that will be welcomed by low-cost carriers.

Part time lawyer, EU Aarhus centre, ClientEarth 15 September 2014, 23:16 CET
An exciting opportunity for a talented and experienced lawyer to support the development of the EU Aarhus centre.

Danish politician urges public to 'report an eastern European' 15 September 2014, 16:32 CET
A Danish politician Monday defended launching a website that urges people to share their complaints about eastern Europeans -- including their alleged contribution to the crime rate.

Senior Legal Officer, European Stability Mechanism 14 September 2014, 21:32 CET
The European Stability Mechanism in Luxembourg has a vacancy for a Senior Legal Officer.

EU court rules against France over nitrates water pollution 05 September 2014, 23:26 CET
The European Union's top court ruled on Thursday that France had failed to adequately prevent water pollution by nitrates and ordered the government to implement regulation or face penalties.

Japan says electronics OK during take-off and landing 01 September 2014, 11:01 CET
Japan on Monday relaxed a ban on the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets in flight, following similar moves by the United States and the European Union.

Kosovo Serb leader pleads not guilty to war crimes 26 August 2014, 16:55 CET
A top Kosovo Serb politician pleaded not guilty to charges of war crimes against ethnic Albanians in 1999 and 2000 at the start of his trial on Tuesday.

European court condemns UK again over prisoner vote ban 13 August 2014, 17:37 CET
The European Court of Human Rights condemned Britain once again on Tuesday for banning prisoners from voting, while ruling that 10 inmates who challenged the ban were not entitled to compensation.

EU urges Gibraltar, Spain to probe cigarette smuggling 13 August 2014, 17:37 CET
The EU's anti-fraud office on Monday urged Gibraltar and Spain to launch legal action after it found signs that organised crime was behind a rise in cigarette smuggling in southern Spain.

EU hails Khmer Rouge verdict in 'fight against impunity' 07 August 2014, 11:13 CET
The European Union hailed Thursday the guilty verdict in Cambodia against two Khmer Rouge leaders as a victory for the fight against impunity.

25,000 join Europe class action lawsuit against Facebook 07 August 2014, 22:28 CET
An Austrian waging a battle against Facebook's privacy policies said Wednesday that 25,000 users of the social networking giant have signed on to his class action lawsuit.

Ex-head of crisis-hit Portuguese bank posts EUR 3m bail 06 August 2014, 10:57 CET
The former head of Portugal's crisis-hit Banco Espirito Santo, Ricardo Salgado, facing fraud and money-laundering charges, posted bail of three million euros ($4 million) Tuesday, according to local media.

Top Kosovo ex-fighters face organ trafficking, war crimes indictment 29 July 2014, 21:23 CET
Several leaders of Kosovo's 1990s guerrilla army, some of them now senior officials, face possible indictment for crimes against humanity including murder and organ trafficking, an EU probe found Tuesday.

Top EU lawyer clears way to stem-cell patent ruling 21 July 2014, 18:01 CET
A human egg used to produce stem cells but unable to develop into a viable embryo can potentially be patented, a key EU legal chief said on Thursday.

EU states cannot jail foreigners awaiting expulsion: court 17 July 2014, 15:20 CET
The European Union's top court ruled Thursday that member states cannot jail foreigners awaiting expulsion by arguing there are no special detention centres to hold such people.

Bing offers to 'forget' links in Europe searches 18 July 2014, 21:12 CET
Microsoft on Wednesday followed in Google's footsteps by letting people in Europe ask to have links related to them 'forgotten' on its search engine Bing, under the auspices of a court ruling.

Former Ukraine president sues EU over sanctions 14 July 2014, 11:33 CET
Former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych, ousted by pro-Western protests, has filed a suit with EU's top court against sanctions Brussels has imposed on him and two sons.

EU court topples German language-for-visa rule for Turks 10 July 2014, 22:40 CET
The EU's highest court on Thursday rejected a rule requiring Turks wanting to join their spouses to live in Germany to have a basic knowledge of the language, a ruling that sparked criticism in Berlin.

Apple Store design worthy of trademark: EU court 11 July 2014, 17:02 CET
iPhone-maker Apple has the right to trademark its flagship store design, the European Court of Justice said on Thursday, though under certain conditions.

EU tackles 'hurdles' on data protection laws 10 July 2014, 11:03 CET
European ministers attempted to overcome "hurdles" and agree on common rules for data protection laws on Wednesday at informal talks hosted by new EU president Italy.

EU ministers adopt plan stop young European jihadists 08 July 2014, 17:40 CET
European ministers have adopted an "action plan" to tackle the growing national security threat posed by jihadists returning home from Syria, EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said Tuesday.

Barroso tells court he is victim of slander 10 July 2014, 12:40 CET
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told the EU's General Court he was a victim of slander as he testified Monday in a case involving influence-peddling in the tobacco industry.

Interconnected insolvency registers search 07 July 2014, 17:51 CET
The EU Insolvency Registers interconnection search is a functionality of the European e-Justice Portal which allows you to search for insolvent entities, either natural or legal persons, within the EU. This service is provided by the European Commission in cooperation with the participating Member States: Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Slovenia. Please note that participating registers may have specific national rules on the search criteria necessary, how long data is retained, etc. Please take a few moments to read more on this on our general information page.

Google hit by 70,000 'right to be forgotten' requests 04 July 2014, 15:24 CET
More than 70,000 people have already asked Google to delete links about them under Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling, with some of the world biggest news sites the first to be hit.