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Guides on the EU policy on Telecoms.
New EU Gigabit infrastructure to transform Europe's connectivity sector - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 23 February 2023, 18:38 CET
The European Commission presented on 23 February a set of actions aimed to make Gigabit connectivity available to all citizens and businesses across the EU by 2030, in line with the objectives of Europe's Digital Decade, and to enable the transformation of the connectivity sector in the EU.
Revised Broadband Guidelines - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 12 December 2022, 22:47 CET
On 12 December 2022, the European Commission adopted new Guidelines on State aid for broadband networks ('Broadband Guidelines'). The new Guidelines update the rules on State aid granted by Member States for the deployment of broadband networks and the take-up of available broadband services to support the digital transition.
Digital Economy and Society Index 2022 - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 28 July 2022, 23:28 CET
The European Commission on 28 July published the results of the 2022 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which tracks the progress made in EU Member States in digital.
Roaming guide by EUbusiness — last modified 01 July 2022, 00:18 CET
A new improved Roaming regulation entered into force on 1 July 2022, extending until 2032 'Roam-like-at-home' - the scheme thanks to which travellers in the EU and the EEA can call, text and surf abroad without extra charges.
Common charging solution for electronic devices by EUbusiness — last modified 23 September 2021, 18:27 CET
The European Commission on 22 September took an important step against e-waste and consumer inconvenience, caused by the prevalence of different, incompatible chargers for electronic devices. Years of working with industry on a voluntary approach already brought down the number of mobile phone chargers from 30 to 3 within the last decade, but could not deliver a complete solution. The Commission is now putting forward legislation to establish a common charging solution for all relevant devices.
New Roaming Regulation - guide by EUbusiness — last modified 25 February 2021, 11:46 CET
To ensure that citizens can continue to enjoy roaming without additional charges when travelling in the EU, the European Commission proposed on 24 February a new Roaming Regulation.
Mobile tracing apps across the EU by EUbusiness — last modified 16 June 2020, 18:15 CET
The European Commission presented on 13 May a package of guidelines and recommendations to help EU Member States gradually lift travel restrictions and allow tourism businesses to reopen, after months of lockdown, while respecting necessary health precautions.
Contract summary template by EUbusiness — last modified 17 December 2019, 23:05 CET
As of 21 December 2020, electronic communications service providers will have to provide users of their services a summary of the contract based on the standard template included in the regulation.
Caps on international calls and SMS within the EU by EUbusiness — last modified 13 May 2019, 23:13 CET
As of 15 May, a new maximum price will apply for all international calls and SMS within the EU.
Political agreement on the rules shaping the telecommunication markets in the 5G era by EUbusiness — last modified 06 June 2018, 23:38 CET
The European Parliament and the Council reached late on 5 June a political agreement to update the EU's telecoms rules. The new European Electronic Communications Code, proposed by the Commission, will boost investments in very high capacity networks across the EU, including in remote and rural areas.
Screening of telecoms websites by EUbusiness — last modified 21 May 2018, 17:38 CET
The European Commission and national consumer protection authorities published on 18 May results of an EU-wide screening of 207 websites offering fixed/mobile phone, internet, audio and video streaming services.
End of EU roaming charges in 2017 by EUbusiness — last modified 26 April 2017, 17:56 CET
You will not have roaming charges when travelling to another EU country from 15 June 2017. Every existing or new contract that includes roaming services will change to "roam like at home" contract. New EU rules will cover data services, voice calls and SMS.
WIFI4EU - Free Wi-Fi for Europeans by EUbusiness — last modified 17 September 2019, 17:58 CET
The WiFi4EU initiative supports the installation of free public Wi-Fi hotspots in local communities across the EU: in public squares, town halls, parks, libraries, and other public spaces.
End of roaming charges in 2017: Q&A on fair use policy and other preparatory measures by EUbusiness — last modified 22 September 2016, 22:49 CET
The European Commission discussed on 21 September a revised draft of the rules needed to avoid abuses of the end of roaming charges in time for June 2017.
5G and the EU by EUbusiness — last modified 24 February 2016, 16:01 CET
The 'fifth generation' of telecommunications systems, or 5G, will be the most critical building block of our "digital society" in the next decade. Europe has taken significant steps to lead global developments towards this strategic technology.
Proposal to boost mobile internet services with high-quality radio frequencies by EUbusiness — last modified 04 February 2016, 22:41 CET
The European Commission presented on 2 February a proposal to coordinate the use of the 700 MHz band for mobile services. It will improve internet access for all Europeans and help develop cross-border applications.
Deal for cheaper mobile calls and open internet by EUbusiness — last modified 30 June 2015, 13:06 CET
An informal deal to ban 'roaming fees, or surcharges for making mobile phone calls, sending text messages or using the internet while abroad in another EU Member State from 15 June 2017, was struck by MEPs and EU ministers in the small hours of Tuesday morning. MEPs also inserted guarantees that all internet traffic is treated equally, without discrimination.
EU investigation against Google in relation to Android mobile operating system by EUbusiness — last modified 15 April 2015, 13:37 CET
The European Commission has opened formal proceedings against Google to investigate in-depth if the company’s conduct in relation to its Android mobile operating system as well as applications and services for smartphones and tablets has breached EU antitrust rules.
Galileo, the EU's satellite navigation programme by EUbusiness — last modified 30 March 2015, 11:24 CET
Galileo, the EU's satellite navigation programme, has placed two more satellites into orbit. The lift-off took place on 27 March at 22.46 CET from the European spaceport near Kourou in French Guiana.Signals confirm that they were positioned as expected.
Digital Single Market Strategy by EUbusiness — last modified 25 March 2015, 20:04 CET
The European Commission's College of Commissioners on 25 March had a first discussion on the Digital Single Market Strategy due in May. It set out the main areas the Commission will focus its work on with the aim of triggering real changes for consumers and businesses alike.