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EU Programmes, Funds, Initiatives

23 September 2009
by inadim -- last modified 30 April 2018

To maintain Europe's position as a leading tourist destination, the quality of its services needs to be continuously improved. The European Commission is involved in initiatives that improve the skills and mobility of workers, particularly by engaging in global digital networks and helping tourism entrepreneurs manage their businesses.


The Commission manages a range of initiatives that help small businesses in the tourism sector.

Given the huge impact that digital technologies have on the sector, supporting access to and use of ICT tools is a priority area for the Commission.

The Commission is also involved in actions that aim to increase the responsiveness of education and training to labour market needs and help entrepreneurs gain the necessary skills to manage their businesses.

Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector 2014 – 2020

The 'Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020)' gathers information on sources of EU funding of interest to the European tourism industry from both private and public sector.

This latest version (version 3, April 2016) comes with updated hyperlinks, new information on financial instruments (incl. EFSI) and additional examples of recently selected projects.

It focuses on practical questions:

  • Which actions are supported?
  • What kind of funding is available?
  • Who can apply and how?

It also points at projects already funded as a source of inspiration.

Download the guide at the EU Publications (all EU languages).

Tourism Business Portal

The Tourism Business Portal was launched by the Commission to help European tourism companies better manage their enterprises.

It provides practical, up-to-date information on digital technologies and innovative business practices, which can be easily applied when setting up, managing, promoting and expanding a tourism business.

The Tourism Business Portal is currently being redeveloped. It will be back online shortly.

Digital tourism

The Commission has implemented several actions to boost the competitiveness of small businesses in the European tourism sector, integrate them into global digital value chains, and improve their ability to create more jobs.

The ICT for tourism businesses initiative

Professional skills

To maintain Europe's leading position among the world's tourism destinations, the industry needs to continuously improve the quality and mobility of its staff in order to provide top quality, personalised services to all tourists.

Improving professional skills in tourism

Enterprise Europe Network: tourism and cultural heritage

The Commission also supports the Tourism and Cultural Heritage Group of the Enterprise Europe Network. This organisation helps small businesses in the EU.

Enterprise Europe Network: tourism and cultural heritage

Taxation in tourism

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